Rebecca Linares always beautiful!

Rebecca Linares

Recently, in a survey conducted in Spain, referring to both men and women of different ages about who in his opinion was the Spanish porn actress who more had captivated, gave a spectacular find on these results, Rebecca Linares is undoubtedly the star porno that best represent. XXX WHORES

Rebecca Linares, XXX actress, 31, who was born in San Sebastian, owner of an amazing and almost perfect body and a very representative of her black hair, was chosen by 54% of those surveyed as the Spanish that but represents her country in the industry of porn movies.

Rebecca was born in San Sebastián Linares back in the day June 13, 1983, then she moved to Barcelona, ​​where by 2005 and begin to work in the porn industry as a producer. Rumor has it that also tried to gather whores in Valencia, Barcelona and cities around them to produce new XXX movies , but represent as low budget and low-level work, it was not possible prosperity of their industry.

We enjoy this short documentary of this exquisite woman.

Things were difficult at first, so it had to incur in different jobs for Germany and France resolutely then migrate to Los Angeles, California where porn banners are located, and where there could finally begin her career.

From that moment it has become famous and has participated in several films of the largest producers. It has also been recognized in several covers of major magazines referring to the topic, and even made a documentary about her life called “Come to Vegas, baby,” shot in the AVN Awards, where he earned multiple nominations.

It is the place to be, the beautiful Rebecca Linares always give us a magnificent spectacle of sensuality and pleasure, her amazing body and its incomparable beauty make it a Spanish porn star without equal.

Recently, in a survey conducted in Spain, referring to both men and women of different ages about who in her opinion was the Spanish porn actress who had captivated more!


“Hardcore”, a documentary about the abuses suffered by actresses porn stirs controversy in Britain.

A feminist organization in the UK has decided to once again broadcast the movie “Hardcore”, a documentary about the abuses suffered by women working in the pornography industry, according to The Guardian. Feminist organization hopes the film will help combat vision that porn actresses are just men who have sex”, arguing that women are often humiliated and abused. “Hardcore”, a documentary about the abuses suffered by actresses porn stirs controversy in Britain. Hardcore truth about women in the pornography industry.


“Hardcore” was first broadcast in 2001. The film follows the life of Felicity, a mother aged 25 who, who are trying hard to raise money to give his daughter as many opportunities in life. She is invited by an agent to know the people behind the American porn industry. During production, Felicity turns a beautiful woman, intelligent and full of energy, a person emotionally exhausted. The redistribution of documentary has sparked many controversies related public watching a movie in which women suffer abuse.

Meet the woman agent makes Max Hardcore actor and producer, known for the way they behave abusively on the set. Felicity refuses to associate with him, but is persuaded to meet and even work with Hardcore, an unpleasant character of even the porn industry because of the humiliation suffered by women in his films.

The highlight of the documentary is an oral sex scene in which Felicity chokes and bursts into tears. Hardcore manages to persuade her to resume filming, but crew members intervene and put an end to the stage, for fear of being accused of complicity in rape.

Scottish Women’s Organisation against pornography, another group feminist documentary rebroadcasting not approve because he is a rape movie Felicity“.

Other similar organizations believe that the film helps combat distorted perception of life fascinating” adult film industry. Just as some activists gorteşti shows images of mass graves and torture animals, those from feminist chose to illustrate the abuses suffered by women in the porn industry through the film to shock more foreign journalists writing.


Dinner with Ron Jeremy

HotMovies and the actor and director Ron Jeremy launch a curious documentary series around the veteran stallion that every week will invite colleagues to a high-calorie dinner to talk about porn news. The first chapter, titled “Ron Eats A D ***!”, Features the participation of Tia Cyrus, Luna Star, Ed Powers and James Bartholet; All sitting at the same table to share stories and discuss what it means to devote a life in the adult film industry.


A day with Rebeca Linares

A Day in the Life of Rebeca Linares.

Rebeca Linares

We will not know what will last but we found again a web in which it appears hung the documentary “Come to Vegas Nena” Rebeca Linares made last January during the ceremony AVN 2008 exclusively for Canal+, repeat not know which lasted viewing on the web but as promised in the previous article that publishing few days ago.



The documentary about Sunny Leone: from successful porn star to princess in Bollywood

Documentary about Sunny Leone

Veteran filmmaker Dilip Mehta is the director of what is arguably the most surprising and intriguing documentary about a porn star in recent years: Karenjit Kaur Vohra (Sunny Leone). Mostly Sunny is about the previous career of the actress in adult movies and as this has not hampered her as an actress revelation in a world as airy as it is Bollywood.

 from successful porn star to princess in Bollywood

One of the reasons why Sunny Leone has been greeted by Bollywood audiences is behavior. Instead of a super star, Sunny portrayed by Mehta is a normal girl from a small town who is deeply devoted to her family and work; Mostly Sunny is the portrait of a woman whose exposure in porn has not affected her career or her life as a wife and daughter: Sunny is still Karenjit.

PS: How much I miss her… A very precious girl but mostly towards solo masturbation scenes when she was in porn.


The woman that have sex for 251 times in 10 hours with 70 men

Orgy in series! The woman that fucked 251 times in 10 hours with 70 men!


A woman became famous after successful “performance” to maintain 251 sex acts with 70 men for 10 hours.

Annabel Chong is considered an expert in sex. It owns a “sex school” in which offers lessons to all women who want to become porn actresses. Annabel now offers advice to younger girls interested to know more about the art of sex.

“It is time to explain how to make a real orgy without your hurt you” said Chong.

Annabel Chong is increasingly outraged as many porn actresses want to copy and to break the record “and thus get straight to the hospital,” she said in an interview .

Annabel is aged 32 years old and originally from Singapore, the owner of a “school sex”

“Sex is an art, where as in sports, you should know how to dole out your efforts and keep you” says Annabel.



Rocco trailer, the documentary about the Italian Stallion

Studio: Rocco Siffredi

“We have not shown the false enjoyment of women, but their wounds and pain. We do not deny that pornography is sexist and not hide anything, it was our main concern. However, the documentary also shows that the truth is more complex and uncomfortable.” – Thierry Demaizière and Alban Teurlai, directors of the Rocco documentary .

Rocco trailer, the documentary about the Italian Stallion

Last year, Rocco Siffredi announced his withdrawal umpteenth porn actor to focus on Hard Siffredi Academy (a sort of porn academy televised) and other matters away from his career as a stallion. To pay tribute to his legendary career, the journalist Thierry Demaizière and director Alban Teurlai decided to dedicate a documentary Italian Stallion Rocco a controversial work that was presented at the last Venice Film Festival and where porn star sincere as ever previously.

What follows is a trailer “uncensored” of what can be seen in cinemas from November 30.


A sick documentary about porn actress and anal sex

A sick documentary! What is a porn actress before anal sex!?

Alexa Cruz

Two porn fans understand what happens behind the cameras filming when they had the opportunity to meet a former actress.

It happened in the documentary “Date My Porn Star”, Danny and Jonathan fictitious names, of course, had the chance to meet Vanessa Belmond, where for seven years he worked as a porn actress under the stage name Alexa Cruz .

But the meeting was not left with jokes and intimate secrets and about the industry.

Former actress revealed that chlamydia fell ill several times and not once suffered vaginal and anal fissures.

“When you take a strong painkiller is easier to do anal sex and smile and pretend you like it said Belmond in the documentary.

Former actress revealed to she was surprised by the reaction of men.

“They were impressed by my story. Were not as expected. Were nice and in front of the camera and behind the scenes said Young.



Online pornography has negative effects on young people

Online pornography has negative effects on young peopleMore and more young men need treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by addiction to online pornography, since exposure to explicit images and movies makes them have fewer real intimate relationships.

Smartphones and tablets are pornography to be accessible anywhere, which has negative effects on men at ages increasingly smaller.

Angela Gregory said that more and more young men coming to his clinic with erectile dysfunction.

“Everything I’ve seen in the last 16 years, particularly in the last five years is an increase in the number of young people. In our experience, men who came to our clinic for this problem were adults with diabetes or problems cardio vascular”
she said.

The problem was exposed by a new BBC documentary. Researchers spoke with a young man named Nick ,, random ‘, which began to pursue online pornography at the age of 15 years. Although he wanted to have real intimacy, he could not because he was addicted to pornography. Nick asked for help from a doctor who treated him with 100 days without watching porn.

“I watched about two hours a day at porn every day. What became increasingly looked very shortly, in my case. Nothing was on me in real life”, said the young man.

After a withdrawal of 100 days from pornographic films, he said: “my libido has returned, I met a girl and it was great. For the first time in several years we were able to flirt and have part of intimate relationships normal “.

According to a 2014 study, one in four patients with erectile dysfunction is under 40 years.