Sara Malakul Lane, an undervalued actress!

Photo Gallery – Sara Malakul Lane, an undervalued actress!

Recently, people MrSkin published its annual awards give recognition where the characters and moments sexiest conventional film and television. Most of nudity and sex scenes and must know to spare (corresponding to Under the Skin and Nymphomaniac), but the film that received the best lesbian scene of the year is little known and beautiful protagonist think too. Jailbait is a prison drama budget and Sara Malakul Lane Anglo – Thai actress 32 years that will leave you open-mouthed.


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Incredible drama of Akasha Cullen

Incredible drama of porn star, Akasha Cullen! She was beaten and choked up a miscarriage! Oana Neagu, better known as Akasha Cullen. starlet who has lost 30 pounds to star in XXX movies, revealed one of its best kept secrets. She was close to being killed and, in addition, a miscarriage.

Akasha Cullen told us in great detail how, after four years, was on the brink of death to see her eyes. Everything happens on 31 Januaray 2010 when Oana work as assistant manager at the company a family friend, a businessman of 60 years. Akasha Cullen says that the man she fell in love which turned into an obsession.

With one hand strangle me and the other me shove down your throat

Starlet told us in great detail how her boss came over her house and, in a fit of jealousy, he wanted to kill her. The scandal would have erupted after the businessman seen with her boyfriend, although she knew the perpetrator is in a relationship.

It all happened on 31 January 2010 entered the house and I mutilated. I was full of blood. With one hand strangle me and the other me shove down your throat to suffocate me. Trying to get out, I bite the hand until I have broken bones. After, there was a series of punches in the face and feet in the belly. These strikes have killed my child that I was carrying. He was a boy … , recalls the tragic day, crying, Akasha Cullen.

Akasha Cullen in real life

After she escaped from his hands and managed to take him down to the ground. With her hands press against an iron pipe on the neck. I was separated from my uncle who lived in the other house body that alarmed my screams came in haste .

At that time I was eager for revenge

That episode marked it and, she says, has made her a different person.

Akasha Cullen maid

Without thinking of the consequences, I wanted at all costs to see him dead. I ruined my life We believe that there is room for both in this world. Now was the time! Me or him “, said Akasha Cullen.

Moreover, she also said that police had covered up the case and made her write the statements that she’s guilty. This man had come over my house! Nobody understood this thing“, she said.

Walk with a knife hidden in his jacket

After the incident, followed days of nightmare. When walking down the street, Akasha Cullen looked around her, the panic, lest someone to follow. She always had a knife hidden in his jacket sleeve. She explained to us that after the altercation she had received, on medical certificate, 45-46 days of hospitalization.

In a few weeks, came to my knees, asking his forgiveness and begging me to withdraw my complaint. Being comprised of mercy, I ,withdrew. Big mistake I made! Big mistake! After I withdrew my complaint, said complaint, if you continue to fail to put me in jail. Now no more you can dosaid Akasha Cullen crying.

Akasha Cullen at pool

He accused her of violence

The young starlet told us that after she withdrew her complaint, a new file is opened against them, the accused beat. For two years I was dragged by police and prosecutors. The final verdict? Injury. Punishment? Between six months and five years in prison with execution. Then mother intervened. He did his best to prove my innocence. Advised by a prosecutor who knew the history that I had played, I got a copy of medical certificate and so I found it was beating each other, and the sentence that was to be given was just turned into a criminal penalty. And so the case was closed“, said Oana.

I bit my hand until I have broken bonesOana Neagu aka Akasha Cullen



Elizabeth Starr, porn actress with the biggest boobs in the XXX world! Risk of dying if they do not give up!

Drama! She is porn actress biggest boobs in the XXX world! Risk of dying if they do not give up! Elizabeth Starr made her first breast implant in 1999 and since then has increased steady breasts until they reached huge dimensions. Now her life is in danger, if you do not give up this obsession.

Elizabeth Starr, a 43-year-old porn actress, wearing as a bra. She always enlarged breasts, claiming that it will help your career, says big apple day by day information. Now doctors have warned that we must stop these implants or risk making infection or blood clots.

In my tits is so much scar tissue that blocks the blood flow and can lead to deadly blood clot” , says Elizabeth Starr.

Elizabeth Starr does not want to give up huge tits. In 1999, she paid $ 5,000 for implants with polypropylene string implants called. This makes breast implants to increase again, in time. The product was banned in the United States and Europe, a few years after Elizabeth Starr turned to this procedure. Problems have appeared but in a very short time and the right breast implant was replaced with a saline filled with 4 liters of fluid. Due to complications, she made numerous plastic surgeries and is always in pain. She will not accept under any circumstances give up or do mastectomy implants as doctors have recommended. She says it means to lose the only source of income.

Elizabeth Starr xxx star with big boobs


Gwyneth Montenegro slept with over 10,000 men

Gwyneth Montenegro: “I’ve slept with over 10,000 men.” Secrets of luxury prostitute!

She was raped in the group at 18, became a dancer at the bar at 19, and at 21 he started practicing being a prostitute. She took courage and told about the drama of her life: she slept with 10,091 men by the age of 36 years.

In career escort, Gwyneth Montenegro charge between 500 and 1000 dollars per hour from each client. Now in 36 years, she worked 15 years in the porn industry. She retract three years ago, and after that he wrote a book about his life.

Now business entrepreneur, Gwyneth Melbourne was prostitute, escort and porn actress. She had a tumultuous life. As a young woman is drugged, and practice drinking orgies. Surprisingly, she was born into a Christian family in, but due to adjustments entourage to lead a different life. Everything changed after being kidnapped and raped club group of men. I was naive. Afterwards I got pole dancer. During the first night I won $ 1,000. Was drunk“, said Gwyneth Montenegro.

She talked about his life in a book recently published autobiography. The Langham dream, she said she’s happy that she managed in 29 years to take bachelor pilot.

Pictures with Gwyneth Montenegro:

Gwyneth Montenegro Gwyneth Montenegro1 Gwyneth Montenegro2 Gwyneth Montenegro3 Gwyneth Montenegro4 Gwyneth Montenegro5 Gwyneth Montenegro6 Gwyneth Montenegro7 Gwyneth Montenegro8 Gwyneth Montenegro9 Gwyneth Montenegro10 Gwyneth Montenegro11 Gwyneth Montenegro12 Gwyneth Montenegro13 Gwyneth Montenegro14