Top 5 places where women like to be touched.

Most men think that if you touch women breasts, ass or vagina will get spectacular results. The truth is that breasts, ass and vagina contains many nerve endings women, but all women’s body is covered by sensors pleasure. Therefore there are many other parts of the body, often neglected during foreplay or the game of love that if you stimulate your partner will feel really special. Top 5 places where women like to be touched.

Top 5 places where women like to be touched

 Here are the top 5 places that women like to be touched:

1. Legs
Foot massage is one of the best ways to help you relax, especially after a full day at the office in which he stood. To properly perform a massage oil or lotion uses. Pay attention fingers and ankles.

2. Hair
Crossing fingers gently through her hair is the safest way to produce furnicatiuri spine. Let your fingers to massage the temples and circular area between the neck and will be yours forever.

3. Scruff
When you are alone, kissing or licking lover’s neck will increase your heart rate.

4. Earlobe
Touching, kissing or biting the ear lobes slightly will make her happy. These are very sensitive and delicate areas most women enjoy the sensation of lips loved lobes.

5. The inside of the thighs
Stimulate your inner thighs without venturing into the vagina is a great way to bring in a condition suitable for sex. Use your hands and gently kissing mouth and inner thighs, you maddeningly slowly approaching the most sensitive area of her body, then back off, once and again, before going to the end.