Pornography, “disease” of millions! We are surrounded by images broadside, but few know the history of XXX films!

Whether we like it or not, pornography is present in our lives every day. We talk about movies, magazines, video games or any other form of communication that reach adult content homes.

the history of XXX films

Until recently, XXX pictures were considered taboo, but now online is overflowing with situations where more or less broadside. While everyone talks about it, few people know the history of pornography.

Which made strides in recent years technology has helped the industry to explode, and annual earnings, only in America, reach over 100 billion dollars.

Pioneers XXX movies

Well, porn production started practically with the advent of film. Two of the French pioneers were Eugène Pirou and Albert Kirchner, who put up the first erotic scene in 1896. Le Couche from Mariee was called and showed a striptease dancer who was in front of a man.

In the same year, “The May Irwin Kiss” First Kiss movie in history. Catholic Church “fireImmediately and Said shocking” outrageous .

The occurrence of silent films in the 20s, Gave free rein images broadside and “jewels” underhand Could Be obtained from special vendors, Because you risk prison if You Were caught.

Easy, easy, things have advanced and, in 1969, Denmark Became the first country to remove all Laws regarding censorship of pornography, and His example Immediately WAS FOLLOWED by the Netherlands. It Was extremely important year for the industry and productions step Enjoyed have a “boom” huge.

With the release of videotapes, in the late 70s, There Were porn starlets, famous worldwide. Ginger Lynn, Seka or Traci Lords has just Some of the divas who have made history in the field. The first film in the series Emmanuelle” cam to light in 1974 and very Quickly Became the talk.

Ginger Lynn

Ginger Lynn




Woman-friendly porn.

Pornography has ceased to be an area dedicated exclusively to men. Women have stuck Determined heels sophisticated erotic pleasures in the world and the market profile ignited immediately. Mihaela Frank investigates.

hepta pornSeveral years ago I read in a number of ELLE article about toys” in sex-shop stylish British sites. The article was illustrated with all sorts of beautiful objects with sophisticated design: vibrators adorned with Swarovski crystals, precious handcuffs covered in the velvet, linen and silk and lace masks Chantilly, scented candles, fragrances and even a whip that looks so good as you could buy it on the spot and expose him home as decoration.
I decided then to write an article about sex-shops in Romania (which I did). So I came for the first time in a store like this. In fact, many. I saw a lot of dildos, vibrators of various shapes and colors (the lipstick shaped amused us most, in the editorial) Coils of cheap and latex suits, whips (which, if le- you buy, you feel the need to hide them in the secret drawer), various silicone cock rings, balls Asian-inspired, massage oils and creams flavored aphrodisiacs and more tacky lingerie. No sign of stylish items nes then, although I saw that almost all sex-shops in Bucharest most of them just a couple of tiny rooms had a section dedicated to pornographic films, admit no thought given me to cast more than a glance in their direction.

A world full of bad movies

A few months ago, but I walk through Bucuresti my husband imported from overseas, he noted the amazing density of widespread sex-shops everywhere both on the broad avenues, as well as the side-streets in May. Curious that every man who is in a foreign country, I wonder whether so many buyers to justify the myriad of shops. Frankly, I never noticed heavy traffic on the doors painted red, so I knew what to answer. | nes we came together in a few shops that have emerged in the way, to see what there was for sale. Nothing seemed to have changed from a few years ago the same products, the same general apathy. This time, however, I stopped for a leisurely study the selection of films available to the buyer. DVD covers and summaries on the back did not have attracted the least, so I kept looking, hoping that I will find at least one copy of Emmanuelle probably the most popular film genre on our land (in repertory funny stories of my friends about movies you saw, in times long past, the video, the most common is about giving kids and teens being over Emmanuelle box that their parents a well pitisera among movies Amazing as Asia or Mad Max …).

But no, no trace of sensual Emmanuelle or at least some other classic of the genre (not that I was a knowledgeable classic titles like, but even Deep Throat I’ve heard ). Only sex scenes in various combinations (two, three or more groups or less numerous), sadomasochistic, hardcore gay porn, interracial orgies or mono, blowjobs to hard anal penetrations and double cit includes. Hmm … A little hard for my taste, I thought. We chose, however, a film that seemed, from the presentation of the cover, as well as how to have a narrative. I have. After a few minutes of watching, I realized that I had no desire to see the “movie” until the end. Clichés over clichés, no trace of the story (even dialogue there, more or less), not to mention the qualities of artistic” totally nonexistent. Instead ignite my senses, viewed scenes made ​​me go through moods ranging between laughter and some embarrassment I think there are few things in this world that hamper me more than clichés. and sordid. And that movie excel in however, I thought, there are still some clichés sexual fantasies, after all? What I imagine (and I wanted), in fact, to find a porn movie to attract me? Hmm … I could not immediately answer me this question, so I started to make a list of what I do in this video: funny costumes, the lack of narrative construction or when there ridiculous its cheap and tasteless decor and especially actors – especially actresses, some excess silicone Barbie dolls that start out sounds between ridiculous and grotesque as soon as they are touched by a man, another woman or even themselves. If men are able to imagine that women can even react during sex so I doubt that even women believe their counterparts who performs in such scenes. If you take it seriously, do not we only have you thinking that you fail because you have the same reaction Not to mention the fact that certain angles or close-ups provide the right sinister images that you instantly cut all my sex. Fine, all in all, it was a failed experiment, and the DVD that came in garbage bag.

We had one attempt to find a different kind of film in a sex shop in Bucharest. I walked in one day in one of the stores on Calea Victoriei, near the block where I lived until recently. A young (probably the young girl as seller) sitting in front of a computer. Both seemed somewhat embarrassed by our presence there. After I took a look at the video shelf same selection I asked the girl in the next room if they could recommend a movie we liked. She was quick to assure me that never watched such a film. Hmm … does not sound too encouraging. I realized pretty quickly that the chances of finding a porn movie as I imagine they are all too small. “It seems that you can not find here any porn for women whispered my husband when we went out the door. Porn for Women ?!I asked surprised. I did not know there was such a categorySurely I am not the only one intrigued by this phrase. Bag hand in the fire that most of you have already raised an eyebrow in question mark / wonder, reading the title of this article. This is for several reasons. One of them is that in Romania pornography is still taboo. How many of us would admit openly that explores, at least from time to time, this area or would be tempted to do? (Not even a friend of a seller of a sex shop would admit it nohow, and can it really did not look into her life such a be … And I sincerely hope that the mother will not read ELLE this month.) In the best case, the general perception is that pornography is a sin” tasted men rather than women (of course, not talking about our men, God forbid, but about that perverted or desperate alone …).


About Holly Sampson.

Holly Sampson, also known as Nicolette Foster, Andrea Michaels or Zoe, a Native American porn actress. She was born in Prescott, Arizona and is known for her role in the TV series Emmanuelle in 2000 and after its pictorials of ALS Scan. She also worked for the magazine Private a short time.

Holly Sampson

Holly Sampson began by doing several hardcore adult films in 1998 under the aliases Nicolette” and “Zoe” but abandoned it after a little while of industry oriented porn and softcore movies. During this period (2000-2003), was famous for roles in TV productions such as “Lady Chatterley‘s Stories“, “The Voyeur“, “Thrills“, “The Best Sex Ever” and “Bedtime Stories”.

Holly Sampson fucked hard

She also starred in several short films softcore (under the name Holly Sampson) and some non-hardcore movies (the pseudonym Nicolette Fostre).

In 2008, Holly Sampson resumed making hardcore adult films under the name Holly Sampson. She had a few roles in the same period.

Holly Sampson‘s first adult film actress. That says a lot when it comes to preferences. However, although the Holy Sampson is a porn starlet in the world, until recently was not known outside that world.

Recent fame comes from her adventure one night with famous golfer Tiger Woods. We can say that the adventure itself was not anything special but the timing to talk about this adventure was very well chosen. It was so well chosen that after the affair became public, the wife of Tiger Woods has decided to file for divorce.

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Holly Sampson, seventh on Tiger Woods list?

There is a mystery to anyone that famous golfer Tiger Woods is a passionate affair and that he cheated on his wife many times both women considered decent, and with porn actresses. Also, Tiger Woods is known for its violence but also for the many public scandals and countless famous people.

Holly Sampson porn xxx star

She was recently made a list of women in the life of Tiger Woods, women who had a one night stand” in time that he was married. The list is an impressive one as they are no less than 14 names, which were discovered only the press but who knows how many other Tiger Woods cheated wife.

On the 7th of this list is none other than actress starring in adult films, Holly Sampson, better known by aliases Nicolette Foster, Andrea Michaels or Zoe or after her role in the television series with soft erotica, Emmanuelle”.

It seems that these two met in a club but could not resist the temptation to enjoy each other’s and this one met in particular, spending a night together. Of all these stories, both are guilty. Tiger Woods was unfaithful to his wife, he wearing greatest fault because he was the one who sought it, and especially the one who invited her to stay overnight Holly Sampson.

Holly Sampson testified that between them was not just a simple one night stand” but also a strong sense that made her feel special and now she thinks she is in love with the famous golfer even more , I think it feels the same for her.

Holly Sampson nasty


Holly Sampson, a porn actress

Holly Sampson – Porn Actress.

After she has appeared on television as actress, Holly Sampson received roles in films such as that in which she starred with Fred Savage, Wonder Years” and also to interpret a and roles in the films “My Two Dads “” Matlock “and” Pump Up The Volume “.

Holly Sampson porn star

She also worked for the magazine “Privatefor a short period of time. The only comedy starring Holly Sampson is “Pretty Cool” in which she played a teacher. Seeing that money to make many nudes, Holly decided to work for a while as erotic dancers and her job when she was contacted by private parties . Holly‘s where you undress and dance sensually and sometimes guests arrived with her ​​in bed for a sum of money greater than that originally established only for dancing. Businesses started to go so well but she wanted more and therefore chose to play in porn.

At first Holly to work in this field in 1998 when she made a few hardcore films under the aliases Nicolette” and “Zoe” but gave up after a while and headed to the movies to the softcore because she wanted to make more movies tempt erotic and sensitive than the classic porn actors are not only sex. Success or softcore porn came with his role in the TV series “Emmanuelle” in which she shot a good time.

After practicing and softcore and became famous and desired by all manufacturers adult film, Holly returned to hardcore and became famous for roles in TV productions such as “Lady Chatterley‘s Stories“, “The Voyeur“, “Thrills” “The Best Sex Ever” and “Bedtime Stories”. She also starred in several short films softcore (under the name Holly Sampson). Her career in the porn industry has become a success but Emmanuelle” was the one that brought the most praise.