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Georgiana or Ginger Devil is a veteran of Eros Show, and XXX industry, working in the field since 2003. Ginger is married to Adrian Boureanu and declares: “I am at peace with what I do. I got used to this job as is customary a doctor doing his job. In any case, I’m not ashamed to be porn actress and that doing striptease. I do not prostitution, but a certain kind of erotic art, which is else. I’ve done professionally and financially. Eros Show  will expect a great show. “Ginger actually crazy nurse edition 2010 with a demonstration of striptease.

Born in Craiova on June 6, 1982, she also used the pseudonym Giorgiana Mell. It has 1.73 meters tall, 58 kg and dimensions of 92 (breasts) -61 (waist) -91 (hips). She appeared on the topic of gender over 30 films.


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Gina Devine, main attraction at the Eros Show

The hottest porn actress from Hungary, the main attraction at the Eros Show!

The hottest porn actress from Hungary, the main attraction at the Eros Show! With Gina Devine, horny men did most of the pictures!The hottest Hungarian porn actress made ​​headlines at Eros Show. Gina Devine was invited to the event from Polyvalent Hall and was the main attraction of the evening.

XXX starlet was assaulted by fans who asked him to take pictures with her. Horny men did not stand in front of her and wanted to be photographed in the company hot brunettes. Even at the fair were present many porn stars, Gina was the most successful of all.


Gina Devine 2



Sofia Gucci playing in porn movies, but only had two boyfriends

Sofia Gucci is her nickname and her real name, Margareta, is lost in the mists of time. Specifically, nine years ago, when she left Romania for deals brunette Italy, where she made ​​porn actress.

Sofia Gucci is 24 year old and told us ingenue that had only two lovers, a novel and an Italian. The last is married, and Mr. takes care of her professional work.

As partners in porn movies, like hungarian and Frenchare the most profitable, believe Sofia, saying that Italy is full of beautiful that strip, dance and make movies for adults.

Lady‘s usual erotic fairs across the world. So she came to Bucharest at Eros Show, to show them how Romanian‘s nakedness and dancing on stage. Without any curtain without the slightest inhibition, as only she‘s all professional, and if others are working with the hoe, catalog or stethoscope, she works with the body.

Sofia Gucci porn star2


Advice of XXX producer: 5 tricks for sex like in porn

Pierre Woodman, one of the best porn producers who held over 5,000 castings for choosing XXX actors and had sex with over 3,000 women, is in Romania, participating in erotic fair “Eros Show”, which has place Polyvalent Hall in Bucharest, between 16 and 19 May.

Porn Girl Logo

Romans manufacturer offers several tips to get a more pleasant sex and to have a more intense orgasm. We present below 5 tricks for sex like in porn, Pierre Woodman advice provided by journalists.

Love your body. Adora your body, look complex and you will enjoy good sex!

Experience as many positions. Positions like: doggy style, camel, snake. I am certain that you will produce both you, and your partner intense pleasure.

Do not forget anal sex. This type of sex is extraordinary and often practiced in the world of XXX movies.

Use whipped cream and chocolate. “GetDirty” Do not be afraid to get dirty and try cream, chocolate ice cubes. The goal is to get as much pleasure. However anoint the body partner and then lick the morsel morsel.

Be aggressive. From time to time, can easily be aggressive in bed, stimulating your partner with some dirty words, mischievously or whipping it linking it to bed. You, however, take care not to exceed the limits.


Sandra Romain speaks exclusively about benefits porn star life

Sandra Romain speaks exclusively about benefits porn star life , favorite position and the title of “Queen of anal sex“!

Sandra Romain queen of anal sex

The new edition of the Eros Show opened its doors last night, an event hosted by Sunday Polyvalent Hall.

Porn stars, sexy cheerleader, sex toys and lingerie, that I admired Wednesday night at the opening Eros Show!

Special guest is Sandra Romain at Eros Show , the most famous porn star in the world who gave us an exclusive interview.

Sandra Romain anal sex

Sandra came not only from Eros Show, but along with her ​​younger sister who she says “took one decision to enter the adult industry.”

Sister of Sandra Romain

Sandra performances were classified as extreme, Sandra is known for XXX scenes extremely hard and gang-bang scenes and gonzo. Although it has only 34 years, Sandra has appeared so far in over 300 XXX productions.

Sandra Romain porn star at eros show 2 Sandra Romain porn star at eros show


Kennya … hottest dominatrix …

Kennya is recognized as the hottest dominatrix in Romania, status reconfirmed the recent Eros Show Bucharest, the demonstrations they made sense. Her real name Oana Stamate, Kennya collaborate extensively with XXX filmmaker Zoltan Nagy , which is planning a series of erotic movies.

Mistress story this is not unusual. Born in Bucharest in 1987, it initially specialized … chef working a few years in this area and is an expert in traditional Romanian cuisine. In 2008, however, the restaurant stopped work after having a baby even her birthday (July 5th).

After maternity leave when they wanted to return to the old job, she found immediate ravages of the crisis: the salary was something less than half! Coincidentally, a friend called her for a meeting videochat.

From the first day, jaunty Oana received a new name: Kennya. I noted the attitude and then was invited striptease, including Asia, Kennya evolving three months and Macao.

Now, working with Boys & Girls Taboo and is preparing to debut in the XXX industry with Zoltan Nagy hardest of domain name to us.

Kenny is fascinated by cats, with one tattooed pubis area and some paw back at the base of the column. Also prefer silver instead of gold, and some of its jewels are all cats.

It has 1.65 meters tall and 53 kg, long black hair and small breasts but absolutely natural: “I know that I will always ask to increase my breasts … Maybe someday, I’ll do this one without exaggerating though. “