Here are the reasons why men go to a erotic massage

You hear increasingly often about erotic massage, but no one knows exactly why men feel the need to resort to that. I worked in a massage parlor and can reveal shocking reasons for hard sex representatives told me that they came to me.

reasons why men go to a erotic massage

A massage parlor is an environment where men come to relax, but in many situations come and talk about what bothers them to life partners. From experience I can tell you that there were few men who said they were satisfied partners torque.

Whether you were in a relationship for years or just the first two years of life, the main reason that I call men who came to me for a massage, was tied their sexual life. May all men were dissatisfied.

Main complaints that I hear from them:

Girlfriend or wife is no longer tender, as it was when they met.
Life partner no longer cares about looks, so it is no longer attractive.
In terms of sex, wife no longer do things that they normally did before the wedding: oral sex, new sexual positions.
The woman next to her neglect them.
Lack of communication between the couple.
Do not feel loved.
Partner does not engage in sexual intercourse bodily, is superficial.


Extend your enjoyment! What to do to have sex longer!

A man needs about seven minutes for sex, women, but in only seven minutes fail even to approach orgasm. To have a mutual pleasure need to talk directly with your partner and do everything together for sex to last longer. I intend to keep in mind the tips below that will help to prolong the duration of sex.

Extend your enjoymentEnjoy foreplay
If sex is not as satisfying as you would like because you need more foreplay, then you can start seduction partner a few days before. Send some exciting posts and tell you how impatient romantic evening planned just for you.

Kiss you more
Remember the time you were just at the beginning of the relationship and kiss you until dawn. Well, you could repeat the experience. Maybe not for a few hours, but more than usual definitely bring you closer to orgasm than normal.

Slowly get undressed
After intense kisses do not jump straight to the action. I slowly undressed slowly, tormenting partner expectations. Forget inhibitions. You should not be ashamed of how you look, because he loves you anyway, as you are.

Do not forget the massage
Erotic massage you can wake the hottest sensations. So a sensual massage can be a perfect start for sex. You can explore every inch of skin, gently stroking or pressing rigorous, kissing or just blowing hot breath easy.

Reach all erogenous zones
Stroked him all the erogenous zones and exit after a maximum, let him calm down a bit. Do not run away from sex because it will take a little again. After he calmed down, you can restart exploration.


How re ignite sexual desire!

Over time, the nights spent with spouse are not as passionate as ever. Would you like to have some of the hottest nights once again. It is appropriate to take action and to make use of various “tricks” to make him want you again.

How re ignite sexual desireGifts for no reason
To get to the bedroom, I have to wake up other interest to you. Surprise him with small gifts when made without a reason. It can be a flower, a delicious dessert, a book, a movie or a dinner at a romantic restaurant.

Search moments of intimacy
After the children sleep, try to stay alone with your Partner and chatted about everything that has happened during the day. A light covering romantic room will help you look with different eyes. Drank a glass of red wine in your honor. This will put blood moving and will help you leave aside stressful problems.

Sexy lingerie, piece de resistance
A sexy lingerie pajamas eternal put into place Lala will wreak havoc in your partner’s heart. Choose a time when he would not expect to be dressed like that. Come to him slowly and tenderly and lovingly embrace him. A passionate kiss will put on the head and he will remind your husband that she fell in love.

Erotic massage will incite
Buy your oil magnolia, jasmine and mint. Each of these oils, applied hot, fine movements, has a euphoric action that brings your bed hot and sensual atmosphere of a tropical nights.

Say what you like erotic menu ….
In these extremely intimate moments you tell each other what you love, what you erotic fantasies. Although it has been many years of marriage and may have considered this taboo, you will be surprised how many you can find. If you switch the threshold of the discussion, each of you will be happy that he managed to see something new in the other. You implement these fantasies, if they make you happy.


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