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Surely you’ve danced in more than one occasion the famous song by Osmani Garcia and Pitbull, “I met her in a taxi.” The letter full of sensuality and double entenders has accompanied us at parties and bars in recent months, but did not know that his verses would be premonitory and would be linked to certain porn star of international fame. We refer, of course, the scandal emerged by Esperanza Gomez and her public displays of anatomy in a taxi in her native country. And that is circulating an online video in which we can see her tits to this sensual woman in all its glory during the last hours. Without artifice or by tinkering, totally natural.

It is said that the reason that Hope had no choice but to teach one of her huge tits and fragrant, is due to a dispute between the professionals of this means of transport. Specifically, Esperanza would be making use of the Uber service, which is none other than a kind of social network that allows transport you from one place to another city through individuals. By teaching her left breast with nipple included, attendees to this event went wild and horny immediately. So much so they started asking jalearle and tuck a finger down there and in front of them. She smiled and decided not to continue with that makeshift porno show, but tremendously inspiring and exciting. Since then, she left everyone attending this impromptu striptease with a huge heater.

Finally, we have known that these images belong to the day June 10, 2015, but has not been until now that have seen the light. Actually, Hope came to record a suggestive striptease for the popular TV show “The Cartel of Mega”, and taxi drivers gathered at the gates of the canal swirled around it to admire its beauty and throw compliments of all kinds. Therefore, the dispute related to the use of Colombian Hope Uber service is excluded. It just came on the fly without any premeditation. Whatever the origin of the images, the important thing is that we can enjoy them from the comfort of our own home. Luckily someone took his clever camera recording, the time making something that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Keep in mind that Esperanza Gomez has appeared in over 300 films and is considered one of the best South American porn actresses of all time. Then we leave you with the video of contention, so enjoy it in full and slow motion if necessary. Thus you can admire every single detail of large breasts of Esperanza Gomez.



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In a recent statement, the Colombian international and famous porn actress in the world has confessed shooting those secrets that will achieve surprise and excite in equal measure. Esperanza Gomez gives an overview of his career and he confesses her hobbies holding before starring in a sex scene like no other. For example, Hope that before fucking on camera, decides not to eat nothing during the six hours earlier. He says the reason is that the passion and power that has for insights into a porn scene makes the whole body vibrates too much, much more than in a normal sexual relationship. Therefore it requires that you have to wear often in impossible positions requiring not have anything down to not suffer an unexpected and unpleasant accident.

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