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Hopefully the contract is short, flexible, and to congratulate new success is our misfortune today will give us a XXX Video with pornstar: With Johnny Castle for Naughty America, probably recorded before signing the agreement

Eva Lovia


Bomb in the adult industry. What are they doing these two XXX actors defies logic!

A man and a woman will make the premiere, sex in outer space, but not to procreate, but for a new production of pornographic funded Pornhub, one of the most successful profile sites, writes The Independent.

Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind: Sexploration. Adult film will be filmed most likely in 2016, production costs are estimated at $ 3.4 million, a sum which hopes to gather online with passionate donors adult videos and novelty of the scientific aspect of the project “love for science and sex “, as it shows people from Pornhub.

Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins – Starring holders!

Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins 2

The site offers substantial rewards co-sponsors, which would then be before the general public will follow as shooting positions use, production scenario etc.

The main roles were assigned adult film stars Johnny Sins and Eva Lovia who will be trained at least six months before the original space mission. “Pornhub joins’s pioneering missions Neil Armstrong and Gagarin, in a move that would defy gravity and made history. Sexploration will definitely be the first adult movie made by man in space “ writes Pornhub.

Photo Gallery:

Johnny Sins astronaut



Sexploration: Pornhub porn wants to roll space


Already they said in Star Trek: “Space, the final frontier …”. A Pornhub seems that the planet Earth has outgrown because, in his latest craze, aim to get out of Earth’s orbit to shoot the first space porn scene. But then, between training XXX actors (Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins), technical equipment, rent a ship and how expensive it will fuel the invention leaves them for a pretty penny. That is why we have launched a campaign to raise some help crow funding (not much, just ask for $ 3.4 million of anything …).

Things look quite difficult, although the first day raised $ 10.0000 and lack of just under two months to the deadline have already gained 2% of the total amount.

Honestly, I not see a publicity campaign, but recognize that they screwed up the broken hand with these issues …


How does look the couple who gave $3.4 million to make sex into space

They want to have sex where no one has done it before them! So praise from the end of last year hit porn actors Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins. They raised a third of the $ 3.4 million it costs and train trip into orbit for three months. … But they are far away from their dream.

How does look the couple who gave $3.4 million to make sex into space

Initiative organizers of the event, the site Pornhub has been charged since the beginning of NASA experts. And not because space travel would be impossible, but the act itself is difficult in zero gravity conditions. The researcher Lori Meggs said the XXX mission is “complete madness”. “Bodily fluids go crazy in zero gravity conditions. It is virtually impossible for a man to have an erection when levitated. Blood astronauts concentrated in the chest and head, resulting in an enlarged blood vessels in the neck and face rounding. Basically, the lower body remains too little blood to make possible sexual intercourse.

If the young Eva strike (26), training for sex in space arose that on set, stallion Johnny (31 years) was shown to be a runt, sources who participated in exercises porn astronauts . No small tricks filming functional screening XXX (n.r. a glass of whiskey or a pill of Viagra) did not yield. The shuttle that will transport the two men into orbit will be provided by one of the billionaire Elon Musk and Richard Branson. Sex is expected for the first half of next year, and researchers are working on a device to produce a minimum gravity weightlessness that would be able to afford his “stallion”.


An online platform wants to produce first pornographic film in space

An online platform wants to produce first pornographic film in space in 2016. The online platform Pornhub adult movies intends to produce first pornographic film in space in 2016.

An online platform wants to produce first pornographic film in space in 2016

Company representatives say they want to send two “sextraunauţi” low Earth orbit next year to play in the first pornographic film to be made in space.

Titled “Sexploration” movie will be starring actors Eva and Johnny Sins, which will benefit before launching into orbit “of rigorous training for six months”, according to representatives

“There are many elements about life in space requires rigorous analysis and research … especially in the area of ​​sex. Therefore, Pornhub will join Armstrong and Gagarin and become a pioneer of a unique mission that will defy gravity will do history and will push the boundaries to new horizons “sexplorării” Intergalactic “added the online platform pornographic managers.

Pornhub urging its users to make donations on participative funding website Indiegogo to raise the amount of $ 3.4 million necessary this mission, designed with the objective of making the space a reality sex.

A reward system has been implemented donors – Internet users who will most consistent donations will be entitled to direct various scenes from the new film, to choose sexual positions of the protagonists and read the screenplay in advance.

Netizens who will donate $ 1 will receive a “certificate of investor type Pluto” and the most generous “investors” in the project will be rewarded with a “Type Certificate Uranus” and will receive one of the spacesuits that will be used by actors during filming.

Another adult entertainment company has already poured a pornographic film, “The Uranus Experiment”, but filming took place on board an aircraft which carried a parabolic flight microgravity conditions to simulate weightlessness and status.

Pornhub says this unprecedented project will allow them to become the first company in history will show what really happens when two people have sexual intercourse under total absence of gravity.

Pornhub Representatives but did not specify the name of the rocket that actors will reach Earth orbit or the time on which they will spend in space.

According to official data, people have not yet made sex in space – but this has not stopped minds “bold” to believe that such action would be perfectly possible.

In 1992, the imagination of people worldwide was seriously stimulated when the international press published a series of articles that the Jan Davis and Mark Lee, two American astronauts who participated together in a mission in orbit, would be married secretly nine months before the start of the mission.

Paul Root Wolpe, a bioethics expert at NASA, says the logistical difficulties of copulation in microgravity conditions most likely determines the astronauts to abandon the idea of ​​sex.

The release of fluids may also cause various problems for astronauts in orbit.

However, gravity helps lower blood to circulate in parts of the human body. So in space, the blood tends to proceed to the chest cavity and towards the head, thereby causing erections to become “problematic”.

At the same time, the levels of male hormone (testosterone) decline of astronauts during space missions, but experts from NASA not yet determined the reason behind this phenomenon.

Pornhub platform representatives say they will decipher this mystery “of love for science and sex”.

So far, the project film “Sexploration” collected until such publication amount of 8,277 dollars, from 380 donors.


Best ass in porn

The order could not be another: after the best asses and the best boobs, get to choose the best pussies porn. We know that hell is rarely a search criterion too used to most porn fans, whether occasional or experts, but clearly it is an essential part of pornography (sometimes, in fact, what distinguishes porn eroticism ).

Of course, there is an important difference with tits and asses: here the anatomical part is fully functional in the sexual issue, and it is assumed that a good pussy is one that provides a lot of pleasure. As this can not know, we will limit the aesthetic is also not subject to standards of beauty of any kind. We do not know if the beautiful pussies are large or small, fine to rough, so we have been guided by intuition.

We insist: we limit ourselves to a riddle twelve elements, but you can supplement the comments because it goes without saying, are all that are, but are not all they are. However, before embarking on your reproach or suggest absences and additions, note prior consideration: only we will include porn actresses (not erotic models) that are currently active.

Esperanza Gomez

Esperanza Gomez, betrayed by her sexy thongz

This was predictable, right? Perhaps that pussy aggressive and hypertrophied is not ideal if you have to choose, but Esperanza Gomez has something special to belong to whom it belongs: sexual authentic animal that symbolizes her crotch full power of the most unleashed Colombian talent. She says she has that super ass for taking steroids when she devoted himself to fitness and eye there, growing pleasure multiplied.

Sarah Vandella

Sarah Vandella

Sarah Vandella

An exquisite contrast between brutal, able to accumulate the most savage, destructive voracity and deep penetrations; and the ability to maintain a delicate and virginal. Pussy Sarah Vandella looks like a fresh out of a girls’ boarding school, rosy and earmarks of being soft and juicy like a slice of ham york despite accumulating a history of Wiggles scary schoolgirl.

Little Caprice

Assuming that this Czech fell from the sky probably because someone else pushed angel -ok pure envy, and stop before trying, is not very surprising that until she have nice pussy. The magical proportions Little Caprice match with her perfect face and innocence that conveys a pussy soft shapes with a slight incipient line perfectly delimited. A pussy that, although not enough, and has given many sticks.

Veronica Rodriguez

Veronica Rodriguez porn star

Venezuela’s only 24 years old and, despite not enjoy the physical constitution that the US porn Latinas often sue porn stars from further south that is: huge asses and much “yes, my love” – has managed to become one of the intellectual lights of the industry. It is the most authoritative voices have demanded better conditions, better economic deal and more freedom for their guild. We highlight her pussy as a symbolic gesture: olé her pussy. (That also is very nice.)

Kleio Valentien

They say their shows like web camer returned crazy to everyone, and indeed there are porn actors and actresses who say they have encouraged to try their luck in having seen masturbating furiously Kleio Valentien live very rigorous business. Adorable blonde belongs to an aesthetic category that some still do not accept in their fantasies, but the use of her pussy immaculate appearance and huge labia convince anyone when he sees it in action.

Alex Grey

Do you remember those gum called Bubbaloo? It was a very slight particles covered with a sugar icing dusted sweets and gave an even softer and appetizing pale pink. Alex Grey’s pussy has a similar painting: a delicate and sweet delicacy that fills the mouth of fluids when devour. Of course, the fluid was red gelatin Bubbaloo, and I guess Alex’s pussy only releases something at certain times of the month.

Dana DeArmond

Dana Dearmond 2

The other day Dana DeArmond said he had trouble finding work because he was in a kind of limbo demographic porn neither young or mature, or looking like either. Her decision has been putting some new tits if her fans pay the operation, to give more recycled packaging and become teen MILF because it is impossible. What we forget is that pussy Dana strolling between the legs is as beautiful as the most inexperienced of the rookies.

Joseline Kelly

It is not unusual for a porn star begins to stand out in the industry for her pussy. It happens very rarely and very specific cases of genital peculiarity, and is the trump card that seems to be playing the young Joseline Kelly. She’s pretty, is involved in his scenes, has good condition and has a fascinating pussy in size and exuberance, a meat monument to the healthy and active sex life.

Gabriella Paltrova

Muñequita his stature and proportion of your head relative to his body, seems to work witchcraft Gabriella get to have such a beautiful body and well-proportioned. And although the star of his anatomy, at least in aesthetic and labor terms, is its tremendous ass so well known use, the petite brunette rounds the play with one of those pussies that make you want to curl up in and lie down for a nap.

Ariella Ferrera

Aque call it the Colombian Lisa Ann, it is that both physique and professional profile has much similarity with Queen withdrawal of the MILF. In fact if it had been active rather than working on a sports radio, unforgettable brunette have entered fully thanks to Reverend abyssal who looked under the pubis. The Ariella, in another parallel of fate, is at a similar level.

Franceska Jaimes

Franceska Jaimes

What the hell happens in Colombia? Colombia no longer appear in our listings for the best of porn, and in this particular this is the third. Franceska already out in the better asses and gave me a bit of trouble include it again, but a search on Google images has brought me out of indecision!

Veronica Avluv

Perhaps the most mature of this compilation, and a type of pussy different from the rest. Flexible in normal and loose state when subjected to sexual acrobatics of maximum demand, probably tanning in a thousand pornographic and even private battles. And the pussy Veronica Avluv has given much joy also in her wanderings as swinger avowed nympho; a merry widow concentrating on her pussy her passion and livelihood.

Eva Lovia

Eva Lovia and her delicious ass (1)

Surprise! I do not like you noticed, because the appeal of Eva Lovia spreads throughout your body as an adorable metastasis, but her pussy is really nice. We have discovered by observing his previous work into hardcore porn, where photo shoots show close-ups of what looks like a delicious mollusk in juice, bulky like a ripe fruit.


Eva Lovia and her delicious ass

If perfection there surely is called Eva Lovia, she is a bunny with a delicious ass and perfect pussy to fuck in all sexual positions, as you’ll see in the following gallery where she shows her ass and gets a dildo in the pussy.

Eva Lovia and her delicious ass  (1)

Eva Lovia and her delicious ass  (2)

Eva Lovia and her delicious ass  (3)

Eva Lovia and her delicious ass  (4)

Eva Lovia and her delicious ass  (5)

Eva Lovia and her delicious ass  (6)

Eva Lovia and her delicious ass  (7)

Eva Lovia and her delicious ass  (8)

Eva Lovia and her delicious ass  (9)

Eva Lovia and her delicious ass  (10)

Eva Lovia and her delicious ass  (11)

Eva Lovia and her delicious ass  (12)

Eva Lovia and her delicious ass  (13)

Eva Lovia and her delicious ass  (14)

Eva Lovia and her delicious ass  (15)


Porn Videos of the day with Jazmina Volcan, Eva Lovia, Erica Campbell, Michelle Bond, Shione Cooper

Jazmina Volcan, Eva Lovia, Erica Campbell, Michelle Bond and Shione Cooper

17 February 2016



Jazmina Volcan. A brunette with an amazing ass. By Cumlouder. Porn!

Jazmina Volcano is presented as “best ass” of Spanish porn herself. Not if such high regard is proven, but from here we witness this brunette porn star has a nice ass and boobs as she knows how to use one. I get very horny their offers for private: erotic massage and more. Come on, after seeing their pigs to Fakings webcamer video or can hire their services. This video producer Cumlouder is full of vices and ends in a bath of semen. Deep throats, run over her, vaginal sex hard … and a lot of affection pork.

Enjoy straws, friends !!

Touch eggs, is a council of Eva Lovia !!!

Four months have passed since this video was published and for some reason we missed it, but this is one of the most curious pieces of health activism we have seen: in the shooting porn parody Game of Thrones who edited Digital Playground , the studio decided to take a break to record a small health council with Eva Lovia on the convenient examine testicles often.


Eva Lovia it will come back here soon with much more pictures and videos! We wait for her! Love Porn Stars and Babes ! Love Eva Lovia ! Love !

Erica Campbell with a sexy tights! XXX VIDEO!

Erica Campbell fuck 2

Erica Campbell fuck

One of the most good feminine clothes, especially if, as in this case, the girl is not wearing anything under, are the pantyhose that Erica Campbell knows a lot playing with us to bask in such a way that we can exploit. Playing, moving, exhibiting, showing her private parts and writhing in pleasure. Erica sensual and good than ever, a highly erotic video you can not stop looking.


Michelle Bond is the new clerk! PORN VIDEO!

Michelle Bond SEX 2

Michelle Bond SEX

Here’s another Scoreland voluptuous girls, Michelle Bond girl pump with two very powerful natural tits, also reminds us of the busty Leanne Crow, perhaps the size of her breasts and her leer. Michelle delights us with a sensual striptease in office, showing that as the Secretariat may be more helpful and pleasant than none. For those of us with ass glued to the chair it is always a pleasure to see girls surrounded papers, tables and computers, hot as could be.


Shione Cooper giving lessons to a young! PORN !

Shione Cooper fuck 2

Shione Cooper fuck

Always a pleasure to contemplate the wonderful and huge pears Shione Cooper, one of the Czech most gross place us around here, we have seen a girl several times and we have enjoyed, and what we have, as we contemplate their porn videos where he gets her melon patch good match. This time teaching a boy so can enjoy with her devilish busty curves.