Evening of porn movies

Katie Morgan: on sex toys“, “brothel: Music-hall”, brothel: Come to the party!”, “Real Sex: Some like it hot” on HBO.

Evening of porn movies

You are a free spirit willing to try something new? You want to twist the minds of partner Are you curious to discover the secrets of ecstasy in sex? Do you have sexual fantasies? All these hidden desires you will be met at HBO.

The evening will begin with the erotic film directed by Cathy Verney, “A new profession”, passed Thursday, October 29, from 22:30. The film shows the life of Sophie, a simple woman who at age 40 left suddenly without a husband and discovers that the deceased was, without her knowing, porn producer. To be able to raise children, she has no choice but to keep the business. Caught between fascination and revulsion, she grabs new profession seriously, wondering how they will merge, would, family and business.

HBO makes them happy lovers porn after midnight can watch the documentary series (if you can call it that): Katie Morgan: on sex toys“, “Katie Morgan: Porn“, “brothel: Music-hall” brothel: Come to the party!”, “Real Sex: Some like it hot“.