6 erotic fantasies of women.

6 erotic fantasies of women. What sexual fantasies have women? Who says women do not really think about sex and erotic fantasies not be wrong. Sometimes it can be even more brazen in imagination than men. Here are the most secret sexual desires of women.

6 erotic fantasies of women

Sex with a unknown man
Can not you going to believe, but sex with an unknown man is the most common sexual fantasy of female masturbation. However, women who have this fantasy and will to implement brave. Need to bolder and to take any risks, because sex with a man totally unknown can be dangerous and very exciting because you do not no clue what your partner likes, and that in itself is part of the excitement.

To be dominated
Being dominated is another fantasy in which women dream to put into practice. Most people will think just shy people want to be dominated. Not true, indeed, how a woman has more success in career and social status, the more likely to want to be dominated sex life and may have need for it to be excite.

Sex with a man much younger than her
It’s that inexperienced young man who wants to learn something of the mysteries of love. When you want to put into practice this fantasy, you should be careful who you do, because of the possibility that the young man to fall in love madly and you create problems if you are in a new relationship.

Sex with another woman
It is one of the most common female fantasies and that does not mean that you are gay. And since most men have this fantasy to see his girlfriend with another woman, is a good opportunity to put into practice in reality.

Sex with spouse
Perhaps many will say that it’s not much of a fantasy. But people living together for a long time know exactly how to excite your partner, to seduce him and bring him to orgasm. No one knows better erogenous zones, than that which you love always. It is a fantasy easy to put into practice because the partner is always near.

Sex with a black man
The most common fantasy among women, especially, that they say about them, it would be the brightest. Until you meet a man of color to experience this fantasy, it would be better not stop imagine, such as sex with a black man.


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Five studies surprising about sex!!!

Five studies surprising about sex!!! William Masters and Virginia Johnson got famous due to innovative research on sexuality that they were held at Washington University in St. Louis, in 1950 and 1960 so famous that Americans have made a TV series about their work (Masters of Sex, Showtime).

Five studies surprising about sex

The findings of them have changed the way we think about sex and sexuality of women in particular. They were the ones that showed, for the first time that women can have multiple orgasms, for example. These ideas were revolutionary in their time, but recent research on this topic would amaze even themselves.

1. Light affects fertility in women
Menstruation women used to coincide with periods when it was new moon, ie when the nights were dark, while ovulation occur when the full moon was out and so more light. Artificial light has broken the link between women and nature, it is clear from scientific research.

2. Women can get pregnant five or eight days after they had sex
Studies have shown that sperm may survive for a relatively long period of time, so that the egg can be fertilized even eight days after sex.

3. Women are more creative when they orgasm
All of the modern research shows that women who orgasm are more confident, more productive and creative. The circle is closed because some women have orgasms more intense when they are creative.

4. Heels may adversely affect women’s sexual experience
Heels can create a contraction of the pelvic floor, which is a problem because it means that it can no longer shrink too much during sex. Therefore, she gets a less intense experience.

5. State the chair can excite women
The nerves to the rear seat bones are those who “works” tissues of the vagina. In some cases, women can excite seated.



Body language: How well to interpret to excite our partner!

The first form of communication East body language. In fact, some experts say that almost three quarters of all messages you send are body language.

Body language: How well to interpret to excite our partner

In society we are restricted in the use of body language and we do not know very well interpret it. However, we all know and understand phrases like “feel the tension in the air”. Nobody says anything, but body language, we feel that something was wrong. Surely you can tell if your partner / of your / yours is excited / or does not, albeit not say any word. Even in the dark, there is a kind of electricity in the air when things go wrong and a sense of flatness as you go wrong.

So whether you’re male or female, do not stand there lying to you “think goose chase.” What can you do?

Kick his partner’s clothes.
Open your mouth.
Suck your fingers.
Crooked yourself.
Caress yourself throughout the body.
Rub your breasts and nipples.
Move your hips.
Open your legs.

In other words, abandon yourself to yourself / yourself. Why is it good to do this: apart from the fact that you lose the sex, which is really good, and try to excite your partner, excite  yourself.


This simple gesture can enhance your sex life

SEX ADVICE: You will not believe that this simple gesture can enhance your sex life! Here’s what you DO MORE OFTEN

There are many things that can attract men. Studies show that red is the color that excite a woman confident is irresistible or face shape is also of great importance. Here’s what the new discovery made ​​scientists!


On the list of things that excite men, researchers past and smile.

Studies show that while eye contact it can cause a man to make the first move, this only works in 20% of cases.

It seems that both eye contact and a smile are your weapons of seduction, which works in 60% of cases.

Smiley faces are more attractive than serious, researchers say.

So whether you want to hang out or you want to seduce your lover smile is the gesture that brings success.


25 surprising things

25 surprising things which both men

Unfortunately, women do not always know the truth about men and secret things that excite them. Fortunately, tens of thousands of men answered the questionnaire proposed by Cosmopolitan on Twitter about secret things that excite them. Here are the most interesting 25 answers that every woman who wants to know more about men should read:

1. Woman‘s Naughty lady in the living room and bedroom.

2. Her voice tired sleepy morning and evening.

3. Girls who know how to swim.

4. Woman who knows how to walk in heels.

5. Woman ambitious.

6. The woman is 70% angel and 30% devil.

7. Woman with strong personality and self confidence.

8. Woman pays your dinner.

9. Rich woman.

10. The woman who can twist while it’s mounted.

11. Woman who needs no makeup and still natural.

12. Woman who knows how to play ps3 with her boyfriend.

13. The woman who smells good.

14. Women walking around the house in her boyfriend’s shirt.

15. Woman biting his lower lip while lover kisses.

16. Women who are not afraid to get out of the shower with only a towel on it.

17. The woman who lends boyfriend.

18. Woman with beautiful toes.

19. Independent woman who always remembers that her boyfriend is not the father.

20. Women walking around the house wearing a jacket without anything underneath.

21. Woman can sort all the time.

22. The woman who plays video games.

23. Woman bites his lips while the man in the eye.

24. Woman sex in the shower.

25. Woman who knows a man’s past and not judge the person was, but the person who is.