What cut sex drive of women!?

What cut sex drive of women!? Often wonder why men feel women have sex, especially after the relationship in which the threshold is crossed three years. Sociologists and psychologists argue that there are a number of reasons why women have sex feel pretty much dependent on a number of factors but the nature of the drug and sentimental nature.

What cut sex drive of women

Why do women have sex binge reasons

Birth control pills and antidepressants, medications that they take quite a lot of women have a rather strange effect on women when it vien mood for sex. More specifically, according to doctors, 25% of women taking birth control pills suffer from a decrease in libido and most women who take antidepressants are experiencing this problem.

It seems that because of prolactin, the hormone that stimulates lactiatia, breastfeeding women do not have the mood for sex. But this is not a rule, say doctors, despite the fact that such cases are common.

Doctors say most women who are in long term relationships feel the need to sleep more often than the need to have sex. Therefore use the excuse that they have a headache.”

Stress and strife
When a woman is stressed or ceartacu her boyfriend, self-confidence decline. Inevitably, when it feels so not in the mood for sex.

Hormonal Causes
Doctors say unfulfilled sex life and lack of sex drive of women often have hormonal causes. Endocrine dysfunction adversely affect a woman’s libido.




10 habits that you have and that you and destroy your sex life. Find out where you’re wrong!

If you feel that your sex life is going through a stalemate at the moment and do not understand why you decreased libido and the reasons that cause you to think less and less about sex or in a not so positive response could be right under your eyes.

destroy your sex life

There are many factors that can influence a couple’s sex life, even love, respect and devotion and attraction between partners is not missing.

Here are the habits that can ruin your sex life:

1. The use of electronics in the bedroom
The more you have electronics in the bedroom with both your attention will go less to the sexual aspect of the relationship with your partner. Get rid of the TV, laptop and phone if you want to have more sex quality.

2. Administration of birth control pills
Birth control pills contain hormones that can inhibit your libido. Use them only under the close supervision of a physician and with homeopathic products that not only protects your liver, but also help you regain your sex drive. And do not forget breaks recommended by specialists, your body needs them!

3. Embrace routines and monotony
Your sex life is made up of habits and daily routines? Bring something new and you will change for the better! Surprise your partner with new positions with a sexy lingerie or even a crazy place in which to unfold the next match.

4. The desire to sleep more
Want to go to bed earlier? Studies show that women libido reaches its peak at around 23, so I should go to sleep earlier if you want to have some action!

5. Lack of sleep
Fatigue may be a factor that actively contribute to decreased quality of your sex life. Be sure to sleep at least 7 hours each night, to be always in shape in the bedroom.

6. Lack of hygiene and order in bedroom
Who thinks of sex when it is invaded by the smell of pizza from the box lying near the bed or when it is surrounded by dirty clothes thrown all over the house? If you want to have an active and satisfying sex life, start with a general cleaning!

7. Inactivity
When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, and these generate your sexual appetite and makes you feel at the same time. So, do not skip the exercises of the evening, if you want to enjoy an orgasm hell!

8. Comparisons with perfect couples on TV
Films takes you into a fantastic universe where all happy couples have sex party fighting. You do not compare nonexistent relationship with one you see on the screen just because you will create some false standards and you‘ll end up fighting with many frustrations.

9. Smoking
Still looking for a reason to quit cigarettes? Think that every trace of smoke that enters your body deprives you of a few minutes of good sex!

10. Criticism and nagging
Get used to them doing all sorts of observations lover or are you yourself are the victim‘s taunts? Of course such an attitude will not stimulate the hormones at all, so it would be great if you could give criticism.