Truths behind sex education

SEX ADVICE: Much research on gender issues have come upon us in these six years of the magazine, from all over the planet. They made us frown, just waiting to smile, to sniff, to test, to talk. I chose some that do not agree.

Truths behind sex education

We love masculine traits

According to studies conducted in recent decades, Wall Street Journal inform us that women in developed countries now prefer men with masculine features less sharp, high levels of testosterone are associated with aggression, lack of empathy and lack of stability in relationships. We say only this: the Macho Man” is, and we bet that has the kind of … appreciated.

We KNOW that point G is there

The existence of female erogenous zone called “G-spot” a group of nerve endings seen in women, that achieves a high level of sexual satisfaction – can be scientifically confirmed, supporting the British. According to their research, involving 1,800 women, the existence of this zone can not be validated. Allow us to doubt this study and we can not validate.

Do not kill the romance!

Scented candles, often used to add a dose of romance or who to decorate the bedroom, can be harmful to health, according to an American study, which we want to ignore it at least a few times a year. They say the smoke is toxic, associated with the onset of cancer, asthma and eczema.

We love adventures of one night

Men and women look differently adventures of a night, the fair sex feeling unhappy because of them, announcing a study published in Human Nature. In contrast, 80% of men said they were excited about such episodes. I wonder when we‘ll forgive the cliché?

Attraction is attraction. Regardless of the pill

The same British researchers notify us once that women who take contraceptives are attracted to the wrong men. Normally, a woman is sexually attracted to men who smell” a genetic match, but birth control pills can make you wanting the wrong partners, say their study. Let’s be serious

Not timed “perfect” sex

Ideal intercourse lasts between 3 and 13 minutes, I sexologists Canadians. They took hundreds of people and put them to give marks. People have chosen to match proper” between three and seven minutes, Desired” between 7 and 13 minutes, too short” between 1 and 2 minutes “too long between 10 and 30 minutes. Suitable short, long for whom?

Dangerous oral sex remains in our lives

Even if we have announced that lead to throat cancer. A virus contracted during oral sex is the cause of some cases of throat cancer, warns us an American study conducted on 300 people. A sample increased and specific medical advice would be great, very helpful.

Potency rankings do not matter

Dutch researchers devised a study to tell them that men of different nationalities, last longer in bed. Just learned that the British, for example, sex, on average, 10 minutes before orgasm. Americans 2nd place with an average of 8 minutes. And we say that they have spent some money for nothing.

“History” of orgasms is a bit more complicated

Some researchers in Scotland and Belgium announced the much fanfare as they realized that they can find the “historyof a woman’s vaginal orgasm just by looking at the way it goes. 16 students have completed some questionnaires on their sexual behavior, and were shot from a distance while walking in public places. Let us be convinced that it is a more complex than that.

50 years is not the end of passion

Some studies say sex is really old and that those past a certain older couples can not have a satisfying sex life. But our favorite is the research of Canadians say that older couples are happier in love than most and continue to have a fulfilling intimate life, though may face some difficulties physiological. Sexuality is transformed, but there can still enjoy with or without the help of drugs,” said one of the doctors.


Men cut their chores craving for sex.

Want more sex? Do not you ask her husband to take out the trash and doing the dishes.

Men cut their chores craving for sex

Researchers found that men who help their life partners household chores enjoy less sex. The study was conducted by researchers at the Juan March Institute in Madrid, Spain, and the University of Washington, US, using data collected over 20 years, on the 4561 US middle-aged couples. The results, published in the “American Sociological Review” shows that some things are perceived as feminine” (cooking, cleaning), while other things are considered “male” (trimming lawn or paying bills). And, although more egalitarian marriages in terms of sharing affairs tended to be more harmonious, men who dealt with things called “feminine” side had less sex than those who did not meet such work. It seems that when chores are not seen as being divided into “female” and “male” part men have more sex.