Sylvester Stallone and Jackie Chan, actors in porn!

Sylvester Stallone and Jackie Chan, actors in porn! Images that have not been ever seen ! They are now famous actors, but few know that some of them were forced to start their careers playing in porn movies. Here are pictures of Sylvester Stallone and Jackie Chan which have not been seen before.

Few would have expected it. However, these actors have built successful careers and porn movies were forgotten.

Six years before the resounding success with “Rocky” actor was only 24 years old and facing poverty. As much struggled to find a job, the effort was in vain.

“I had only two options to do this or to get on the streets, begging or stealing. I was at wits end and do not have any money “

Sylvester Stallone in porn movie

Sylvester Stallone in porn

Jackie Chan

A similar situation experienced and skilled in martial arts actor. Jackie Chan admitted he starred in a porn.

“I had to do everything I could to survive, many years ago”

Jackie Chan in porn


10 great actors who made their debut in XXX films

They did not start too good… Great actors who made their debut in porn! Today is one of the most famous actors in the world or even important functions in society, but their beginnings hiding secrets that are striving to make them forgotten.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

We present 10 major actors, early career, to get faster in showbiz, they agreed to play roles in XXX movies.

Cameron Diaz starred in porn movie “She’s No Angel” in 1992. The film lasted 31 minutes and contains scenes of bondage.

Before knowing fame through action movies, Arnold Schwarzenegger received invitations to photograph the erotic pictorials, thanks to his strong physique.

Another big tough action movies, he starred Sylvester Stallone in an erotic film called “El Italiano Semntal”

It belongs in the same category… Jackie Chan. The actor starred in XXX: “All in the Family”

Sibel Kekilli: became famous playing the role of Shae in “Game of Thrones”, but few know that she was the prostitute in real life.

James Franco: before becoming a famous actor, James tried his luck in the porn industry, making a movie with his girlfriend XXX. There were no success.

Matt LeBlanc: Joey known for his role in “Friends” actor has starred in an erotic series called “Red Shoe Diaries”.

James Deen: admitted he feels sex addict and has played in a XXX film, but did not disclose his name.

Traci Lords: before becoming a respectable film actress, she starred in XXX productions.

David Duchovny starred as Matt LeBlanc in erotic series “Red Shoes Diaries.”