Men feel intimidated when they see her. What look the abdomen and the ass of the most sexy fitness train in the USA

More than 9 million people are watching their posts on Instagram with interest, and it never disappoints them. Michelle Lewin, one of the most famous fitness trainers, amazes her admirers or impressive physicist.

At age 31, Venezuela’s native coach posted some of his workouts on Instagram, being a true inspiration for thousands of young people around the world.

Though considered one of the sexiest women in the world, Michelle often intimidates the gentlemen they come into contact with. The possessor of a super-toned body with generous shapes, Michelle is aware of his physical strengths.

In the latest posts on Instagram, the queen of fitness looks better than ever.

Hotel life

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Michelle Lewin has admitted that she has suffered from serious eating disorders in the past. She told that 13 years of intense exercise were needed to get a satisfying physique. “I was too weak, I was 40 pounds, and I could never wear skirts and high heels.” I was very complicated by the way I looked”, said Michelle Lewin.

Before having problems because she was too weak, Michelle Lewin had gone through a period when she had grown proportions, her appearances being totally different from her present.

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