Claudia – The female ejaculation – Erotic Story

The female ejaculation – Claudia’s Story

Claudia - The female ejaculation - Erotic StoryClaudia spent several years suffering from sexual complex, but it was time to look forward and forget the past. Just he breaks a relationship with her boyfriend of a lifetime, and feared it was time to sleep with another man and that he did not understand its special feature. And Claudia lubricated overreact when making love, and upon reaching orgasm, ejaculation succeeded as if it were a man. A former boyfriend never liked that particular feature of it, but I knew that there were many children who became crazy with pleasure when he fucked an aunt who was able to eject liquid through the vagina.

Finally came the moment when Claudia was going to try sex with a different man. That night was linked with a guy at the bar as usual, and she proposed to him that the last at home if he wanted to take. He said yes at the time, and both got up and went to the small apartment Claudia maiden. She was still a little scared by the reaction of the boy to his ability to ejaculate or “squirting”, as it was called now to such a phenomenon, but could not live in fear for life and decided to let go and that was what God wanted.

Back in the elevator, Claudia and her new pickup they kissed passionately. Her hands sought sex from the other, and competed over clothing. Finally, when the elevator stopped them at its plant, Claudia opened the door and the couch rights dining launched. It seemed as if they could not wait any longer and had to appease the heater in the first place available. Clothes ripped each other, until they are completely naked. Their hot bodies rubbing together the rhythmic beat of each penetration. She stood next to him, behind him fuck her pussy hungry for pleasure. Lubrication was so abundant that the boy’s cock came with ease, without the slightest effort. It was obvious from his face that he was enjoying as ever.

They kept fucking passionately about the sofa while I noticed that Claudia was approaching the time when reach a vaginal orgasm. He recalled a moment all the bad times that had happened prior to this, but shook his head and decided to surprise the new kid with a water show of the epoch-making. Claudia ran without warning, covering the cock and the body of the boy in a smooth and transparent vaginal fluid. Tolo splashed droplets which were in its path, while Claudia was still penetrated without any respite.

Damn, that bitch last. I love that you’ve run so while I’m fucking. Uncle said haltingly. Undoubtedly, these words gave a huge relief to Claudia, who was preparing for a second orgasm in which they would not be at all. He got up and let this guy fuck her from below. He began to caress the body of Claudia sweet, running his hands her huge breasts, defined waist and her tender ass. Suddenly, the boy told that was about to come, and those words became so horny Claudia, she also ran home in the same time that he did. Suddenly a wave of fluids were exchanged by the couple, being difficult to tell who was who. Semen flooded the body of Claudia, which in turn expelled the boy spraying all over their own vaginal fluid.

After recovering breath, the two sat in front of the sofa, which was completely wet after sex. They both looked at each other and smiled, accomplices who had starred in a sex scene like few water there. Undoubtedly, Claudia had discovered that what was once considered it a problem, was now a unique quality to go crazy men, and from now on implement thought at all times.


Science Behind female ejaculation: What is actually fluid released during women orgasm!?

Squirting, considered by some a product of the porn industry is a particularly controversial. This manifestation of pleasure is recognized by gynecologists, who say that women have, indeed, the ability to ejaculate during orgasm. Squirting gave birth over time, many theories.

Science Behind female ejaculation What is actually fluid released during women orgasm

Female ejaculation is a phenomenon discussed as early as the fourth century, the Chinese were the first who wrote about fluid released during orgasm some women, who are believed to have mystical and curative properties. However, the authenticity of the experience is still questionable. Up to 40% of women are able to deliver from 30 to 150 milliliters of fluid inadvertently during orgasm. This phenomenon is assigned if large quantities liquid, and the term “squirt.

Squirting origins
Brilliant minds, like Aristotle or Hippocrates, took notes about women sperm” or “feminine leakage” but first scientific information appeared in the most important book about sex, the famous Kama Sutra“. Substantial discoveries about this manifestation of orgasm in women were made only in 1904, when psychologist Havelock Ellis suggested that female ejaculation is the equivalent of sperm and that comes from the Bartholin glands, release secretions responsible and lubricate the vagina. Ernest Gräfenberg, gynecologist and scientist, came 50 years later, another theory that female ejaculation was not related to lubrication, but an erogenous zone located on the vaginal wall, known only later as the G . Interestingly Gräfenberg‘s theories were confirmed by a number of ancient documents discovered later. According to the observations of the scientist then was called the G-spot, female ejaculation comes from a set of glands located below the point G, fluid which in the early 1900s was thought to be urine. Only in 1982 scientists analyzed ejaculate women and found that, in fact, the substance released during orgasm was not urine, but a fluid derived from the Skene’s glands, prostate equivalent women.

Theories researchers “collidestill some questioning not only the variety of fluids released by women during sex, but also the existence of G-spot female ejaculation Some women describe as a small amount of liquid, two to four milliliters with Thick white milky and cloudy, while others speak of large amounts of fluid like urine, which planted in the minds of researchers hypothesis of involuntary emission of urine or hyper lubrication.

A study conducted in France has sought to clarify these uncertainties by combining ultrasound imaging with chemical analysis of large amounts of liquid. The study took part in seven women who ejaculate equivalent of a glass of water during orgasm. They provided urine samples and were scanned with ultrasound devices, which confirmed that their urinary bladders were empty. When sexual stimulation using partner or auto stimulation, women were again scanned and then continued stimulation to orgasm and ejaculation. Scientists have taken a new sample is liquid, after which subjects were scanned again.

First scan results showed that urinary bladders of women were indeed empty, the second scan performed after excitation their bladders showed that women were now full again, and the last scan performed after the second ejaculation, showed that their bladders were empty again.

Therefore, the results indicate that the results that, at least in these women, the ejaculate was largely urine. Biochemical substances showed that for two of the women ejaculate was urine, while the other five, contains a liquid substance derived from the Skene’s glands. The authors concluded that these results support the hypothesis that female ejaculation is an involuntary emission of urine.

Squirting = urine?
Yes and no, says “The Independent”. Urine is present when large amounts of ejaculate, but if small quantities, the liquid is mostly secretion from female G-spot stimulation.


SEX ADVICE: What every woman should know about sex?!

Apparently, some topics are taboo even for the modern woman, educated and emancipated the 21st century Elle offers a unique article that captures a curious aspect of the situation: we want to know some things about sex, but we‘re afraid to ask. What every woman should know about sex?!

What every woman should know about sex

In the UK, Mel Agace and Suzi Godson have the reputation of real expert in sex. And that’s not a very easy thing in a society where, since the flower power, sexual liberalism is not practical, but breathe. However, expertele were forced to recognize that there is something that nobody knows how many and, especially, do not talk. In a world where information flows freely when it comes to sex, legends and science street cornerare those that prevail. People are trained” rather than appealing to the porn authorized sources. And the result is a false knowledge and many complex reasons and frustrations. As the two opened a webpage for discussions on sex. Anonymity network gave results and, eventually, after conversations” with more than 10 thousand subjects, Suzi and Mel could establish a top ten largest sexuality dilemmas facing women today. Exercise is not entertainment and implications go beyond mere statistics. Because these are problems that, just because we do not talk, can destroy many relationships that would otherwise be beyond reproach. So Mel Agace  and Suzi Gordon, after they found that they are questions, answers sought.

1. What is the difference between vaginal and clitoral orgasm?
Clitoris located between the labia, vulva at the top is the only human organ dedicated exclusively pleasure. Here there are 8,000 (!!!) of nerve endings, which is twice more than in the penis. Due to the extreme sensitivity, stimulation of, regardless of the manner in which it is made, is the most fastest and easiest to bring a woman to orgasm. Vaginal orgasm is much more difficult to obtain and, in principle, has two preconditions: must be perfectly moistened (which requires about 20 minutes of clitoral stimulation) before penetration and must use a position to produce a pressure … all the clitoris. Feeling the result should be much deeper, more complete, more widely disseminated internally more anything you want, by comparison with clitoral orgasm superficial, external.

2. It is possible that the woman ejaculate?
The question refers to a clear fluid, almost transparent, which some women expelled through the urethra during orgasm. Usually this is associated with the famous G-spot stimulation and is more likely to occur in women with very good tone of the pelvic muscles. Getting female ejaculation” requires much stimulation prior, and internal and external, and the result, at least in quantitative terms can vary tremendously from one woman to another. As urine, liquid passes through the urethra, so there is a whole controversy even if it’s urine or ejaculate a liquid similar to that of men. Clinical tests have shown that the composition, it is totally different from urine. Beyond that, however, his source is extremely difficult to identify, because the urethra is surrounded by a lot of glands and still do not know who is responsible for the whole story.

3. I’ve heard about it, but even there the G?
Mel and Suzi believe in the existence of the G-spot, but in reality, it is an eternal topic of controversy among physicians. In principle, it was discovered in 1950 by Ernst Gräfenberg, who noted that, inside the vagina, on the front, there is an area that reacts very strongly to sexual stimulation. This reaction is associated with the removal of fluid during orgasm, something that we talked about earlier. However, in the August this year (this only as a last example), The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology wrote that point G is a kind of gynecologists UFO everyone to find, huge discussed about it, but its existence has not been verified by objective means. “If you want to check to what extent are equipped” with a place of absolute pleasure, there is an almost clinical procedure for it: once well moistened, insert two fingers into the vagina and feel the correspondence behind the navel. If you find a section more sensitive than the rest, it stimulates the rhythmic and firm pressure. If e G, the answer will come immediately and fully . Of course the whole thing is even more pleasant if someone does not do. Lack of information, and all kinds of sexual myths point G turned into a “must-have” trend of sexual sites. This is regardless of the fact that thousands of positions and procedures are invented for his stimulating, very often, completely devoid of any effect. On the other hand there are thousands of women living type G-spot orgasms for years without ever passing them through your head that you should put a label with a certain letter. The point is that there‘s nothing wrong if you try to use the hypothetical point G, but not turn it into a Holy Grail of sex and forget that there are plenty of other pleasant things in the world. A lot!

4. How can I get my boyfriend to not lose their erection while putting a condom?
Uf! Unpleasant thing, right? Taman when you pass the real stuff, the fun wasting away because of a rubber bubble. Well, the idea is to make this moment a part of the fun, not a utilitarian break. Psychologically speaking, an attitude of There’s what‘s so funny hoodedward atmosphere and relax inhibitions. Beyond that, do not let him and put him put it! The most effective method is to use the mouth for it. Tip: buy condoms with flavors, tastes a little strange other. Otherwise, the simple picture of what is happening will make him become the most terrible stallion you’ve ever dreamed.

5. How to convince him to meet me oral?
Well, first of all, you have to give to receive. Then explain her delicate, but very clear how much pleasure I do. Another thing: they both need to be super clean because preconceptions about what feels good and what is abominable in his life find no real arguments. Warning: once he got to where you want, might be a little hard to keep him. Many men risk losing erection during this period that their penis is stimulated and, in this case, to stop exactly when it would be more need to continue. So be sure to stimulate it and make it flatter, so the whole thing becomes enjoyable for both.

6. My partner wants to do anal sex; going to hurt me?
It’s a story that‘s worth a try if you are and you just curious and if you’re sure you’re not afraid to say no at any time you would not like. Besides that, you have to be relaxed, to have confidence in it and use plenty of lubricant. Further, it must be done very slowly, patiently, slowly and while it stimulates you in other places, best clitoral. At first contact, almost inevitably, anal sphincter to contract sharply must not be forced in any case! I repeat: patience, gradually … It’s a delicate matter, and the reaction is different from one woman to another. Some people love it, others hate the very idea. Another tip: do not venture to such “refinements” If you are drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

7. What is the prostate and it can be used for men to reach orgasm faster?
The prostate is a gland and pipe it can be inside the rectum, abdominal cavity pressure toward the wall. If most men prostate massaging or applying flicks, may intensify orgasm, especially if combined with penetration or masturbation. Again, however, is an extremely delicate maneuver that requires a lot of experience until reaching perfection. But if you keep mortis If not, there are other methods to stimulate less complicated and risky. An example might be massaging perineal muscle (the area between the scrotum and anus), which is a real cluster of highly sensitive nerve endings.

8. I feel very small penis my friend in me. What can we do?
In principle, the vagina adapts to the size of the penis and instinctively, as long as he has a normal size, averaging around 2-3 inches more or less does not really matter. That’s because the walls of the vagina loosen and contract. It might, however, that in times of maximum excitation her to relax more than would be needed and then the feeling described above. The solution would be to raise your intravaginal forceby training the pelvic muscles. To figure out who they are, imagine that suddenly try to stop urinating. Whom they feel muscles into action are those who talk about, but getting absolute control over them is a matter that requires perseverance. But worth it.