Cirillo: “I want to play in a porn movie!”

Bruno CirilloThree years ago, back when Chivu play in Rome, all his teammates Rocco Siffredi declared themselves fans of the most famous actor famous for X in the Peninsula and sizes (some doctors say exaggerated) his sexual organ.

The other day, some news coming from the same geographical area tell us that many players in Serie A, some even international calls at a gigolo It seems that there are some frustrations more or less disguised, but it should be appreciated that some are true and some things recunonosc the public. The last of them is football Reggina, Bruno Cirillo. According to his own statements, the man has a dream since childhood. To be filmed while having sex.

Rocco November siamo

About this Italian man as the definition away from a Petrarch or Da Vinci. At least that‘s colleagues say Cirillo, who saw in Adam’s costume game. It has boy ‘” That would be the definition of its emptiness. I say this because it is true. Simply Cirillo confirms rumors circulating on account of his manhood. Comparison with Cassano makes a little more talkative. Even entering into details, as they say.

Come on Have 700 women? I just got a 20 and believe me, I’m not the type to blush in front of a woman, complete Italian defender. Regarding his dream ever, “His greatest ever”, as the Americans say, our man has no doubt.

“I want to be an actor in a film for adults, as they say, although including minors looking at this kind of productions. One of those teens I was and I therefore admit that it was my dream always been a great. Football has always been second And the main reason is that there are some things that we have not seen on screen before. I’m sure many men would appreciate what I want to present in the scene that I thought her. not the other, but every actor is a little director concluded the player aged 31 years his erotic confessions.