VIDEO: Top 10 hottest striptease scenes!

VIDEO: Top 10 hottest striptease scenes! These famous actresses competed to demonstrate their skills in dancing on the bar. And it‘s not easy it takes many repetitions serious book. Look how they lit screen hottest moments of erotic dance.


10. Jamie Lee Curtis “True Lies”
Jamie was 35 years old at the time of the scenes in “True Lies” (1994), in which a strip hell for a man who does not know about it even her husband (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Nor the public knew that Jamie was not a sex symbol in her career, she had a body like excellent shape daughter of Tony Curtis surprised us all!

9. Daryl Hannah “Dancing at the Blue Iguana
Does this scene after him as Robbie Williams idea to make a video with her idea that he applied for the song “Feel” ?! The film is from 2000, when Daryl was already 40 years old. And the video “Feel” was released two years later

8. Rose McGowan Planet Terror
We are talking about a movie from 2007 with biological weapons zombie creatures. So you did not expect such an incendiary issue in this. But you certainly expect this from the actress who had a relationship with Marilyn Manson At the time of this film already broken up with him and a couple even as film director, Robert Rodriguez, which probably has made her fire dancers … Today, Rose is 41 years old and is engaged to the artist Davey Detail.

7. Jennifer Aniston We’re the Millers
Jen has made waves with comedy striptease number two years ago with Jason Sudeikis. The movie came precisely at a time when the world was talking that Jen is nice, but if … no salt and pepper, I have enough sex appeal, it has not come over here on Many remained the same opinion now, but we must recognize that succeeded this scene filmed when she was 42 years old.

6. Penelope Cruz – “Nine
The 2009 film was nominated for four Oscars including a nomination for Penelope (Best Supporting Actress). Number her striptease was not a surprise Penelope sent waves of passion and sex appeal since the first part of his career. And the passing years proves that wine is

5. Rebecca Romijn Femme Fatale
Brian De Palma in 2002 had two explosive ingredients: the beautiful Rebecca, coupled with the hot Spaniard Antonio Banderas. The situation is not convenient for others, not only because Antonio was back then married Melanie Griffith. And Rebecca was 29 years old and was the wife of actor John Stamos. Today, Rebecca is married and has twins with actor Jerry O’Connell.

4. Salma Hayek From Dusk till Dawn
Another film by Robert Rodriguez, who sees the job that one can not resist inserting a number of striptease in his films. Here, a performance style accents Rammstein, the video “Engel” and Salma created a body like the striptease.

3. Demi Moore Striptease”
The next concurrentwe can say that, unlike Salma, created with great will and money ideal body (diets, sports, surgery). For this revealing film of 1996, Demi (51) trained in a crazy pace. And the results were seen

 2. Jessica Biel Powder Blue”
Justin Timberlake claiming jealousy still do not understand what he saw Jes, we invite you to watch the video below. And certainly understand! I have a hunch on Biel capable of such a thing ?! Note that a young man who seeks heartily in this film from 2009 is even Oscar nominee this year, Eddie Redmayne.

1. Kim Basinger 9 ½ Weeks
We can not forget this classic striptease number of film of 1986, which has absolutely all the necessary ingredients: a Mickey Rourke as unfortunately failed to remain a splendid Kim to 33 years and a perfect soundtrack, played by the late Joe Cocker