It is not good to have sex with a guy who is under 20 years! YOU MAY AFFECT THE LIFE!

Once a taboo sex between teenagers nowadays is no longer a surprising fact for anyone. Studies show that the incidence of minor parents increased concern in recent years, and scientists put a warning in this respect. According to recent research, men who become fathers by the age of 20 years transmit six times more children than teen mothers genetic mutations.

It is not good to have sex with a guy who is under 20 years YOU MAY AFFECT THE LIFE

A survey conducted on 24,000 parents and children revealed that fathers who were younger than 20 years had children with several genetic mutations compared with adult offspring.

“It could be something related to sperm boys and young men. The number of genetic problems is higher in adolescents. It falls in early adulthood, and then increases after the age of 35 years“, said Dr. Peter Foster, from Cambridge University, UK.

Therefore, the risk of children with problems is 30% higher for adolescent parents, to 1.5-2% in adults.