Top 13 most stupid advice about sex circulating on the Internet!!!

Top 13 most stupid advice about sex circulating on the Internet!!! It is said that some people do”, while others give advice and not always approved. Either way, the site tells us not to follow any of the top 13 tips below.

Top 13 most stupid advice about sex circulating on the Internet

1. Prior to oral sex, take a sip of hot water, as hot, then keep your mouth shut until you get to performance.
Why not ok: condoms are still not asbestos.

 2. Rub his back with a rolling pin for pie charts.
Why not ok: unlike dough men ‘also has bones.

 3. Check the prostate by inserting a finger into the anus to like a lot!
Why it’s ok, because the doctor is the one who usually introduces a finger there and done with a clear purpose: to detect a possible prostate cancer. It’s not something sexy. That is, if not interested in boys …

 4. Excited him releasing air from a balloon, light, little, in various parts of the body.
Why not ok: What’s that ?! A birthday party with clowns ?!

5. Bind him like a burrito: do roll the sheet around his body, leaving him in sight head, shoulders and feet. Then Sara’s every bit of those parts left out.
Why not ok: no one feels comfortable tied up or dressed in a robe with 5 numbers lower.

6. Take a donut hole, filled with jam and stick-io around the penis, then eat from it little by little.
Why not ok: sex in three, the third being represented by a donut, it’s not just men dream. That if … it simply would always threesomes: you, he and a senvis; you type it and a potato cake. Or other combinations …

7. Go to the basket with toys the child and borrows something from there, to play together in bed with that toy.
Why not ok: let’s be honest, you are hell of adults, let alone children’s toys, have a salary, so you can afford to buy yours to you.

8. Pour the mint navel, then it goes to a fan.
Why not ok: mint ?! Ah, yes, of course: drink you enjoy all elderly ladies …

9. Turn off the lights, light a torch and direct it on your body fix the areas that you want him to your next or suck them.The convention is that only when he put out Laterna may stop.
Why it’s ok, because the use flashlights at night in the forest, or possibly in a tent. Not in bed, when you have sex.

10. Semen contains zinc and calcium, both elements preventing dental caries.
So? That does not mean that oral sex and swallowing sperm lieu of toothpaste and toothbrush.

11. Take her underwear only partner with the mouth.
And what do you do with your hands the whole time? Crochet a scarf?

12. Cool the balls in the fridge, then make him lie down over them.
Why not ok: take you sit down on them, see, it’s easy to sit on cold balls?

 13. Put some hot sauces over genitals.
Why not ok: Well, besides the fact that to numb probably the whole area and no longer feel anything, maybe you’re hungry. In which case you can opt for a hot dog.


Map porn world: that part of the female body is the most appreciated! used statistical data to achieve a world map according to how popular are certain parts of the female body. Map porn world: that part of the female body is the most appreciated! Site achieved a world map depending on which part of the female body is most often searched online on pornographic sites, an indicator regarding a nation preferences for breasts, butt, genitals, feet or toes. used statistical data to achieve a world map according to how popular are certain parts of the female body in different states, according to online searches. The US is intent on ass!

The proportion Tits vs Ass – continental

At first glance, Member of the North seem to prefer breasts, while the bottoms are prominently in the South. Africa, except Egypt, along with South America share the admiration for the female posterior, while Argentina make separate note preference for breasts.

Tits vs Ass

Breast popularity worldwide

At continental level, the difference between East and West is clear, with busts seen in the East, with the exception of Africa (Tanzania, Ghana and Djibouti is among the leading countries in the world on online searches on perfect ass), which are preferred butts, as in the West.

Breast popularity worldwide

Posterior popularity worldwide

Finland ranks third in the world in terms of searches on the breasts, the second hovering Saint Helena Island, off the coast of Africa, and the Maldives in the first place. Chapter breasts occupy the top ten online search Belgium and the Netherlands. Breasts are loved in Britain, not only in the Nordic region, but also in India and Bangladesh.

Posterior popularity worldwide

Bottom popularity in Europe

Regarding preference bottoms, the Netherlands is well represented in this respect, and Iceland, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Romania fall into this category. In Asia and the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Tajikistan ranks top among admirers of the rear, while Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana in South America lead.

Bottom popularity in Europe

The popularity worldwide of genitals

Female genitals are particularly preferred in Uganda, which ranks first in the world thanks to their dedicated online searches, but preferences for this part of the female body found in Papua New Guinea and Jamaica, while in Africa this preference expressed mainly in Tanzania, Botswana and Zambia.


Toes popularity worldwide

Chapter fetishes, Middle East leads posted, especially on searches for cute toes” or “big feet” with Syria, Jordan and Iran forehead.

Toes popularity worldwide

Feet popularity worldwide

Long and beautiful legs are preferred especially in the East of Europe. Thus, Poland is the first place to search online when it comes to feet, followed by Lithuania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Hungary.

Feet popularity worldwide



Effect of porn on women

EXCLUSIVE NEWS: The effect of porn on women. 

Porn logo

If you’re one of those people who think porn is just for men, know that you are dead wrong! Statistics say that women consume porn equally and with the same goals as men: to improve their sexual techniques, to increase their libido and imagination.

Watching porn is usually attributed to men and less women sometimes couples. However, women are no exception in this case. True, with small differences.

What do women like?

As in other areas, when it comes to porn, tastes of women differ from those of men. If men can love as explicit images of sexual intercourse, women appreciate the intelligent exchange of words, unusual locations or unconventional connections between partners.

They prefer sex less graphics and more realistic actors that attract and stimulate each other just like in everyday life.

What effect on women porn movies?

Researchers at the University of Amsterdam have revealed that most of the times, a woman’s body reacts the same as that of a man to view a movie of this kind: the blood circulation in the genital area is enhanced, she becomes excited and eager for sex .

However, we can not say that women have the same attitude towards porn as men. Sometimes they produce excitement but sometimes explicit images do not produce anything but disgust, revulsion and amusement.

Usually, movies that have sex scenes stimulates “soft” without too many close-ups on genitals, alternating with moments of action, romance and psychology.

Why do women in adult film?

Women resort to using a porn movie for several reasons. First, they fail to develop their imagination and to live their fantasies with erotic stories in the film.

This helps them improve their libido and even explore their own sexuality. Many women managing to masturbate or improve your techniques and sexual relationship with your partner.