No porn on!

No porn on! Blogger platform owned by Google, will not allow users to publish articles that contained pornographic.

Initially, the Google sent an email announcing the change in platform users. Now the company has officially confirmed the decision, and the child will be completely prohibited as of March 23. Google representatives have stated that they will not allow users to display videos or images with graphic nudity“. Blogs will continue to display such content will not be deleted, but will be made private and can only be accessed by their administrators. So far, those having a blog like blog.blogspot. com were allowed to publish pornographic images only if their site properly marked, indicating that provide adult content.

No porn on blogspot com




Hustler porn app launched for Android

If you want porn, buy an Android phone, recently said Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief. It seems he’s right. But who said it is not needed and so as not to provide XXX content, ok? Maybe just the Pope. People must have access to anything they want on the phone giving money.

Hustler porn app launched for Android

Hustler has just launched an XXX app, operating platform owned by Google, which costs $ 3 and provides access to magazine models in the last 36 years.

In addition, customers have access to the video content (do not think the nonsense) behind the scenes interviews with the girls in the foreground, and cartoons.


Cases of “revenge porn” must disappear! Google changes policy on nudity!!!

Google wants to censor unauthorized nude photos to prevent publication of nude pictures and sexually explicit images without the consent of the person concerned.

Cases of revenge porn must disappear Google changes policy on nudityThe new rules will allow individuals whose nude photos were posted on various websites without permission to ask Google to prevent these images to appear in search results. A form for this type of applications will be available online in a few weeks, according to the US company.

Typically, Google does not comply with requests to remove the content from its search engine, arguing that it should be confined to the relevance of that information and images for the person doing the search. But the company decided to make an exception regarding nude photos because the images are often published online by former life partners who want to take revenge and even blackmail.

‘Images’ revenge porn’ emotional and personal causes damage aim image degradation victims, especially women, “Amit Singhal said, Google senior vice president, on the company blog.

Images will not be totally removed from the Internet but, because Google does not have the authority to ask sites to remove offensive and illegal content. But Google will make these images are very difficult to find in online searches.


Weirdest places where they were caught having sex

Top 10 weirdest places where they were caught having sex. NOT because they cared | PHOTO GALLERY

Without them go through your head that could be seen by many people, even children, some people choose to give vent to feelings in the most inappropriate places.

They thought no one sees them but were caught either by the cameras of the past or even satellites Google Street View.

street street2 street3 street4 street5


Google drop the restrictions on XXX content on Blogger

Google change… AGAIN! Drop the restrictions on content “XXX” on Blogger! Less than a week after explicit content banned blogs using Blogger, people at Google have backtracked.

Google change AGAIN Drop the restrictions on content XXX on Blogger

Among many other online services owned by Google, are free blogging platform called Blogger. This is a very popular online, so that when the Mountain View giant has decided to change its policy content can be posted repercussions not immediate.

It was not even a week since Google has banned sexually explicit content on Blogger blogs and giant was forced to reverse its decision to not lose a massive number of users. A spokesman for the American company recognized that feedback from users has been very aggressive when it came to the retroactive application of the new rules. Most affected were those posting content online in order to explicitly express their identity and individual freedom.

As a result, things are suddenly as before. The only suggestion that people at Google have done is that those posting content on their blogs sexual or pornographic take care to mark the websites as adults. This will feature will eliminate the risk warnings and strike someone unintentionally erotic content.

Without having provided a clear reason for which Google has changed the terms of use free blogging platform a few days ago, it is commendable that have realized the mistake and corrected it in a very short time.


Porn movies against Google

Pleasure not only brings benefits to spectators and members of the guild, it also has obligations, regulations and, as in everything, to imbibe what they call taxes. Piracy has also been in favor of giving more than a return by the porn industry, causing significant economic losses.

Porn movies against Google

According to BBC, as in the music and film industry, the collective of erotic actors and actresses have tried to reach an agreement to eliminate black holes created by many illegal websites. However, Google has responded with a resounding no to request.

Recently, the multinational technology reached agreements with the United Kingdom so that when it comes to acquiring music, first the official pages and not the pirate ones as it does at the moment. However, porn movies are not allowed to buy ad space in the company.

As we read in the words of Angela White, a porn actress, she told the BBC that Google is perpetuating the misconception that the adult industry is a non-legitimate industry. Tasha Reign, actress and owner of a study, that the multinational continues treating this industry as a taboo.


Sex along with drugs were the two most mentioned words since the Internet opened their networks in different chats. So no advertising posters, banners or small businesses that pleasure is a forbidden treasure and expensive!

Porn movies against Google


The Google of porn

15-20 years ago, watching porn was a complex adventure, a search for treasure full of dangers and that required luck. Good luck. Let a friend smuggle a magazine or bump into yourself with the fortune of a VHS forgotten by parents.

Google of porn

The Internet changed all that. The porn – of all kinds – is a snap of fingers. However, despite the immediacy not everything is perfect. Google is an excellent tool, but auto completion is always leaving traces. On the other hand, some searches are mixed with unwanted content, as is the case of advice that can give you the Cosmopolitan.

Ah, life is so difficult.

The good thing is that there is always someone who is one step ahead. A search engine like Porn MD and has just added, a kind of Google designed especially for adults.


Google of porn


Vaginal odor and penis size, in the top searches on Google on sex.

Vaginal odor and penis size, in the top searches on Google on sex. Search Engine Google provides answers to the most intimate and embarrassing questions of users. Problems with sex in a marriage, the smell vagina or penis size are clarified through Internet searches.

Vaginal odor and penis size in the top searches on Google on sexPopular searches on Google, with an average of 21,090 monthly searches, has the phrase “marriage without sex.” In comparison, unhappy marriage” has 6029 searches, while the words loveless marriageis sought, an average of 2,650 times per month.

From the ten questions that men hope to find an answer on Google, nine are about penis size, including How do I get a bigger penis?” Or “Why is my penis so small?”. Interestingly, the most common question is How big is my penis?” Because Google can take sometimes place a measuring instrument.

Women are concerned about the smell of their intimate areas so often search Google for information that could tell them why their vagina smells like fish, vinegar, onion, garlic, cheese, urine, metal, sweating and so on.


Daniela Ciccareli … Ronaldo Ex-Wife … porn video!?!?! SEXY AND SENSUAL DANIELA CICCARELI wins the battle with GOOGLE!!!

Daniela Ciccareli ... Ronaldo Ex-Wife ...For several months we were able to enjoy the full video starring Daniela Ciccareli ago, the gorgeous ex-wife of former football player of Real Madrid and Barcelona, Ronaldo. In this video, we could see having sex Daniela caring attitude and a high erotic content that could raise tension and strangers. Well, when it seemed that the waters had cooled on this issue, now resurfaces with a vengeance because of a dispute between the protagonist and Google.

The contentious issue is that Google is now the owner of YouTube, where it was distributed and publicly showed the video of the dispute. Following a court ruling that prohibited disseminate this video, Daniela continued fighting until a judge has given reason. And it is that despite the ban, thousands of fans were quality porn again ascending again and again the video of yore to the network, sharing and making viral through social rede. Now, after a full trial of ups and downs, it has ruled that Google must pay a whopping 56,600 euros in compensation for Daniela wrongs suffered.

Although the porn video was recorded in 2006, it has not been until recently that got to see the light thanks to a leak in the network. To be more precise, in the video you could see Daniela Ciccareli having sex on a beach in the coast of Cadiz. But it was not just in the field of internet, much less. Several television stations that broadcast video, openly showing the naked body of Daniela and all the erotic action locked behind him.

It has also been determined that the companion Daniela in the video, with which it was wound on the beach, will also be compensated with 56,600 euros. He is a famous businessman named Tato Malzoni. Of course, many of us already envy to get to sleep. However, he is not satisfied with the judgment and is already planning. Anyway, we will always dream entangled in the body of Daniela Ciccareli and live with her erotic and very hot time on a beach in Cadiz.


Virtual Reality Porn by 1 $ and Google Cardboard glasses for FREE

Porn BadoinkVR gives Google glasses cardboard, if true, and does so with a subscription of $ 1 per month. By subscribing you will get the Google glasses cardboard free. With these glasses you will see all porn BadoinkVR for just a dollar a month, it seems incredible but true.

Virtual Reality Porn by 1 $ and Google Cardboard glasses for FREE

Virtual Reality Porn by 1 $ and Google Cardboard glasses for FREE (2)

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