German porn industry and it requires state help.

After banks and automobile industry, is among sex-shops and producers of pornographic films to seek help from the German state, thus following the example of American competitors. German porn industry and it requires state help.

An economic aid would be judiciousestimated Uwe Kaltenberg, Trade Federation erotic charge in an interview with the regional newspaper WAZ AFP. Uwe Kaltenberg not do much hope that they will be heard by politicians, estimating that saving a carmaker is more important to them, in order to support in elections. German industry of sex-shops, Beate Uhse comprising giant and the pornographic films suffer from their illegal downloading on the Internet. In early January, two figures of American pornography, Larry Flynt and Joe Francis, asked Congress a plan to support five billion dollars.

German porn industry


Tasha Reign sells her underwear and her vibrator

Tasha Reign, A porn starlet sells underwear and vibrator to help colleagues!

Tasha Reign, Porn American starlet, 25, who graduated from the prestigious University of California, helps a group of colleagues in Canada, for doing bad money. More specifically, the star decided to sell underwear to $ 150, sex toys and even offered to have sex with a man and paid to come to help them Canada porn starlets. They finally reached the wooden hoe, because there were requests for movies. To support colleagues Tasha Reign guild still offering dinner in Los Angeles with the person who will pay the sum of $ 1,500 and provide autographs charges.

Tasha Reign sexy porn star xxx


Masturbation technique that can help you grow your sexual performance

VIDEO: Masturbation technique that can help you grow your sexual performance.


The porn industry needs help from state.


Although it seems hard to believe adult entertainment industry is also affected by the global economic crisis. Adult Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt and Girls Gone Wild general manager, Joe Francis, the leaders in this area, the Congress filed a joint application requesting a $ 5 billion government bailout, just to help us shone in difficult times “, said Francis.

Congress seems willing to support the country’s most important industry, we believe we are entitled to the same consideration. In difficult times of economic, Americans turn to entertainment for relief. Increasingly more, the type of entertainment they’re looking for is the one for adults “, he added. Flynt disagrees and believes that the recession has caused Americans to forget sex. “Lack of sex is very unhealthy for the nation. Americans can do without cars and such goods but can not survive without sex “, he said. Adult entertainment sector has felt the effects of the economic crisis bringing decreases of 22% in sales and rentals of DVDs. It seems that the average American now prefer the Internet to search for adult entertainment. It is time for US legislators to revitalize the sex drive of the Americans. The only way you can achieve this is to support rapid adult industry , said Flynt.

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How to help him in bed to become a better lover

Sex Advice: How to help him in bed to become a better lover. 8 Tips! Do you love your husband with all my heart but when it comes to bedroom activities are some aspects that displease you. If the routine is already installed in private life and sex parties stop light capture or anything, then it is time to make some changes. The good news is that you can help your lover to become a better lover without hurting his pride. What? Here are some tips that will help to re kindle the flame of passion in the bedroom.

How to help him in bed to become a better lover

I suggest some changes
You have an open relationship where you can discuss anything? Take advantage and talk about sex. Recommended is that little discussion to take place outside the bedroom, preferably in a pleasant place for both. Ask your boyfriend to tell you what he likes and dislikes to your sex life. Thus you can do your thoughts and you known.

Exit the routine!
Sex parties take place at the same rate in the same position and the same day? Then it is time for change. If weekend and Wednesdays were reserved for love, it would be to initiate a game of love Mondays and Thursdays? You can pleasantly surprise with some new positions, discovered in an adult film.

Set the desired rate
You love a man in bed moves at light speed? Refrain from saying STOP and directs it to the ideal rhythm. If customary to skip foreplay, then back off in a playful way, a few seconds. If you do not understand suggestion, repeated movement. If your boyfriend why hurry program is loaded, it is better to plan your getaway little love in the days or nights in which time is not a problem. Start with a shower or a romantic dinner and let nature take its course.

Take Control!
Positions or not you are just touches like? Then take control and guide it towards a satisfactory sex for both. Nobody but i do not like to point out that not doing in bed, so you must do it gently. For example, while guiding hands or kissing her, whispering him how good you feel and ask him to step up.

It’s time for a little shopping!
If until now you have not felt the need to try sex toys, it is time for new experiences. A shopping spree at a sex shop will certainly make sex exciting parties. While doing sex with him using some sex toys for your pleasure.

Use vibrator
This toy sensational was not designed to be used only to you service yourself, but to spice up the sex. The vibrator can bring pleasure to both partners and can turn an ordinary position as the missionary in one form.

Change location!
If you want to beat the monotony, you have to try and places outside the bedroom. Bathroom, kitchen or even outside the house spaces are perfect for a sexual adventure.

Give them always feedback!
If you sit still and silent while he tries to bring you to orgasm, you will not know if you like what you do or if you are unhappy with his performance. Give verbal understandable that you like, but if you are a little more quietly in bed, even offers them some pointers by moaning or breathing rate that would give him to understand that it is on track. Mark orgasm with a groan of pleasure!

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Bellabeat Leaf, the gadget that will help improve your sex life

Bellabeat Leaf, product launched some time ago, has now received an important update that can improve your sex life. Bellabeat Leaf, product launched some time ago, has now received an important update that can improve your sex life.

Bellabeat Leaf

The dream of any company today is to detect a market or sector that was completely ignored, or that was not given enough attention. That’s exactly what they did to those in Bellabeat when they decided to launch their product trio destinatelor mothers or women who become mothers soon. The three products are: Shell Bellabeat to accumulate information during pregnancy Bellabeat Balance for information on weight, and Bellabeat Leaf, tracking physical activity, sleep and stress levels.

Now, thanks to the huge success enjoyed, Bellabeat Leaf received an improvement that will enable women to more closely monitor reproductive health. Thus, thanks to this new update, Bellabeat Leaf will provide information about the menstrual cycle and ovulation pills taken. As TechCrunch mentions, this is very useful, both for those who want to become parents, and those who do not want this for the moment, only to have a better sex life, quieter.

Bellabeat Leaf has an attractive design, like an accessory that would be worn by most women. It also is produced from wood and recycled steel. For now, Bellabeat Leaf is present in few countries outside the United States. These include the UK, Australia and China. In the future, however, the device may make an appearance and new markets.

Bellabeat Leaf 2 Bellabeat Leaf 3


What to do when sex squeaky

Sex tips! The days when your sex life was full of passion have long gone. Now your sex life is limited to a quick hug unseasoned, without desire, everything happens mechanically. Now sit and ask yourself: how can anyone in movies and novels seems to have an explosive sex life, colorful, when in your case there is not even a spark?

It should be understood that in the real world, sex life is not perfect and not a game of love always ends shattering orgasms. But even if you find it boring now your sex life, things can improve. According to experts, the key to a quality sex life is to know exactly what you want then ask for what you want. Simple, is not it?


How to get what you want in bed

You you want a longer foreplay. Partner, however, is ready in a flash. You crave salt and sensual wet. He just wants to go to work. You’re just 3 games a week and he wants to make love 2 times per day. Even when all other aspects of family life are congruent, sexual styles are not always compatible, especially for couples us. So how do you tell your partner what you want to offend without ego? You could start such phrase “I would like it if we do X”. You can have dinner conversation in bed or a glass of wine when you feel comfortable. But before starting the discussion should know exactly what’s bothering you. It has to do with technology? Personal hygiene? Timing? Once you know exactly what you do not like there are ways to suggest a solution. For example, if you dislike the smell you can ask you to take a bath together before making love. If you want a longer foreplay, ask him to move more slowly. But what do you do if you know what you want, and tell your partner, however, your sex life knows no progress?

If things still do not change …

After discussion, but sex life remains as dull then it is time to experiment together. Teach so that everyone learn more about the other’s body. Find inspiration and educational books or watch movies together. No pornography, but an explicit video voice over explains what happens in each scene. Sometimes the problem can be physical, such as premature ejaculation, or can be caused by stress, in which case you need to see a sex therapist. It can dissolve a relationship because of a poor sex life? Possibly. Can you love a person very much and sex will be ok at best. In this case you have to decide what will be your life. You will have to accept that love parties will never be extraordinary or to go another way. Whether it is a divorce must carefully weigh each element of the relationship and not just sex. Maybe you love more, have a phenomenal marriage, have two children and then you can live with a poor sex life. In most cases, it would have to break or to have a satisfactory sexual life, if both are willing to make efforts to improve things. According to experts, every couple has the potential to enjoy good sex. All you have to do practice to be open and ask for help when you need it.



What do porn stars when they want to raise money for flood victims

Porn stars industry overseas are very sensitive when it comes to victims and their urgent needs. They are willing to provide oral and anal sex who are willing to donate money to those who are suffering or have sex directly with them, to bring them a little joy to them.

Victims of natural disasters are happier. They were asked during a festival would be willing to donate for flood victims. Act may be generous to the needy directly or indirectly by those who are willing to pay money for the services of girls and funds raised to be donated. Responses girls in the porn industry are very diverse and we believe will generate needed funds for needy Americans.



Teens spend 87 hours a year watching porn

Teens and porn!

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Concerns an average teenager
An average teenager spends an hour and 40 minutes every week searching the Internet pornography, reaching a total of 87 hours per year. Is it more or less? Considering the fact that, for example, teenagers spend hours and 35 minutes surfing the Internet by content about weight loss and diets.

Study in 1000 revealed that adolescent teenager spends on average 31 hours per week on the Internet. They are particularly interested in soft pornography, plastic surgery, diet, family planning and emotional support. They spend an hour and eight minutes on sites of plastic surgery, breast augmentation, liposuction and collagen implants.

The survey was conducted by the company Cyber ​​Sentinel, which is programming equipment that allow parents to track their children on the Internet and block certain sites. Marketing Director, Ellie Puddle said: “The appearance of it alarming that survey show that teens are exploring is obviously some issues as a result of pressure exerted by society today.”

Gender and Education
“The research also found that teens seeking information about contraception, pregnancy and sex as much as they are interested in weight loss. For some reason it is easier to look for such information online than to ask their parents. using the Internet to search for answers to difficult questions about who you talk to is in order, but parents should set boundaries to protect children from accessing inappropriate material. “

The survey showed that teens spend at least 3 hours and 10 minutes each week looking for subjects to help them with their homework and an hour and 40 minutes to download and listen to music. Still other two hours are spent on YouTube and an hour and 22 minutes searching sites containing medical or educational, diseases, puberty and the like. Chat rooms, forums and social networks also play an important role in the lives of adolescents. They spend 9 o’clock and 40 minutes per week chatting, trying to make new friends.


Foods that increase your libido

6 foods that increase your libido! Sex tips! Nowadays there are a lot of factors that may have contributed to the decrease in libido, among them are stress, environmental toxicity and poor quality diet. And, in general, lack of libido can hide more serious problems such as inflammation that prevents the production of energy and blood circulation determinants in terms of a healthy sexual desire.


And if you’re worried about low libido There are several ways that the body can be re-energized by introducing inclusive the key foods in the diet. Although there are so-called superfood that have the effect libido, if your normal diet is poor, but their consumption might not have the desired effect you. It is important to change your lifestyle so yourself to become healthier.

The good news is that you can incorporate some common foods in a healthy diet that will help to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow throughout the body and increase energy levels. In fact, these foods will help you not only feel better but look better, which will do wonders for your sex drive.

Here are six foods that you should eat every day:

1. Salmon
Wild salmon is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA help maintain fluidity of cell membranes. These acids keep cardiovascular health by reducing inflammation, prevent blood clots and maintaining blood fat to a normal level. Salmon can be prepared grilled, boiled or scrambled eggs or added to salad. Omega 3 can be also found in other fatty fish such as tuna, mackerel and saithe.

2. Avocado
This fruit rich in fats contain omega 3 and omega 9. How these acids are anti-inflammatory maintain cardiovascular health and regulate blood sugar levels. In addition, avocado is rich in fiber and antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin K, and type B vitamins also fruit is a source of quality protein. To benefit from all these qualities of the fruit, eat it raw in salads. Healthy fats in it help to increase absorption of phytonutrients in vegetables with green Funzi, carrots and tomatoes.

3. Watermelon
Watermelon is rich in citrulline – helps regulate the production of nitric oxide (Nutri acid), which helps dilate blood vessels. It also contains lycopene and betacarotene which act as antioxidants and protect cells. You can eat alone or in a fruit salad.

4. Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and Brazil nuts
These are all excellent sources of Larginine which turns into acid Nutr. In addition, contain omega 3, necessary for cardiovascular health. You can eat breakfast in the morning, added to salads or as snacks between meals.

5. Leafy green vegetables
Fresh spinach, turnips, arugula and herbs like oregano but parsley contain large amounts of chlorophyll which helps purify the blood and increase blood flow. Some, like kale, contain fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6. In addition, these vegetables are sources of vitamins including A, K and C and minerals that raise the body’s alkalinity and improve energy levels. Eat them in salads, cooked by steaming or as juice with other fruit and vegetables.

6. Seeds
Zinc deficiency may endanger the production of testosterone and also can contribute to depression, which inhibit libido. Semnintele pumpkin and sesame are rich in zinc and other nutrients essential for healthy body. Eat pumpkin seeds raw in salads or mix them. And sesame seeds can be sprinkled over vegetables and fruit salads.

You can more easily incorporate these foods into your diet and your general state of health will have everything to gain, you’ll be more physically active and you will feel full of life. In addition, libido will again reach the desired level.