A brief history of the vibrator!

A brief history of the vibrator! The vibrator has a history of more than two centuries, but few people know that initially was used to cure women of hysteria”. However, in the last two centuries, vibrator helped” to “treat” many problems, from stomach pain to sexual needs.

A brief history of the vibrator

Hysteria was a disease assumed that women were treated from the time of Hippocrates to Victorian England and the treatment prescribed was “pelvic massageinducing hysterical paroxysm“, ie orgasm. Women were advised not to try to make one procedure because it was “man’s job, suitable only for husbands and doctors“, according to Avicenna, the founder of modern medicine early. Women were considered sick of hysteria when they had symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, iratibilitate, nervousness, retain liquids or had erotic fantasies. Medical practice to stimulate hysterical women in medical offices began at least in 1653, according to the newspaper “The Guardian”. Since the sixteenth century unmarried women suffering anxiety attacks were advised to vigorous exercise on horsebackor use a rocking chair or cradle.

A brief history of the vibrator 2

Hysteria was a disease assumed that women were treated from the time of Hippocrates to Victorian England and the treatment prescribed was “pelvic massageinducing hysterical paroxysm“, ie orgasm. Women were advised not to try to make one procedure because it was “man’s job, suitable only for husbands and doctors“, according to Avicenna, the founder of modern medicine early. Women were considered sick of hysteria when they had symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, iratibilitate, nervousness, retain liquids or had erotic fantasies. Medical practice to stimulate hysterical women in medical offices began at least in 1653, according to the newspaper “The Guardian”. Since the sixteenth century unmarried women suffering anxiety attacks were advised to vigorous exercise on horsebackor use a rocking chair or cradle.


Pornography, “disease” of millions! We are surrounded by images broadside, but few know the history of XXX films!

Whether we like it or not, pornography is present in our lives every day. We talk about movies, magazines, video games or any other form of communication that reach adult content homes.

the history of XXX films

Until recently, XXX pictures were considered taboo, but now online is overflowing with situations where more or less broadside. While everyone talks about it, few people know the history of pornography.

Which made strides in recent years technology has helped the industry to explode, and annual earnings, only in America, reach over 100 billion dollars.

Pioneers XXX movies

Well, porn production started practically with the advent of film. Two of the French pioneers were Eugène Pirou and Albert Kirchner, who put up the first erotic scene in 1896. Le Couche from Mariee was called and showed a striptease dancer who was in front of a man.

In the same year, “The May Irwin Kiss” First Kiss movie in history. Catholic Church “fireImmediately and Said shocking” outrageous .

The occurrence of silent films in the 20s, Gave free rein images broadside and “jewels” underhand Could Be obtained from special vendors, Because you risk prison if You Were caught.

Easy, easy, things have advanced and, in 1969, Denmark Became the first country to remove all Laws regarding censorship of pornography, and His example Immediately WAS FOLLOWED by the Netherlands. It Was extremely important year for the industry and productions step Enjoyed have a “boom” huge.

With the release of videotapes, in the late 70s, There Were porn starlets, famous worldwide. Ginger Lynn, Seka or Traci Lords has just Some of the divas who have made history in the field. The first film in the series Emmanuelle” cam to light in 1974 and very Quickly Became the talk.

Ginger Lynn

Ginger Lynn




Racy first films. Black porn films which disturbed the minds of men.

Porn films are as old as cinema. William Kennedy Dickson was the man who brought this concept in history by inventing 35mm film with perforations and design Kinetoscope, a device that allowed a single viewer to see moving images. Immediately after the appearance of this invention pornographic movies began to grow. Racy first films. Black porn films which disturbed the minds of men.

Racy first films Black porn films which disturbed the minds of men

First racy film, Les Indiscrets” appeared in 1896, conducted by George Melies. Another is pornographic film L’Ecu d’Or la bonne auberge” which was filmed in 1908 in France. Action five minutes of the film takes place between a soldier and a hostess.

The Germans came strong but the latter, what experts have called “first hardcore film eversilent film “I Abendframe considered too harsh for that period.

Until the 50s, these “production” remained in the shadows, and some of them were lost forever, and took possession of collectors that they consider jewels” preceding so-called “Golden Age of Porn.



Shocking Transformation of “King of sex”

Raul Sararu the only novel that has won seven Oscars” of the adult film world, became unrecognizable after needles hooked up with one of the sexy Playboy bunnies.

One of the men who made ​​history in the adult film industry, Raul Sararu disappeared for years without anyone knows an iota about it. Was understandable, earn big money after appearing in over 50 films as an actor and later as a director, and moved to Budapest, where he lives as a nabob. He even said at one point that feels like the day is when you win a million per month.

Raul Sararu porn star

That has worked hard to plan it applied without too much fuss even national realm, specifically on the outskirts of the capital. Where most luxurious open videochat studio in Europe.

Raul Sararu and his girlfriend

Raul is unrecognizable

King of sex “has become easy and Sleepless Champion, after he created a life style eccentric, very rich friends you overload close to events and parties.

Raul Sararu and his fiancee at the party

So it is that the river is almost unrecognizable, but the fact that he was addicted to fitness helped him maintain muscle mass which made many women to sob.

Raul Sararu girlfriend

But now the actor’s life appeared another priority that makes you radiate. It is an African model who made ​​a splash in the pages of Playboy magazine.

Raul Sararu fiancee

Brunette with perfect shapes that earn money Conveyor fat contracts managed to convince her novel wax wife  they prepare for the big event that will invest a large sum of money.

Raul Sararu brunette girlfriend

Raul Sararu


We opened the file of “XXX Queen ” – Alina Plugaru! What is true and what is history?

We opened the file of “XXX Queen ” – Alina Plugaru! What is true and what is history? It was dubbed the “Queen XXX” and not for nothing By every appearance manages to stir the imagination of all representatives hard sex. It is famous and highly courted. In the early 2000s Alina Plugaru became famous for her roles in films for adults. Stamp” controversial actress but followed her along time. For this reason did not even too lucky in love.

Alina Plugaru queen XXXAfter all, not many men would want to marry a girl has such a record. However, starlet has never regretted the way she has chosen.

Alina Plugaru has a tumultuous life story! She had a happy childhood. At the age of 7. Her parents divorced, and blonde was raised by her grandparents .. and lived her whole life without seeing her mother. This does she pushed her 16 years to get her life in her hands and to earn money alone, so got to choose such a career.

Everyone would say that Queen adult movies is a strong woman and sure of herself, as it can have any man feet. But in adolescence has gone through dramatic moments. Alina Plugaru tried to commit suicide in name of … love. Back then, Alina was only entertainer in a club … so she met Giovanni, singer Elgi the band with whom she lived a love story.

She loved him more than two years although they knew he was married. A divorced for her and nothing seemed overshadows them happiness, but destiny had prepared something else. Extremely love blonde not bear the thought of parting and tried to commit suicide, according to the statements of her former lover.


13 porn actors and actresses who made history

Thanks to Ron Jeremy, who turns 61, we will talk a little about the “crazy life” of some porn actors and actresses who have been recognized worldwide, in addition to being considered Porn Stars of All Time.


Porn Stars who made history:

1. Ron Jeremy is born in 1953. He was one of the most famous American actors because he is considered the inventor of self-congratulation and auto cunnillingus, whose on-screen demonstration was given with the film Inside Seka. In his entry to the Internet Adult Film Detabase (IAFD) lists more than 1900 adult films in which it has appeared. Now we can understand why he was named by AVN Magazine first in the list of 100 porn stars of all time.

2. John Holmes. Known for his 35 centimeters of fame he has also been one of the biggest stars of porn movies, appearing in more than 2,500 XXX movies in the 70’s. This actor was discovered nothing more and nothing less than in the bathroom of a bar, where a photographer, who was in the urinal next door, watched the impressive size of his penis and convinced him to venture into porn movies. Unfortunately the man with the most amazing length of porn (of those times) died in 1988 due to colon cancer, although rumors say that his death could have been due to AIDS.

3. Linda Lovelance. In marrying adult film producer Charles Traynor, Linda soon became a low-budget, short-film porn actress, even made a zooflilia tape with Dog Fucker. Lovelance was the main actress of Deep Throat, a movie that has been the most influential porn movie of all time. Unfortunately there was nothing later in his work that could exceed his participation in the film, but there is no doubt that this served to demonstrate what was learned during the time he practiced prostitution. In 1980 he would become an anti-pornography activist. In 2002 he suffered an auto accident and would be in an irreversible coma. At the end of April of the same year her family gave the order to disconnect her.

4. Harry Reems. For being part in the same tape that Linda Lovelance (Deep Throat) also obtained a fame that, to date, has managed that many continue it considered like one of the greats. Reems debuted in the porn film with the film El Deviates, hardcore tape that would be the most painful for him, because based on scenes with body painting, after a while it would dry and begin to crack, which was quite painful. The actor died at age 65 due to multiple health problems, including pancreatic cancer.

5. Linda Wong. Born in 1951, she would be one of the first Asian movie actresses for adults. It started in the mid-1970s, and would soon fall into the world of drugs. Imprisoned for a year for falsifying a drug prescription, she tried to resume her career without success. Meanwhile, her ex-husband beat her and abused her, and Wong immersed himself in the alcohol and the cocktails of pills. Precisely this combination would cause an overdose that would lead to death in 1987, with only 36 years.

6. Jon Dough. It became one of the most famous stars of the decade of the eighties; With which he could become one of the first XXX actors to sign an exclusive contract with producer Vivid. But. Due to his problem with drugs, he rescinded his contract with Vivid and suffered a motorcycle accident. His life ended on August 27, 2006, when he was hanged in a house in Chatsworth, California.

7. Moana Pozzi. This Italian is considered by some as the biggest porn star in the world; During her life she participated in conventional films, worked as a TV presenter, paraded as a catwalk model for Karl L and had a fleeting participation in the world of politics. Despite not being involved in scandals and being considered by her friends as an intelligent woman, she died in 1994 at the age of 33, a victim of liver cancer.

8. Rocco Siffredi. He also known as The Italian Stallion. He has among his records having been with ten women at a time and totally tired them. His stamina has no equal and is one of those few porn stars that handle the kamasutra from beginning to end.

9. Randy Spears. He has participated in over a thousand porn movies. In 1990 he won the Adult Video News (AVN) Best Actor Award for his performance in The Masseuse.

10. Sexy Cora. Porn actress and erotic model. Cora was hospitalized in 2009 after trying to break a world record for the number of performed in a single day. The record was 200, but could only make 75. She died of cardiac when she underwent surgery to increase her bust. Her debut was when she was 19 years old.

XXX Actors and Actresses of Latin America


11. Cecilia Montero. The most influential porn star in Mexico. She was the first to make a pornographic film in this country, with a journey of more than 200 films in her career, being the most influential The Love Life of the Cigarras, a film that is to date the most recognized in the beginnings of Mexican porn. After her ties to drug trafficking, the most influential porn actress of the 1990s in Mexico, she fled the country and her whereabouts are unknown or if she has already passed away.

12. Francisco López. Better known as Pancho Lopez was the first porn star in the Golden Age of Mexican porn cinema that triumphed in Europe.


13. Andrea García and Cristián Cipriani. They have been doing a porn film in Colombia for a decade. The professionalized the industry for adults in the country. Despite the taboo, the restrictions and barriers that are present in this part of the planet, they have succeeded. They have even been the only Colombians to have an exclusive contract with the renowned Pent House, to produce scenes in Latin America.



andrea-garcia cristian-cipriani harry-reems-2 harry-reems john-holmes jon-dough linda-lovelance linda-wong moana-pozzi randy-spears rocco-siffredi-2 rocco-siffredi ron-jeremy-2  ron-jeremy sexy-cora




Japanese footballers dream of forms XXX starlet Jun Kusanagi

Jun Kusanagi – XXX starlet

Rising Sun Country Day begins and everything ends there. And porn star Jun Kusanagi is one of the reasons. Considered one of the biggest names in XXX history of Japan, makes really gorgeous mignon stir in Tokyo, but the films in which he played made it famous overseas. Born on June 5, 1978 even in the Japanese capital, Jun knew from childhood what he wants from life. True, he was helped by the body. It has 1.66 meters in height and size 95-52-85, being what the Japanese call “kubire” – a woman with small waist and impressive bust. “The little I was at the gym and I did more exercise. I do a lot of squats. In high school, I was doing 200 without interruption,” said beautiful brunette secret of its forms. Until they reach majority, was model. But as soon as she turned the legal age to play in porn, abandoned catwalk and totally dedicated XXX industry. And so, in October 1996, debuted in force in a hard-core production that caused a scandal-monster. The reason – the fashion house which was engaged owns the rights to his name. Ultimately, the producers of her first film, “Girl Pin Pin” solved the problem by changing the name of the young Japanese Mizuho Kano. The impact was phenomenal. How audiences fell in love with the little “Kubire” Jun filmed without a break, another five productions XXX appearing in the next six months. It had become a real star. Over the next two years, her body has undergone several transformations, making them the kind of movie critics say, “Her body is now more mature and more mysterious.” In 2000, however, there were problems, having to make a break for three years, having lost weight tremendously. He returned in 2003 but in a sensational production, filmed in Taiwan. In 2006, celebrating ten years of onset, was to play the “Queen of Kubire”, who would become the best-selling DVD in Japan. At the 30 springs each counted so far, Jun Kusanagi is at the top of his career and is considered one of the legends of the Rising Sun Country pornography. And, of course, could not go unnoticed among Japanese footballers who voted on Jun as the most desirable partner for wild sex.

Jun Kusanagi orgy Jun Kusanagi orgy1 Jun Kusanagi orgy2 Jun Kusanagi orgy3 Jun Kusanagi orgy4 Jun Kusanagi orgy5 Jun Kusanagi orgy6 Jun Kusanagi orgy7




It became an accessory that some women can not break! You know that is the history of the vibrator?

It became an accessory that some women can not break! You know that is the history of the vibrator? Best friend a girlhas a rich history. Even if you believe, the vibrator was invented in 1869 by an American doctor.

George Taylor invented the vibrator. The first model steam function.

the history of the vibrator

In the 1880s was introduced by vibrating a popular British model named Macaura‘s Pulsocon.

the history of the vibrator 2

The first electric vibrator and batteries appeared only in the 20th century Surprisingly, vibratorula was one of the first devices electrified front of the sewing machine and toaster.

The first vibrators were produced for use by doctors and spas, but slowly they began appearing in stores.

the history of the vibrator 3

Representatives of “American Vibrator Companysaying about the product launched by them as‘ can be used even in the privacy of your room you . They claim that it keeps young women vibrator.

Unfortunately, in the 20 vibrators were associated with pornography, thus ending their appearances in serials.

In the 50s the company began producing Gum Massager Vibration Finger“. The device was attached to a finger-size and cost $ 7.

70s sexual revolution and bring vibrators reappear as apparatus used only for sex.

Modern Vibrators

the history of the vibrator 4

Love eggs are small vibrating egg or bullet shaped, are discrete but not the power of a full-sized vibrator. Can be difficult to handle. Some people use them to external stimulation, others for deep penetration. The most effective are Waterproof Mini Vibrator Pleasuretteand costs 20 dollars.

the history of the vibrator 5

Curved Vibrators if you want to have a G-spot stimulation, this type of vibrators are best suited for you.

the history of the vibrator 6

Bunny Vibrators type are vibrating phallus shaped equipped with clitoral stimulator.

the history of the vibrator 7

New Technology – after years of research in this industry are still so much to discover. Experts have recently brought to market a sonic vibrator.

the history of the vibrator 8



5 ways in which sex has shaped human history

Our sexual behavior has always defined us. Throughout history, the attraction of people was seen differently and interpreted in many ways as possible. Sex remains a broad topic to discuss, but we intend to watch some of the most important episodes in history amorous:

1. Monarch incestuous relationships

One of the opportunities that a ruler was able to take advantage of enjoying the company of any person comes along. Kings had many courtesans willing to make love anytime, but no queens not let outdone.

Intervened, however, greater interest than personal namely the dynasty, whose continuity be ensured. Power, be it political, economic or any other, had kept within the family. From Egyptian pharaohs, kings to Japan or European monarchies, the family ties were extremely tight for this reason.

Many high-ranking marriages have resulted in the emergence of children with serious health problems, because DNA sent heirs came often from people with very close family ties. In this regard, we have a famous example: Tutankhamun, pharaoh from a dynasty with a long history incestuasă. The famous Egyptian leader has not been spared the effects of genetics, he being born with serious problems in one leg, he had a deep cleft palate and was barren.


2. Viagra

He had a great success, since its appearance on the market in 1998. The Vatican had said the agreement for it to be sold, even before it is accessible to the general public because it contributes to strengthening relations between spouses. Use of the drug was, however, negative effects. One of the most important has been the spread of sexually transmitted diseases among middle-aged people. Thus, because few women become pregnant after a certain age, men who use Viagra can pass easily from their partners, venereal diseases.


3. The principles of love

Appeared in medieval Europe was spread rapidly through the first works of English literature. They were strictly of weather and noblemen were rarely violated. “Love is strengthened by those jealous” or “public expression of feelings is dangerous for lovers” were two of the most basic rules of good behavior at the time.

A famous example is the English King Henry VIII (1491-1547), known among other things for having been married six times. But love for one of his wives, Anne Boleyn, was very special, because it changed virtually the entire history of England.

When Henry was in love with Anne, he was married, which contravened the moral rules of that era. In this regard, the monarch decided to comply with Rule No.11 unwritten code of lovers: “Do not ever love a woman, if you do not marry her.” The rest is history.

The principles of love

4. Conjugal relations that led to the end of era

One of the most popular figures of the late eighteenth century was queen consort of France, Marie Antoinette (1755-1793). It became famous because of extramarital relations and that the money spent by her strong weakening economy. It was said that the queen kept invested heavily in luxury to impress their partners, while most French people were starving. Their discontent came, finally, to reverse the leaders. That is why, in 1789, conflict broke out in depth that would change not only the history of France, but of the entire Europe. Of course, there is the Great French Revolution in the years 1789-1799.

Conjugal relations that led to the end of era

5. Repression against Roman art

Interest Vatican is known for works of art left behind by the Romans. Papal Curia manages hundreds of artistic pieces in mostly sculptures. They were brought, however, some “improvements” pubic areas were carved so as to be hidden intimacies. Regarding representations of male penises were replaced with leaves. According to urban legend, appeared immediately after priests decided to change the statues, falusurile were kept hidden away in a secret room.

Repression against Roman art