Charlie Sheen put it on wall by porn actress Bree Olson …

Charlie Sheen put it on wall by porn actress Bree Olson … Charlie Sheen (50) confirmed the information appeared in the tabloid press, according to which the virus is HIV-positive. Actor discovered virus four years ago and was forced to pay big money that is not to be sick.

Bree Olson

“I must admit that I am HIV-positive” said Sheen (50) to Matt Lauer in his interview to NBC. Sheen added: “There are three letters unmanageable”. It also said that the virus has learned that “after four years.”

Bree Olson, pornographic film actress, was one of hundreds or thousands of Charlie Sheen’s girlfriends. Yesterday, the blonde wrote on Twitter: “It is speculated that one of my former lovers a few years ago would have contracted HIV. There are rumors and I do not know anything about this. I myself go to analysis gynecological every year since we broke and did not appear anything suspicious in their results ever “.

It has also accused her former lover: “He’s a monster, he risked his life to me and other hundreds – or thousands – of women.” Spokesman actor who was the blonde replied: “The truth is I do not have any relationship with him when he was found to have HIV, so there was no reason to tell him.”

Who is Charlie Sheen?

Charlie Sheen is a famous American actor, best known for his roles in Spin City, Two and a Half Men and Anger Management. In 2010, Charlie Sheen was the highest paid TV actor, was paid $ 1.8 million for each episode of “Two and a Half Men” (“Two and a Half Men”).

In his personal life Charlie Sheen had several problems due to alcohol and drugs but also because of domestic violence in March 2011 was fired 7 CBS and Warner Bros in the series “Two and a Half Men.”


The American porn industry, again paralyzed by HIV positive XXX actor.

The American porn industry, again paralyzed by HIV positive XXX actor.

The U.S. porn industry has stalled after this weekend . The employers organization , Free Speech Coalition, confirmed that an actor tested positive for HIV in an analysis. Artist only know it’s a boy and, according to some media , participate in heterosexual scenes. Free Speech Coalition has already contacted all the people who have been exposed to infection ( both movies in the privacy of the actor) between the last negative test and the positive actor to undergo HIV test recently . The employers organization has said that early next week will announce the results . The moratorium , no end date , aims to prevent further infections and will run until you have performed all analyzes . Late last August, something similar happened when the actress Cameron Bay announced that he had tested positive for HIV. The moratorium lasted only a few days after the rest of the analysis was completed. This positive strikes again with the campaign holding the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, based in Los Angeles , which calls for mandatory condom use in all the scenes that were filmed in the porn industry .


Charlie Sheen sued by another former lover! Former porn starlet Scottine Ross learned of the actor’s health problems after discovering her drugs.

Charlie Sheen sued by another former loverIt decided to sue for violence, negligence and causing stress, arguing that it would be sex with the actor at least five times before he reveals he is HIV positive.

Ross met during the active star in the porn industry, he is offering to her $ 10,000 in exchange for sex, after being requested by the wife of Sheen.

Moreover, the young 26 year old actor claims that would have forced her to have an abortion in 2004 and that it would be attacked on numerous occasions during their relationship a year.

Charlie Sheen would have paid around 10 million dollars in exchange for his sexual partners of their silence. He claims that it is “impossible” to be passed on the virus would be protected whereas each time.

His lawyer, Martin Singer, believes that is likely to win the lawsuit filed by his former partner.


Cameron Bay, adult film actress who stopped American porn industry!

Cameron Bay, adult film actress who stopped American porn industry! Adult film actress Cameron Bay admitted he was diagnosed with HIV. Her announcement shocked the American porn industry, informs Daily Mail. Young, aged 29, she learned that HIV positive after doctors had examined a sample of blood, which led to the imposition of a moratorium on the production of films of this type in California.

The woman claims to have recently filmed a scene in which sex with Xander Corvus, which in turn starred with Sydney Leathers in production “Weiner and meaired this week. Adult film actress has been arrested several times over the years, with 17 heads of causation against him, from traffic violations to aggravated assault. She spent a year and a half in prison, where he was released in 2008 In 2009, she appeared in VH1 channel show Tool Academywith his friend for a year later to make her debut in the porn industry . Cameron Bay is not his real name, she worked over time and as the Aston and Ryder.

Cameron Bay


Cameron Bay, another adult film star tested positive for HIV!

Panic among the actors that play in movies for adults. For the second time in less than a month, the adult film industry demands halt production after another star was diagnosed HIV positive.

XXX Filmmakers traverses the worst period in recent years. Learn to fight with authorities that imposed in Los Angeles use condoms in every scene, industry members encounter a second case of a celebrity who‘s tested positive for HIV.

Cameron Bay

Cameron Bay was discovered in late August, and this led to the first general suspension of activity on plates. Now, and her boyfriend was found. It defends itself saying but 2010 appeared only in gay films, where condom use is mandatory. Cameron Bay, 28 years, was diagnosed HIV positive after a test is performed frequently among porn actors.

The announcement was made by the site for productions for adults, AVN Media Network.

And others, which were filmed with Cameron, have been tested and healthy.

However, fearing the spread of disease, filming was stopped for a while, says New York Daily News.

Industry officials have not confirmed but if he is talking about in this second test after which demanded suspension of the activity. The industry continued tensions and emotions.

Cameron Bay porn star