This is why women feel the need to have sex!

This is why women feel the need to have sex! A recent study suggests that female sexual desire is not only triggered by hormones, but complex psychological factors such satisfaction in the relationship.

This is why women feel the need to have sex

These factors are more important as the effect of hormones. The study took part in many postmenopausal women. The research was done in 7 different clinics in the United States.

The study concludes that testosterone and other sex hormones play a minor role, limited in triggering sexual desire in these women.

John Randolph, of the University of Michigan, author of the study, says that psychological factors are most important in stimulating sexual desire, less testosterone, although it was often associated with erotic function.

Happiness emotional intimacy and relationship are essential for the sexual life of women. Those were happier more often felt the desire to have sex, as well as those that have a much higher level of testosterone in the blood.

The study took part in 3,302 women who responded to a questionnaire related to their intimate life and the desire to have sex. Then the researchers took their blood, to see the sex hormones.

The conclusion of the study was published in the Endocrine Society‘s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.


How can you tell that a man has not had sex for a long time !?

Men are often accused of being led by their physiological instincts and sometimes stand in the way of their decisions. We write what are the signs that never slept much and see whether it is worthwhile to prolong the agony or not. How can you tell that a man has not had sex for a long time !?

How can you tell that a man has not had sex for a long time

Most men who have not had sex for a long time feel very inhibited when they know a woman. Many resort to masturbation before a meeting, in order to reduce the stress and pressure you feel to behave 100% satisfaction possible partner.

Propose late evening meetings
A man sure of himself, who wants to meet you and you fall in love thinks about many aspects: respect, curiosity, sense of danger, how you will interpret certain remarks or gestures of his. Therefore, if you have time to plan meetings during the day, who knows he will only get sparkling conversation and possibly a coffee, you do not hurry and is desperate to get you in bed. If you always trying to get you out in the city at night and then propose invariably take you home or to remain in it, it means lack of intimate contact lately.

Thrill when you touch it
Even the most timid man can control his hormones are quietly when and satisfied. If not had sex for too long, you will be easily irritable and overly sensitive because they will imagine that you touch is going to bed with you naked beside him, naked, etc.

All conversations converge towards sex
If he makes and always get the subjects understood if each of your conversation ends with obvious sexual connotations, does not necessarily mean that it is a sexually obsessed, but may simply never had recently fled his mind and action uncontrolled primary need.