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In any city of any hotel and a slut either. The ugly Nacho Vidal goes to his room and finds a blonde in panties and a top that does not know anything. What will he do? For two questions of rigor and fuck her, once passed the approval and tested the hardness of her ass with a strong penis. Nacho Vidal has the special quality of treating aunts like bristles, and these they like and put even more horny. And they tolerate it, of course, like to feel like sluts and behave as such, and more with a guy like this, still being ugly as greed, has one of the most desirable of the Spanish cocks porn scene. After an aggressive finger fucks her against the window, above the sofa, on the floor, a dick that nearly tearing her vagina so fat he has, and thus taught to behave like a slut on camera. Nacho Vidal, a man, a banana. But nothing else …




How does it looks sex-hotels in Japan!?

How does it looks sex-hotels in Japan !? | PHOTO GALLERY ! Although Japanese society seems to have strict rules, which implies a much higher dose of modesty and reticence when it comes to matters of sex, on congested roads in major cities of Japan can discover, indeed a bit of sight the famous Love Hotel.

Each of these hotels is arranged based on a specific theme and the rooms are decorated in such a way that any fetish or sexual preference of the customers. Photographer Misty Keasler made a photo story in sexhotels in Japan, the images were published in an album entitled “Amor Hotels: Rooms secrets of Japan“. Customers of these hotels can choose to implement fantasies in rooms that mimics the classroom, hospital reserves, train cars, a carousel or igloo.


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They present in Japan the first hotel that incorporates virtual reality pornography

The first hotel on Soft on Demand – Spending a night in one of the hotel rooms of the company Soft On Demand, located in the district of Akihabara, has a cost of approximately 25 euros!

Japanese porn film company Soft On Demand recently unveiled its first hotel in Tokyo, Japan. It is the first hotel in the world with booths that incorporate virtual reality pornography.

Located in the busy district of Akihabara, this hotel offers the possibility to connect customers with their favorite virtual porn stars for an hour or even spend the night with them. First of all, the company has ensured that these cabins offer an environment, in addition to very satisfactory, very clean, and that disinfect each of the rooms after the passage of each client to be uncorrupted for the next, as collected Akiba PC.

Cabins with Internet access and DVD’s of pornographic movies

The virtual cabins, which can be rented for hours or days, have a computer and a virtual reality helmet to meet the needs of their customers. The computer has internet access for guests to choose the movie of their choice.

The company also offers various adult movie DVDs, pornographic sleeves and even a virtual reality helmet where guests can hang out with their favorite virtual porn actress.

Spending a day in the cabin costs $ 25

On the occasion of its inauguration, Soft On Demand has ensured that during the first few days the virtual experience will be free for all hotel guests. However, the company has already announced the prices of spending a day inside one of these cabins.

The company has ensured that the cabin has an hourly price of 550 yen, about five euros. Meanwhile, the price of spending all day in one of the booths amounts to 3,150 yen, about 25 euros.


6 places where you have to have sex at least once in life

You happen to have any erotic dream somehow recurrent headaches that make you say moonlight (or in a place abandoned and mysterious) and then thought that you fly all day after you wake up? Why not make it real? Experts in relationships and sex are constantly advise us to diversify as much experience erotic couple. When the move action” outside the bedroom, you get to have a closer relationship with your partner, because you have the opportunity to teach each other what will excite, which strengthens confidence in their own sensuality, which will make you feel sexy – and it will be closer. In addition, changing the landscape manage to distance yourself from stress and things that push in everyday life. Where you put the adrenaline pumping as strong in body, increasing your sexual arousal. What prevents you try? Almost all places that go together provides opportunities for a quickie” big day, which you will remember long after.

6 places where you have to have sex at least once in life

1. In the yard
Especially if you live in a somewhat isolated area, you must try this. The idea is great because it offers all the advantages of sex outdoors, without fear of being caught by someone. If needed, you can pitch a tent in the garden, and then even going to see anyone.

2. At the hotel
A getaway “hot” at any hotel or guest house nearby will bring you many memorable memories. Accommodate you and after that your only concern is to be as creative and reckless in bed (do not have to worry about cooking, cleaning, phones and other inappropriate things that should be shortened if ramaneati home experience). In addition, this is the perfect opportunity to roleplay a little sky (you can imagine that you are two strangers who met even then, the hotel), possibly to show off to partner a suit sexy maid outfit or maybe a naughty” latex . A room with a balcony can offer some new sensations there’s nothing more exciting than to have sex on the terrace at night, when no one sees you but you can see everything that happens on the street, under your balcony.

3. Home at friends
Thin walls that you must be very careful not to remove the noise (you do not want to be found) turn into a very intense experience. Find an excuse to disappear together a few minutes and you do everything you want them to future visits.

4. At a party
When you go to a wedding, the day someone at a party or any themed barbecue with friends, why not make things a little more interesting for you two? A dance together is all the foreplay you need, then you can sneak unnoticed (it’s easy when it’s a lot of people around) in some secluded place the farthest bathroom or closet that you can find. After you return, you giggling all night thinking about your little secret.

5. In the car
Everyone says that we have to try and that and, if we go by movies (now the scene comes to mind in “Titanic”), seems to deserve. Stop the machine on any road more backstreets where no one sees you, and lower the front seats or nestling you in the backseat.

6. On the beach
If you need a little romance to enter the atmosphere, then the solution is a quickie” on the beach. When you did for foreplay, let the landscape do the work. Lay a towel on the sand (do not want to wake up with surprises) and let yourself be inspired by air holiday libertine.


Spice up your sex life! Here’s the 7 places that must necessarily sex!

If you want to try something new in your sex life, you need to consider our advice. Look hottest places is a must to have sex:

Spice up your sex life in 2015

1. On the floor. It’s basically yoga. Yoga sexy!

2. Washing machine. You know how they say if you stand on a washing machine during operation you have an orgasm? What do you think will happen if you have sex then?

3. On the kitchen table. You must not destroy mass disturbs the office or to that of living in some instances any kitchen.

4. In an armchair. Few positions can not be addressed here – the chair is made to take advantage of it in the sexiest way possible.

5. On the couch. Did it feel like a game made hot boyfriend while were following a movie? No longer must you move up in the bedroom. Take advantage of mobile at hand!

6. In the forest. A variant of trying to spring you just need a blanket and a remote.

7. At the hotel, the curtains gently pushed aside. You are not exhibitionist but you could use a little adventure? Try it!


Sabrina Maree threw out window her partner

Sabrina Maree, a porn starlet threw out window her sex partner.

Porn starlet Sabrina Maree, 24 years , lived a terrible experience, three years ago, when she was a luxury prostitute in a hotel in Seattle. While having sex with a client for 75 years, the atmosphere became more heated. But not because the old man had become suddenly a bull in heat, but because the plateau that lies entirely room was on fire.

The fire department came immediately. I was lucky that I was on the 2nd floor and I could not jump on the mattress provided by outsiders. Before you throw me out the window I pushed my client almost fainted. I can say that I saved his life “, says Sabrina Maree on her blog.

Sabrina Maree

Sabrina Maree