Look how porn stars spend Valentine’s Day! Ginger Devil and her husband bathed in foam and drank champagne ! There was a night to remember!

Look how porn stars spend Valentine’s Day! Ginger Devil and her husband bathed in foam and drank champagne ! There was a night to remember! Ginger Devil and her husband, Adrian, are porn actors and decided to celebrate special Valentine‘s Day.

The two were relaxed in a bubble bath, have opened champagne and made all preparations for an incendiary night. They played many roles together, and with other partners, but have not ceased to love. Not jealous, and this helps a lot in his career, but also in private life. “I have no problem when Ginger plays in scenes with men. I do not mind to have sex with others. That’s the nature of the job., said Adi at TV.

Ginger Devil and her husband celebrate Valentine s day (1) Ginger Devil and her husband celebrate Valentine s day (2) Ginger Devil and her husband celebrate Valentine s day (3) Ginger Devil and her husband celebrate Valentine s day (4)


Bad news for fans of GINGER DEVIL. Porn Star want to finish with XXX movies…

Ginger Devil and her husband, Adi, both actors of XXX movies, became parents of a little girl and thinking seriously to withdraw from the XXX industry.

Ginger Devil

Ginger Devil met her husband when both were working at the time as a waitress. Unhappy with the proceeds, they decided to retrain. They chose the adult industry, and in this area have made a fortune.

After ten years of marriage they became parents four months ago.

“We really wanted a baby and we are extremely happy to have her on Alesia Gabriela. He already has four months last month I did the baptism. We are extremely happy” said Georgiana aka Ginger Devil.

Ginger will work and will give tiny increase for a period. on set: “I do not know what I will do in the future, I’m currently strict choice. It is possible that, at some point, to get back on the set or retrain me.”

Ginger Devil with her daughter


Sex models that every couple needs

Sex models that every couple needs

When the couple’s sex life went on a downward spiral, all you have to do is to spice up a little mystery and a little adventurous spirit. Here are six sex that every couple needs, according to sexologists counselors.

Sex models that every couple needs

Prolonged sex

sex hard niceSexual experiences that give their partners very carefully to each other, it is a humorous, stroked, his sexy whisper words can be extremely exciting. “Do not rush to have an orgasm. Simply explore every square inch of your body each and enjoy time together. Not only that the end will be explosive, but it will create a strong emotional bond between you that will bring trust and security in couple. And this increases both the feeling of intimacy that generates new sexual desires, “said Deb Levine, sexologist, author of several papers published in the American Journal of Public Health, Journal of Sexuality Research and Social Policy.

Quick sex

Quick sex party is like an earthquake: raise your adrenaline, ends quickly and leaves you with knees dip. Moreover, fast sex parties are a sign of deep desire that you have for your partner, inform expresspress.ro. “After a stressful day, a sex” fast and furious “can be liberating. When you feel horny, there’s no need to give all your clothes off. Just find to be discovered and enjoying the moment, “says dr. William Fitzgerald, sex therapist in San Jose, California.

Sex … sight

You might think that it is easier to speak in front of 500 people than to masturbate in front of her husband, but it seems that this would be the fulfillment of one of the fantasies of men. At least that’s what a group of researchers conducted a survey among men to see how much they like them to take a peek. Watching wife masturbates while he was in the top 10 sexual fantasies of all men in the study.

Wild sex party

It’s the sex that awakens from sleep and scare the neighbors pets. The requirement is to have children to grandparents or camp. Take his hands, placed them on your waistline them and return back to him. You know in an instant which is your desire and will answer quicker than you expect.

Sex “man power”

Men like to conquer, so let yourself be conquered. “If you feel that is the wave, throwing weapons and surrender yourself. It is an extremely exciting for men to know that won a “territory”. Further incite him with words sexy and you give every reason to bring you to orgasm, “says Donald Etkes, sex therapist in Los Angeles.

Sex “woman power”

Men like to conquer, but to be conquered. So you do not hurt “bad girl”. Tell him you want him, you want to fulfill your wishes and give him every reason to do so. You’re in power, and he will be happy to listen.


He is the man that should not have sex ever

Have you ever thought who are the men who should not ever sleep? Of course, the list would figure married men, boss, boyfriend best friend, but there is a person who has to stay away. He is the man that should not have sex ever:

He is the man that should not have sex ever

It is about your ex boyfriend or husband. Never have sex with one of the former lovers or worse, with her former husband, at least that journalists say the website Huffington Post, which cites Sherry Amatenstein, social business and author of books about relationships.

“You see a car that was moving with speed to you and do not give up a part of her face. This is how it happens when you have sex with the former. Do not do it. Because you do than to replay the same patterns. It’s comfortable, but comfort is a bad guy.

Below you can see what Sherry Amatenstein  says in talk show conducted . You ever made love with a former lover? Tell us below under “comments” that followed.



Husband of Sexy Cora replaced her with Pretty Nina

XXX recyclable! Sexy Cora, deceased queen of oral sex, husband replaced with Pretty Nina

Sexy Cora porn star xxx

Place left free pornstar who died at only 23 years because of the sixth breast enlargement surgery was now occupied. And who wants to fill the void left by Queen oral sex in Germany is still a young blonde, known as “Pretty Nina“.

21 year old student from Dresden, specializing in video chat, shook hands with the man who is trying to get rich from his wife’s death and now wants to give birth to another star. And his choice is not accidental. Nina looks pretty good with Sexy Cora. It remains to be seen if it will have and the qualities that made ​​her so beloved actress of German porn.



Sabrina Sabrok and her New Career in the Porn

Sabrina Sabrok (Twitter: @SabrinaSabrok / Instagram: @sabrinasabrok) is a singer and actress with an overwhelming personality and she has very clear to what she wants to dedicate. And not to be a porn actress! That yes, it seems a lie because those are her last ambitions: to be a creator of good porn in Mexico. How is this? Keep reading!

Sabrina Sabrok

In an interview with El Universal de México, Sabrina has made clear her position: “There is very little professional porn in Mexico” and so she wants to start being a producer. Apart from participating in her own videos along with her husband, she also wants to hire professional actors and include them in her company. Almost nothing! But what exactly is the work of Argentina?

She is convinced that she earns a lot of money in the porn industry, and confirmed this in her interview with El Universal. In addition, we have already announced that she has recorded a few videos with her husband, but that they can be visualized only if a monthly or annual fee is paid. And the prices are not exactly cheap!

The monthly fee is $ 150 (about 140 euros) while the annual fee is $ 1,000 (about 940 euros). Why do you have such high prices? You also have your answer! “I did not make the subscription cheap because I’m doing it for pleasure, because I do not pretend to be an actress or any of that.”  It’s pretty clear, is not it?

She also stated in the interview with the Mexican media that the videos she has recorded with her husband are very strong and that, although she also has them homemade and amateurs, she has decided to hire a team with professional cameras to obtain a better quality. And is that when Sabrina gets something in the head… Do not let it escape!

However, the ambitions of the actress are even greater: she wants to go to Hollywood to find there her professional actors who launch their small business to success in the erotic industry. In addition, does not rule out opening a virtual store: “The internet is the business of now”

Good luck with your projects Sabrina Sabrok!


Sabrina Sabrok debuted as a businesswoman and a porn actress

Argentina girl, Sabrina Sabrok, entered the pornographic industry with videos of her and her husband having sex.

Sabrina Sabrok

The sexy Sabrina Sabrok, remembered for her gigantic breast implants, debuted as a porn actress recently. And is that the model, actress and singer decided to risk in the world of pornography with their own productions.

Through her digital platform sabrinasabrokporn.com, the blonde, who is recovering from a buttock augmentation surgery, released an exclusive video of her having sex with her husband Alexandro. But we can only see her in action with him since she clarified that she will not have sex with anyone else.

“I’ve always been characterized by doing different things, and I’ve always been anxious to do it”, she said, explaining the reasons for his foray into the porn industry. “The fans motivated me and the result is these videos where I have sex with my husband Alexandro.”

Sabrina Sabrok

Sabrina Sabrok took several videos of her having sex with her husband. Sabrina plans to include other porn actors on her portal.

And although so far what is most striking are her own records, the next step will be to include other actors under her own label. Apparently Sabrina Sabrok comes with everything.

“I’m not going to make videos with someone other than my husband but I do intend to include more actors and actresses who want to join the project and I produce them”
, she said.

Sabrina Sabrok

Sabrina Sabrok

It should be noted that sabrinasabrokporn.com only works with monthly and annual memberships, so you will have to join the page if you want to enjoy your videos. Would you see any?



Romanian porn queen hit in the U.S.. How won almost 20 million dollars.

Having divorced her husband, Paul, Sandra Romain returned to Romania and started to raise sheep. How not want to neglect the business, former porn starlet ruled jointly with her ex-husband to sell the property they had in California.

Sandra Romain, Romanian famous for her appearances in adult videos sold home in America for no more than $ 19 million. Sandra and her ex-husband ,Paul , have paid an advance of $ 3 million in 2007 for property in California, will have a rate of $ 35,000 every month for the next 35 years. A year later, however, have left America and left the rental residence to shoot in her porn productions. In November 2012, Sandra Romain and Paul were divorced and decided to sell the “palace” in America, where they earned a small fortune.

Sandra Romain XXX girl


Sandra Romain porn queen



Nong Nat, a porn actress worried that her husband might die during sex!

A former adult film actress married in 2012 to a millionaire aged 70 years and is now worried that he might die while having sex.

Nong Nat is 31 years old and was porn actress to marry her millionaire husband. She said that prayer and meditation helped her to find a man older and marry him.

Over time, Nong Nat tried to divorce, but he refused. Former actress cheated him many times her husband Harold.

“In the early years of marriage we had sex, but not very often, because we were not together for sex. He had to take pills for the heart, I panicked and I thought if you just die” , said Nong .

Nong confessed that she was forced to return to the porn industry because her millionaire husband did not let her starve.

Nong Nat


Nong Nat, an adult film star became a housewife after she get married: “I prayed to have a good husband!”. Who is the man!?

A former star of films for adults, Thai origin, became a housewife after she married a man with 39 years older.

Nong Nat, an adult film star became a housewife

Nong Nat, 31, says she is happy with her husband of 70 years, which she found after she prayed and meditated.

Authorities in the country they have sentenced to suspended prison when found in her films scenes “too dirty”. That was when Nong was converted to Buddhism and began to pray and meditate for her life to change for the better and have everything she wants, including money.

Thus, she says, she has met Harold Jennings Nesland Jr., an American Millionaire architect , which was and married in 2012. Starlet says that man is what she wanted in life, especially that gives monthly income consistent. Periodically, she posted on social networks images of their privacy, including photos, in which she changes his socks, images that will look harmony and happiness in a relationship.

Occasionally, Nong Nat seems to be engulfed in nostalgia for ancient times and put in Instagram many a picture wearing summary outfits.

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A photo posted by น้องแน๊ต เกศริน ชัยเฉลิมพล (@natkejsarin) on

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