FREE PORN COLLECTION: Kiara Mia, Mayara Rodrigues, Emily Brazil, Irina Vega, Carolina Abril

Kiara Mia, Mayara Rodrigues, Emily Brazil, Irina Vega and Carolina Abril


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Jenny Hard, Mia Khalifa, Carolina Abril, Irina Vega, Marta La Croft, Katia Killer and Bianca Biaggi


Jenny Hard porn star

Jenny Hard – Porn and roll

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I tried the virtual porn and I explain what’s going on…

Studio: Virtual Real Porn

Trust what you dictate your heart and do not listen to people: porn matter, and it matters a lot. We are not a few who believe, in fact, that masturbation is the basis of Western civilization; a safety cap without which we all we would go down the drain of chaos and violence. That if we had this boundless universe of Pig Tales filmed, photographed, written, drawn, animated or rendered to reach and we would have killed each other long ago. Porn is, in fact, a social service, a need that everyone’s life depends. An exhaust valve that keeps at bay the self-destruction of the human race. The real dove of peace is Belladonna and housed olive branch in beak is … why Belladonna usually put in the mouth when a camera before.

I tried the virtual porn and I explain what's going on

Your cock points the way

Not tell us stories: sex is still what drives the world, and in matters of technical progress and innovation is Demonstrated for decades. If the VHS won the battle to much sharper Betamax was Because I HAD porn on His side, and if Sony HAD not improved ITS Relations with the porn industry coinciding With the battle of high-definition formats, now we would All have HD DVDs on shelves and Bluray would only be a vestige of ridiculous name, forgotten in the cemetery That are not so good ideas.

The porn has pushed the limits of sensory stimulation, step by step, but Firmly, and the next season after experiments like multi camera, surround sound (Those sex toys designed to run sessions cybersex), we are more closer than ever the next checkpoint in This crazy space race to get the MOST immersive experience pornographic: the virtual porn.

Devices like the Oculus Rift, the Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, the Razer OSVR or the Zeiss VR One are arming themselves for the first battles of which is expected to be a big war to take control of the cake, still in the oven but picking the perfect doneness, virtual reality as a new paradigm of audiovisual entertainment. Companies are being assembled at full speed with the idea of ​​occupying niches related to virtual reality video games, movies for virtual reality or virtual reality advertising. And what about the porn for virtual reality? Well, as expected, has again come forward with a dizzying sprint and it takes two years running.

And those pioneers are, in fact, Spaniards Virtual Real Porn born of the enthusiasm of a couple who decided to spend the money on their honeymoon in a new company dedicated to shoot and publish porn scenes recorded and designed to be enjoyed through a terminal VR. I have had the privilege to test the virtual porn exploring his catalog and what follows is a totally subjective and personal chronicle of an experience that sooner or later all will eventually live pornófilos. Let’s go there.
Lubricant, kleenex and a bucket for vomiting

The device I have used is the poorest version, a Cardboard five euros (Foldable cardboard, plastic lenses and rubber chicken) with a mobile Nexus 4 three years ago, an accessible for all budgets setup. I do not know if a pileup of 700 euros as the imminent Oculus Rift or the $ 800 HTC Vive sensations are immediate, but we wanted to keep low expectations by sheer prudence. Fearful that the hyper realism of the invention make me cum in my pants instantly, put my brain upside down or blow up my eyes, I have prepared the classic arsenal lotions and scarves with the addition of a Dramamine and a bucket to vomit if It breaks my experience schemes traumatic way and ends with my fragile sanity. Under the shade, I connect the headphones, I miss the room my wife and to feel the very future penetrating with the power of a Neapolitan Mastiff in my own flesh.

Sweaty and agitated, I feel a bit like the moron gardener Lawnmower, so when choosing the content also try to initiate me with some caution: I premiere catalog Virtual Real Porn enjoying an old friend, for that that if we just know the feeling is more gentle: I choose a private session of the gorgeous soft core striptease Irina Vega, eternal muse and wife. The initial impact is not exactly exciting: when the sight of this strange crossing duplicate images and plastic lenses adapted (and you will not be fooled: it costs a bit to get into it), what is striking is the actor himself of whose body we have taken over temporarily. It is very disturbing to look down and see the torso and legs of another person, and check how 3D volume charge arms and act alone grabbing her thighs to Inna.

And that’s another: Irina is great in a human and professional sense, but it measures 1.65 and virtual video seems a fearsome horsewoman three meters. There is something strange with the scale in this racket. You have to look very up to see the face of a woman standing in front of you, but I guess this was invented to set better what is below the face.

After a while my mind has made all the necessary adjustments and I’m starting to adapt to the vagaries and peculiarities of the environment. At first the fact that the actor moves on your own will move one the impression that you are only watching a video POV more with a tacky cardboard placed over the eyes, but the ability to turn your head and see it all around ( there are scenes with more field of view than others: the 360-degree will be a double joy for porn lovers interior) just running unconsciously, by gradually grow immersion experience until finally something “clicks” and enjoy the scenes to a whole new and refreshing level.

You gonna eat pussy

Once enjoyed Irina erotic dancing, I decided to go over to the other side of the experiment; now I want to try something a little extreme that always made me curious, I want to sneak into the body of a lesbian and let me practice something that never feel: cunnilingus. Look down and see some beautiful breasts chest is something that all men would like to live for a day and whoever disbelieves lies like a rug or hides a secret related leery wigs, stilettos and furtive nights.

Anyway, here let me embody nothing less than the Onix Babe , besides having nice tits offers extra nipple piercings use. I look down I’m surprised the spherical volume of both breasts, this time to a much more digestible and normal range. I’m looking at rings nipples, which also seem to have a certain volume and make you want to touch them, when I see before me is the Little Mermaid Vallecas, our idolized Amarna Miller savoring the feet of Onix, a little closer you feel completely natural, as if his legs were rather short. It is something we have not taken into account when thinking about the virtual porn: the proportions of the actors and the deformations caused by the lens sometimes interfere on experience and makes something not fit him one of all in the mind, but all it is a matter of letting go. Onix approaches and puts Amarna her fingers in her mouth, fiddles with teeth redhead starlet, who eventually while with one hand kneads a chest of his partner … One of my chest, so help me Lord!

Beauty and the Beast

After this I emboldened with a reverse gang bang in the company of one of our weaknesses, the French Anissa Kate, and two blondes ravenous as Kayla Green and Victoria Summers. In this type of event it is noted that the three porn stars want to focus all their viewer, always providing the best angle of their respective attributes, something that gives a little fluid and artificial impression. Perhaps with the advent of virtual porn starlets were to have to ask an unthinkable requirement in this industry half a century of life, something almost absurd: they know now. If you do not have that, it is also true that having a goddess among mortals Anissa Kate one riding him and pitchers wobbling his glorious three feet of your face is a stimulus with reasonable options to compensate for the lack of acting skills.

I finally over and I face value, in the name of science, the elephant in the room grotesquely muscular Rob Diesel opens my legs and I held her arms tattooed. His pecs look like a doll He-Man and the Masters of the Universe that still have a, round, prominent and pure plastic cabinet, and flex when holding the hips of the girl with the camera and pulls them toward yes for ramming gently. His cock points rampant and threatening me, but producers have had the grace not to submit to an oral approach to that stiff tail. Surely there is some limitation of technology, but the day will make it possible not to be, if I may be so pun, an easy drink.

Transmitting scenes with men may not have as much to do with the sexual orientation of one male with methods of work in porn, their traditional way they move and act with women. From outside we seem normal, but when one is the subject and participant, costs not feel invaded and violated. Here, paradoxically, help that kind of disconnect between trying to explain before my body awareness and body of the young lady who borrowed, in this case the Gala Brown, so too has not been much drama.

The future is now

The scenes in the virtual porn pass with intensity and end very soon regardless of their actual duration: all videos are made shorter than the conventional porn, suppose a direct result of demand full attention of the viewer. I guess it’s also something speaks positively of this new medium. Anyway most viewers often never reach the end of the porn scenes, so the fact contemplate more closely, more vivid and deeply, at least makes the experience has its own differentiating factor. Or put another way: there will be whom the virtual porn you like and suits you and who does not make you enjoy or take less the requested interaction but even at the dawn of the new medium nobody can deny that this is something unlike anything who had done so far, this is something else. And I think that, at least in part, that was the idea.

I tried the virtual porn and I explain what's going on 2