Laura Perego, nakedin protest front of the Milan Stock Exchange

Italy: An adult film actress, Laura Perego, naked, protest in front of the Milan Stock Exchange!

Laura Perego Italian flag

Laura Perego, adult film actress, appeared Tuesday in front of the Milan Stock Exchange only in bikinis, protested against the financial crisis, Reuters. Italian flag painted on the body, Laura Perego penetrated inside the Milan Stock Exchange, where she was immediately stopped by guards.

I want to send a message to all those who have so badly managed household savings.“, Laura Perego shouted before being taken by the police.

Laura Perego Italian flag 2 Pornstar Laura Perego Does A Striptease At The Milan Exchange




Eva Henger dreams to be virgin again

One of the best known names in the porn Italian, Eva Henger, gets a fulminating career revival. This time, no ban for minors. In the fall, she will appear in “Bastards” by Martin Scorsese, along with Franco Nero, Giancarlo Giannini and Gerard Depardieu. Interestingly, Eva Henger, good after being convicted of suspension is on the waiting list celebrities who want to regain their virginity. it is not yet clear who will be chosen to test new star’s hymen. just as no one knows when there will be event”.

Eva Henger porn diva

Eva, a former Miss Hungary, and built a career as a porn diva in Italy. She founded a family, marrying the guild, with Riccardo Schicchi manufacturer. The couple have two daughters, but the marriage did not last. In 1997, however, began a process against them. The main accusation propagation of prostitution, where Eva was added and violations migration. The sentence was passed only last year, four and a half years of jail. Luckily for her suspension.

Mother of third time

Already the couple was already broken and former porn diva is recycled” and trying your luck in the normal cinema, television and even music. And not without some success, despite the fact that the lines spoken with Leonardo di Caprio in Gangs New York fell to the assembly. The star, who said after the trial that both porn career and relationship with Schicchi are, for her, entered, now has the opportunity, to 32 years to fully assert “Bastards.” And such a success, if required and restored virginity Born in Hungary, made in Italy I happened to Eva Henger, who left home after becoming Miss, to try their luck in boots. Since then, it’s been some years. the popularity of the artist who flirted with soft adult productions increased with each year. and the 2009 calendar, conducted in September, Maldives, shows that time has not touched the beautiful actress. Interestingly, the photographs were taken by Massimiliano Caroletti, porn star life partner. And perhaps even more interesting is that this pictorial was done though Eva Henger was pregnant. She will become a mother for the third time. l

I quit porn for my children

There are some who say that the 14-th calendar could be the last. Birth, then the movie will play will not afford to pose sexy. It would be a shame, and beautiful it knows best. Because hot situations occur after you become a mom is great fashion. And gives you advertise so much that you need to keep your career on a high. Considered the number one in the pornography industry in Italy, Eva Henger decided to drop everything to XXX movies. And the reason is noble. Wait for the birth of the third child. To avoid that little to redden when will be asked What does your mother?, Porn actress biblical name does not want to hear Racy productions. Especially now, when he learned that he would have a girl, who decided to call Jennifer.

Hot calendars rise to beautiful children

Seventh months pregnant, beautiful blonde made the announcement in an interview with Chi magazine: Already I feel increasingly stronger. It is not no place, it’s like an earthquake. For this child but for Jen, I will do great sacrifices. And the greatest is to not play in movies. ” In addition, Eva wanted to clarify that Jennifer was conceived in July, during which even make a NUDE calendar – the last of her life and that will be born in a clinic private in Rome, most likely in April. I’ll call Jennifer because Jennifer Lopez is a fan. throughout the pregnancy I heard her songs“, said the actress. Little Jen is, in fact, the third child of Eve. Hungarian based in Italy already has a son and a daughter, the Riccardino and Mercedes, the first marriage, with Riccardo Schicchi. For four years, Massimiliano Caroletti beloved starlet is none other than the one who performed the last calendar Eve.

Eva Henger pictures:

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Cicciolina not have sex for two years

I lived and hear this!  Cicciolina not have sex for two years!

Cicciolina Italy Porn star

XXX cinema was great diva intimate disclosures made during a show at a radio station. Cicciolina, her real name Ilona Staller, spoke to Radio 24, in Italy, about her sex life. Starlet, aged 61, has confessed she has not had sex for two years.

I do not know how many men I was in my life. I have not counted again. It could be around two thousand, but I think it may be even more. For me, it was a job But no sex for two years. I masturbate“, said Cicciolina.

Sexual masturbation has its charms. Close your eyes, think about what you want to do and it’s wonderful“, she added.

In my career as a pornstar, I regret that I never tried to have sex with a Chinese, said the great diva of cinema XXX.





We spoke with Italian porn star, Rocco Siffredi, who gave up sex for World Cup!

Rocco Siffredi porn star

Every four years, soccer fans around the world to gorge on pints of beer and pursue national teams in the World Cup Football. To be more focused on the games and not on fucks, self-titled Italian porn star stallion italic“, Rocco Siffredi, decided to remain abstinent until Italy wins or out of competition. Friends, I had thousands of orgasms, but it’s one that will not ever forget“, he said of the Italians in the movie Rocco Siffredi in which he announced the decision. It’s one that I had with you. Remember when we won the World Cup in 2006? To have and that collective orgasm, I’m ready to give up my orgasms.

Rocco Siffredi sees victory as an orgasm and he wants to remain abstinent to prepare for the biggest he had ever seen. Rocco Siffredi has not given orgasms never before. His career began in 1987, when he was 23, and since then has starred in over 1300 scenes, including Rocco‘s Perfect Slaves Rocco‘s True Anal Stories Psycho Teens and. Basically did more sex than to all who read this taken together.

If you think Siffredi fucking lives of oath of abstinence seems to be the highest form of worship that can be shown to an Italian national team. To commemorate the vow of abstinence, Siffredi allow users to masturbate on his website for free. Curious to see what a man, especially a porn star would give up sex for football, I Siffredi called to talk about his oath, about the World Cup and the best orgasm of his life.

Why did you decide to stay abstinent as n play Italy World Cup?
Rocco Siffredi: I found a fun way to test myself, to see how resist. I find a bet with myself to always stand as a national of Italy to Brazil.

How often do you have sex often?
Rocco Siffredi: Almost daily. It’s my life. The footage, work, sex, and when I get home I do sex with my wife again. I am a person full of sexuality and she is always available for sex, and if she wants to do and I’m always ready.

As you stood most without sex?
Rocco Siffredi: 15 years ago was in hospital in agony for a few days, so I do not fucked in that time.

So you were not there in your will.
Rocco Siffredi: Yes, I was there for a circumcision, which was very painful and I was fucking full of bandages and stitches, so I could not have sex properly. But the girls could play with it without it moving and I could still go.

How to distract your attention from the sport?
Rocco Siffredi: Sex itself is a sport and you play something competitive, you’re even more excited. I’ll spend my whole sexual energy in sports that do not feel that I lost something. He wants me to get tired so hard to stop thinking about sex.

Have you included in your oath of abstinence masturbation?
Rocco Siffredi: No, no! Do not give the paw, only sex with women.

How can you compare an orgasm with a victory in the World Cup?
Rocco Siffredi: Imagine the pleasure you feel when your country wins the cup. In 2006, I was invaded a strong euphoria. An incredible event is as strong as an incredible orgasm. Only victory in itself would be a tectonic orgasm. I really want to win. The whole country is looking at the same event and simultaneously feel the same pleasure. What orgasm exceed that?


Italian porn starlet Natasha Kiss defends former IMF (FMI) chief: “He was gentle when make sex”

After the international press revealed that former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn allegedly assaulted an African maid in New York and it would be a man with a violent sexual fantasies, a porn starlet in Italy the contrary. Natasha Kiss, 32 years, said of Kahn had sex when he was gentle and very shy.

Natasha KissItalian newspaper Corriere della Sera published yesterday an incendiary interview with Natasha Kiss XXX diva who, five years ago, had sex with Dominique Strauss Kahn for money.

She testified that she agreed to give an interview because he was tired of the former head of the IMF is falsely accused of violence.

They met in Paris in 2006.

We met five years ago, in a private club in Paris. It was the yard all night and then we retired just me. I clearly said his name, and I‘ve nicknamed him Genghis Khan. When we had sex, he was very gentle, a true gentleman “, said Natasha Kiss, adding:” It is a good man who did not need to rape someone. Ever paid for a luxury escort her wishes fulfilled. Do not believe him capable of violence “, said porn actress, who revealed that she had sex with Strauss-Kahn four times a week.

Natasha Kiss face


Elena Grimaldi and the myth of the teacher!

Elena Grimaldi and the myth of the teacherElena Grimaldi – Porn Video

It is not a myth in reality, or is it that I can deny when went to school, high school or even college, no fantasy with a teacher? No, you can not deny it because no serious this world would be a robot cold steel and entrails of wires and circuits if you told me in your tender years as a student not you ever dream to get under the skirt of mathematics or of language. Okay, this clear and we’ve all fantasized about to fuck “the teacher”, but imagine, imagine for a moment that this teacher was called Elena Grimaldi, was a porn star, out Italian and outside what is known as a hot MILF hot a milf. Imagine no more and watch this video … Porn … in which this porn star born in Brescia, Italy and named Elena Grimaldi, acting in a porn movie made in Italy in whichs he plays a teacher who is rebuked by the school principal for not being too hard on the boys. And that way … let him scold Italian poorest ass destroyed.




Mila Ramos, a MILF arrival from Italy

Mila Ramos porn starPorn Videos – Mila Ramos

One imagines an Italian MILF like the classic mamma: brunette, with rather hard features and a pair of gigantic tits, who screams a lot when speaking and has a huge smile. Mila Ramos is supposed to be MILF (although we have not given her birth date) and is Italian, but does not respond to that profile: she has a small body, well proportioned and slender that at the moment only gives in to the pornographic industry limited Own of its homeland. We know that he has not shot more than half a dozen scenes, but you know how we like to enter the national porn of different places, where one finds jewels that otherwise would never have discovered.


Aurora Jolie, queen of anal sex

Aurora Jolie – Porn Video

Aurora Jolie - Queen of anal sexThe choice today is nothing less than Aurora Jolie (known also by Nikara or Nicara), for several reasons, first by her tits, obviously boobs have predilection for girls with good front, and second by that follows a brunette born in Italy but has always leave in America, and how many of you know became quite famous a few years ago to participate only in movies anal sex and reserving vagina for marriage, something shocking case of a porn actress.

Surely the case of a marketing strategy, however I have not yet managed to see a scene where the penetrate vaginally, and that the girl has recorded hundreds, mostly oral and anal sex, except a lesbian. I said, come and see, and of course enjoy their nice tits and ass mega-penetrated.


Marika Fruscio, a TV presenter good equipped

Marika Fruscio is one of the most popular TV presenter in Italy, especially by men.

Because often kept Marika Fruscio appears that more or less sketchy. One such outfit left to see more than he wanted. Or was it a marketing maneuver…


Marika Fruscio, a TV presenter good equipped

Marika Fruscio


Sofia Gucci, a porn diva twisted mind of Don Johnson.

Sofia Gucci, a porn diva twisted mind of Don Johnson. Sofia Gucci is best guarded secret of the famous actor from “Miami Vice”.

In the 63 years, Don Johnson maintains strong reputation greatest conqueror in Hollywood. Although he’s married teacher Kelley Phleger in 1999, which gave him three children, Johnson want’s Sofia Gucci , for 27 years.

Sofia Gucci saw daylight on June 9, 1986, in Timisoara. Leave Romania only 10 years since 1996 and lives in Naples. In 2006 starts the adult film industry in less than a year becomes “porn queen” of Italy, just 20 years old.

In September 2006, plays in the movie “Bastardi” with Don Johnson. It ravaged her charms actor from “Miami Vice” that is surprised by paparazzi makes out with porn star . Although it is married to a teacher in San Francisco, Kelley Phleger, and has three children with her, Don lost his head completely.He dropped the divorce then being forgiven by his wife. But gossips say whenever coming to Europe to film, Don Johnson is looking for Sofia, who can not forget. Present adulterous relationship of Don Johnson’s overlooked by his wife, who does not want to divorce her husband despite the craziness.Wife knows but not divorced .Don Johnson married in 1999, Kelley Phleger, 44 years. The couple have three children: Atherton Johnson (born in 1999), Jasper Johnson (born in 2002) and Deacon Johnson (born in 2006). Don Johnson has been married three times, including Melanie Griffith (between 1989-1996). Repeatedly admitted that he is very hard to be faithful to one woman.