Rola Takizawa: Rent porn girlfriend !

Rola Takizawa

This week in various media jumped interesting news: Japanese pornstar (also called AV idols) nicknamed Rola Takizawa (Misaki also Rola, Rola Yoshizawa, Rora Yoshizawa or Laura Takizawa) has agreed to be the girlfriend of a Chinese billionaire over the next 15 years in exchange for 7 million euros. The 22-year pornstar is committed to give sexual exclusivity to the employer of Beijing until age 37, which will keep away from Adult Video if you meet her contract. That is, in practice, the magnate just removed. Not only that: to give another delirious touch the subject, the type occurs in social events arm of his new bride but with a mask, so that the identity is unknown millionaire. Something like a Batman upscale prostitution.

As it seems unlikely that we will see the Rola Takizawa doing Pig Tales, we bring you some of their scenes to give you an idea of ​​what you just bought the crazy entrepreneur.

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Anri Okita, a Japanese girl with western look

Anri Okita

This beautiful Japanese born in the land of the rising sun which is called Anri Okita has been slowly doing well in the no oriental porn because his English perfect (she is born in the British Isles) have made it jump to where the porn though she is really famous is in the country has seen it grow. Japan is an endless factory who wanted to quit modeling and dedicates to pornographic art. After an in-pass few months Anri Okita has returned to the fray with a lot of scenes and movies.

Anri Okita was born in the UK in 1986 with these 27 springs and a rare height for a Japanese to its 1.68 cms Anri Okita has one of the most beautiful bodies of oriental porn gradually be making a hole in West. We leave here some pics and soon discuss hottest Japanese Porn stars here in our galleries.

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