Porn stars believe in God, although their job is not well regarded by church!

In the Bible “there is no command to not do XXX movies”. Porn stars believe in God, although their job is not well regarded by church!

PornStars belive in God

Aurora Snow porn actress chatted with her ​​peers and colleagues about how to reconcile guild adult videos with faith in God.

Even if there are objects in the porn industry there are a few surprisingly Pornstars who believe in God, even if this faith could conflict with the nature of their job says the actress XXX Aurora Snow in an article published on the websites site.

Ron Jeremy, who grew up in a family of Hebrew, do not necessarily believe that the teachings of the Bible to be followed very strictly. “We should not interpret the Bible literally. If you do that, not even you could masturbate “, says Ron Jeremy, who frequently go to the synagogue and speaks frequently about religion and pornography.

Aurora Snow porn star face

I do not think God has anything against sex parties between two consenting adults. You do not have to be married to have sex “, explains Ron Jeremy his vision of sin.

While being a wife and a porn actress, Gauge disagrees and says that yields XXX is actually a sin. Just as others their partners cheating or committing other sins, American actress says she learned to live with her ​​mistakes, which he feels guilty. “Even if I sin, I will not deny the faith. I did everything right in life? No, but nobody did , said actress XXX.

Gauge porn star

Actress Chanel Preston argues that accepts the idea of divinity, but does not believe in organized religion: “I think organized religion restricts our ability to explore and understand new ideas and concepts.”

Lily LaBeau does not believe in the idea of ​​church. “I believe in good and evil spirits and believe in angels. I think God is a name for the universal consciousness to which all have access. I do not believe in the church system. Regarding the fact that I use my body for money, we are all prostitutes and we know that. We are all prostitutes a system until we decide to liberate ourselves. “

Instead, Joanna Angel does not believe that pornography is a sin. “There is a commandment that forbids you to do porn. Do not steal, do not cheat, do not lie. Respect all major commands. I think you can be a good person, moral, honorable with a value system even if you do porn to survive ” , says Joanna Angel.





Porn actresses and the death of Bin Laden

Reviews and reactions from professional sex filmed on the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Rarely has one chance to see women of their position in ideological fantasies or geopolitical issues. The magazine BlackBook Mag has conducted a small gathering useful that followed the Twitter of some of the most famous porn stars in which we witness the views and reactions of these professionals filmed sex on the controversial death of al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden at the hands of the American armed forces.


“Good morning, fuckable world … just wanted to say … Funeral ocean in 24 hours … Seeeeeh! Ooook ?!!? Hahahaha. “-Alektra Blue

“@ StevieJ102 I understand. I lived in New York at the time, but was in Los Angeles when it happened. I lost friends in those buildings. This is a relief. “-Sinnamon Love

RTacenlv To celebrate the death of Osama I have joinedOMGitsLexi website.If you do not pay for porn the terrorists win! <- You really have won, baby! Thank you. “Lexi-Belle

“It is false rumor that Bin Laden was bombarded with porn …» Vicky Vette

I can not think of anything witty to tweet about Osama, so those who see retwittearé funny. #sigueadelante »Joanna Angel

Okay, whoever that killed Osama is going to receive a blowjob! “Alison Tyler

Bin Laden is dead. @ dirtjunior666 and I will celebrate with margaritas. My feet hurt. That was my day in a nutshell. “Raven Alexis


Porn actresses who are smarter than you!

They are the most intelligent porn actresses in the industry! Pornography is poorly seen in almost all parts of the world, but nevertheless remains the most profitable industry, largely by young actresses. In this count we introduce you to some of them, but they are not part of the pile, these are the most ready!

Discover the XXX performers who have made a career out of porn, and even have doctorates, master’s degrees and even bachelor degrees at the same time.

Nina Hartley.

To pay for her studies at the University of San Francisco as a Nurse, the beautiful interpreter worked as a striptease, but she did not neglect her subjects, on the contrary, she graduated as magna cum laude, the highest recognition in an institution in the United States.

Nina Hartley

Joanna Angel.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature with a major in Film Studies at Rutgers University, as well as being an author in newspapers such as The New York Times.

Joanna Angel

Lorelei Lee.

In addition to being a frequent author in magazines such as $ pread and Denver Quarterly, she also holds a BA in Literature, as well as being part of the Creative Writing Program at New York University.

Lorelei Lee

A.J. Bailey.

This sensual woman shared classes with nothing more and nothing less than Prince William at St. Andrews University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Anthropology degree.

A.J. Bailey

Victoria Zdrok.

In addition to porn, this beautiful woman is a lawyer and writer, speaks seven languages and holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Victoria Zdrok.

Asia Carrera.

She is one of the most intelligent women in the industry, with an IQ of 156, has made more than 370 pornographic films, but also graduated in the Bachelor of Business Administration and Management; As well as in Japanese philology at Rutgers University.

Asia Carrera


Improbable Meeting: Joanna Angel vs Nacho

Joanna Angel vs NachoJoanna Angel vs Nacho – Porn Video

Studio: Burning Angel

We always say that there are fucks that have a documentary importance given by the protagonists who cross the scene, professional dimensions of their actors and background, if any. Today it is a case of this kind, but also is a meeting that perhaps had never happened before: Joanna Angel, mother of alt porn and founder of Burning Angel, has been in Ibiza holiday and apparently has wanted to use the trip to vent one of those stallions whose name turns heads: Nacho Vidal.


The names of porn actresses as “Porn star Name Generator”

Porn Logo - ThePornStarsBlog COM (3)

Following the simple and absurd formula Porn star Name Generator -add the name of your first pet and the street- porn actress Kayden Kross, Riley Reid, Nikki Benz, Joanna Angel, Eva Angelina, Bonnie Rotten, Kendra Lust, Anna Bell Peaks, Jada Stevens, Nicole Aniston, Remy LaCroix and Richelle Ryan, we discover what should be her real name in the XXX industry. An experiment that makes Kayden Kross in Clarissa Simpsons or Joanna Angel in the exciting Ramona Greenway, by putting two examples.


The 10 smartest porn stars.

NEWS: The 10 smartest porn stars.


The same fornicate with 20 while taken out a masters in business administration

It seems that the myth of the sexy girls stupid has faded over the years. It is true that there is much embellishment woman, regardless of her physical charms would not be able to succeed in any business or study, but some of the most desirable ladies on the planet, many porn actresses who fornicate with the same 20 while a masters in business management are removed, have been commissioned to fight to end these topics. Bravo for them.

jenna jameson

Jenna Jameson

What is probably the most decorated porn actress of all time does not have a curriculum that proves their great intelligence, but a woman who practically alone managed to raise the level of acceptance of porn, attracting millions of laymen and also was cited by the association of the Oxford Union debates to discuss a British law against pornography (debate who won, by the way), amply deserves to be on this list.

Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley

Known leftovers, this legend of porn was born into a Buddhist family, he graduated magna cum laude in the top nursing school in San Francisco and launched several series of DVDs in which it tries to educate when making sex with greater efficiency.

Lorelei Lee

Lorelei Lee

With that face made for sin and that body for alt porn, Lorelei managed to reconcile his career as a porn star and his studies for nearly ten years when he got a degree in Literature and now leads a creative writing workshop.

Laurie Wallace

Laurie Wallace

This stunning Scottish traveled to Maryland to study at Loyola University where a double sum BA cum laude in political science and German studies was taken. And did not have enough, then another little trip he stuck to George Washington University to study law.

AJ Bailey

AJ Bailey

Another Scottish generic looking blonde who studied no less than St. Andrews University, the most prestigious of Scotland, which was the companion of Prince William. There he got a degree in anthropology and supplemented his training studying art. To make matters worse, in an interview he has acknowledged that she often read Leo Tolstoy and Oscar Wilde. Almost nothing.

Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel

After starting her career as a porn actress, Joanna came herself to directing and screenwriting with astonishing ease. Not surprisingly, this tattooed New Yorker has a degree in English literature and a diploma film by Rutgers University to finish that earned him contributing their articles for the New York Times or the music magazine Spin.

TJ Hart

T. J. Hart

This powerful mature has no less than three degrees in psychology, sociology and art history and a diploma in early childhood education. Do not you have enough? Very well, then also part of the Olympic swimming team USA Seoul ’88.

Shy Love

Shy Love

Degree in economics, a master’s degree in accounting and a splendid ass, Shy farmacist came to lead a company that specializes in pet medication. In her position other master was also pulled in pricing coming into the field of public accounting. Currently owns his own agency managers.

Asia Carerra

Asia Carrera

Between films (more than 275 support her career), as we turned all crazy during the 90’s, the New Yorker with 156 IQ he had time also to learn piano (played at Carnegie Hall twice before the age 15 years), and a degree in Business Administration and Japanese studies at Rutgers University.

Annie Sprinkle

Annie Sprinkle

It’s been a few years since Annie did Cuban right and left with her gigantic breasts, but sure some still remember. Well, our busty friend has the honor of being the first porn actress in a PhD removed. For irony, Ph.D. is precisely in human sexuality.



Joanna Angel with a dildo in the ass

Joanna Angel is one of the most recognized model from site Burning Angel m specializing in Alt-Porn, this porn star is as conventional as anyone does anything but make another porn actress, but is considered alternative because this tattooed largely her body. Anyway, as the case might be an advantage and those seeking their work they do for her tattoos.

Joanna Angel with a dildo in the ass (1)

Joanna Angel with a dildo in the ass (2)

Joanna Angel with a dildo in the ass (3)

Joanna Angel with a dildo in the ass (4)

Joanna Angel with a dildo in the ass (5)

Joanna Angel with a dildo in the ass (6)

Joanna Angel with a dildo in the ass (7)

Joanna Angel with a dildo in the ass (8)

Joanna Angel with a dildo in the ass (9)

Joanna Angel with a dildo in the ass (10)

Joanna Angel with a dildo in the ass (11)

Joanna Angel with a dildo in the ass (12)

Joanna Angel with a dildo in the ass (13)

Joanna Angel with a dildo in the ass (14)

Joanna Angel with a dildo in the ass (15)

Joanna Angel with a dildo in the ass (16)