Fortune porn. See the top most SEXY XXX actors with the most money.

Adult film industry have made many porn films actor through his immense fortune to have sexual activities in front of the camera. Celebrity Magazine Nwtworth made a top earnings that you have achieved so far stars in adult film industry.

Rank 10 Jenna Haze $ 3.5 million fortune
At the age of 30 years, Jenna Haze retired from the porn industry. During his career, Jenna Haze has performed over 500 films, but eventually moved behind the camera where he directed about 13 films. After his retirement from porn scene, the actress has formed his own production company. Jenna Haze is in 10th place among the richest porn artists with a fortune of $ 3.5 million.

Jenna Haze

Rank 9 Katie Morgan $ 4.5 million fortune
Known for her high-pitched voice and optimistic personality, Katie Morgan was one of the most successful actresses of the past five years. Apart from pornography, Katie starred in several shows on HBO. During her career, Katie earned a net worth of about $ 4.5 million, now hosting her own radio show.

Katie Morgan

Rank 8 Bree Olson $ 5 million fortune
Bree Olson known as a friend of Charlie Sheen Goddess. She retired from the porn industry in 2011, but during his career she has made over 230 films and was one of the most popular starlets in the world.

Bree Olson

Rank 7 Ron Jeremy $ 5.5 million fortune
Even if appeared in over 2,000 films Pronoia it only has a wealth of $ 5.5 million, this is because male artists are not as well paid and so much fame as female actresses. Ron is one of the most famous male actors in the porn world.

Ron Jeremy

Rank 6 Maria Takagi $ 6 million fortune
The most famous and rich porn star in Japan, also known as Rika Inoue, Maria started to adult films in 2002. She currently earns around 2.6 million dollars a year, under a contract with a Japanese company and is one of the most watched Asian actress received the award for best conversation‘ ‘and‘ ‘the prettiest presence.

Maria Takagi

Rank 5 Traci Lords $ 7 million fortune
Currently, Traci is serial actress debut its nascent career controversy began after a porn film when he was still a minor at the age of 16, managed to fool the producers by forging a driving license which proved that is 21 years old.

Traci Lords

Rank 4 Jesse Jane $ 8 million fortune
Jesse Jane 32 years old entered the porn industry in 2000. She starred in over 75 movies and has developed its own line of sex toys, dolls and even a tequila company. She has a child and is the second marriage, the first being a porn star.

Jesse Jane

3rd place – Peter North $ 10 million fortune
Actor aged 55, entered the porn industry in 1984. Initially he played in movies gay, known as Matt Ramsey. He played in over 1,800 adult films and has directed over 70 films, but most of his wealth comes from work done behind the scenes.

Peter North

Place 2 – Tera Patrick $ 15 million fortune
Before entering the porn industry, Tera Patrick has done modeling. At the age of 18 he started nursing courses but after a few years, it chooses to enter the porn industry. She appeared on the covers of magazines such as Playboy 2,000 and Penthouse.

Tera Patrick

1st – Jenna Jameson $ 30 million fortune
Actress aged 38, is not only the richest actress in porn industry but also filemlor most famous porn star in history known as the Queen of porn‘. This began her career in 1993. She had a hard saying adolescence to age 16 went through a terrible experience. After a football game, it was caught by a gang of four children and was raped, then in high school went through a period in which the drug, but managed to escape from this addiction.

Jenna Jameson


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They are the highest paid porn actress in the world. Worth the money?

They are the highest paid porn actress in the world. Worth the money? Certainly, the crisis has hit the porn industry. But even so, still remained actresses who earn huge sums from this activity. Their annual revenues amounting to several million dollars to tens of millions. Industry in which they work these girls gather $ 15 billion annually, with 50 percent less before 2009.

Our rankings start from the lowest paid to best:

10. Gianna Michaels $ 2 million
It is among the best paid in the world porn layers. It seems that the success of films for adults not brought disadvantages, in 2010 taking a role in Piranha 3D cast.

Gianna Michaels XXX busty actress

9. Sasha Grey 2.5 million dollars
Sasha Grey has managed in a short time to reach one of the most popular porn actresses in the world. It began in 2008 with the role in “The Girlfriend Experience” and one in the HBO show Entourage”.

Sasha Grey XXX actress

8. Jenna Haze 3.5 million dollars
Jenna Haze retired at the right time, when it peaked career. She starred in over 500 movies and directed another 13. After retirement, Jenna Haze opened his own production company.

Jenna Haze XXX star sexy

7. Katie Morgan $ 4.5 million
Besides porn, Katie Morgan starred in several HBO shows: Entourage, Zack and Miri Make a Porno and has her own radio show.

Katie Morgan face

6. Bree Olson $ 5 million
She retired from the porn industry in 2011, but left behind 230 films and image adult film doll“.

Bree Olson XXX doll

5. Maria Takagi $ 6 million
What music did not offer the money they could earn in porn industry, Maria Takagi was reshaped. Now is the most famous and rich Japanese porn actress.

Maria Takagi doggystyle

4. Traci Lords $ 7 million
She appeared in over 100 porn films and TV shows. Besides, Traci wrote a book Traci Lords: Underneath It All“, which was a bestseller in the United States.

Traci Lords in magazine

3. Jesse Jane $ 8 million
Besides appearing in 75 movies for adults, Jesse Jane has her own line of sex toys, dolls and even a company producing tequila. Undoubtedly, Jesse Jane is one of the most famous porn stars of recent years.

Jesse Jane at AVN

2. Tera Patrick $ 15 million
She started his own production house, own studio, Teravision, which produces about 15 films annually, reaching business grossed 30 million dollars each year.

Tera Patrick XXX star naked

1. Jenna Jameson 30 million dollars
Jenna Jameson is the richest porn star in the world, and the most famous. He starred in over 160 adult films, made appearances on television, radio and recorded a brilliant success with Annually blonde brought 30 million dollars, it decided to sell Playboy website.

Jenna Jameson show her tits


Richest actresses in the adult industry

The top 10 richest actresses in the adult industry.

Adult entertainment industry is unique by the fact that it is one of the few (if not only globally) where women make more money than men, and more, have more than their celebrity.

Even if the subject dualism love / hate from society, this industry is very popular and its productions are seasoned relationships bedroom or helps newbies” to satisfy curiosity.

Whatever people’s opinion, the fact is that professional actresses make good money from movies, presentation websites or magazines.

So here is the list of actresses with the highest incomes made ​​career:

10. Gianna Michaels – 2,2 millions of dollars

Gianna Michaels

Before attempting modeling, Gianna Michaels was a waitress in a fast food Seattle situation where fervently wanted to leave. modeling experience helped in his next career move that proved to be the lucky one in 2004 he started working in the adult entertainment industry, which is active today.

9. Sasha Grey – 2,5 millions of dollars

Sasha Grey porn star sexy

Although retired, Sasha Grey was a star of the industry and at one time was seen as the “new Jenna Jameson“. It is still a promoter and defender of the adult industry and does not regret a moment chosen career. Besides the fact that it was a successful actress, Grey wrote an erotic book in 2003.

8. Audrey Bitoni – 2,5 millions of dollars

Audrey Bitoni

Audrey Bitoni has joined the industry in 2008, the year in which she won the award for best new starlet (Best New Starlet Award) and appeared on the cover of the November issue of Penthouse Magazine. Work and talent was rewarded in the years that followed many professional awards.

Interestingly, the first contact with the industry had in 2004 at a pre Playboy, but preferred to continue their studies and then to pose naked.

7. Jenna Haze – 3,5 millions of dollars

Jenna Haze

She entered the industry at age 19 and, between 2001 and 2006, she worked only with women, because of a promise made ​​to her boyfriend. Jenna realized early enough that it does not need an agent, so to manage alone. Since 2009 she has his own production company, Jennaration X Studios.

6. Kayden Kross – 4,5 millions of dollars

Kayden Kross

His career started back from university and was very successful as witnessed by the numerous awards won. In addition to the fact that the industry is still active, working with items in a number of publications.

5. Katie Morgan – 4,5 millions of dollars

Katie Morgan

Even thoughs he retired from business, income earned places in the top half. The decision to become an actress was taken by need, it is lending money to bail after she was caught transporting marijuana from Mexico to the United States, but did not think he regrets step taking into account the income.

4. Bree Olson – 5 millions of dollars

Bree Olson porn star

She began her career at 20 years and between 2006 and 2013 she won no less than five million dollars for the 280 films.

It is one of the ladies that Charlie Sheen lived in 2011, during separation from the sitcom Two and a Half Menand picture PETA Lettuce Lady, being an avid supporter of veganism.

3. Jesse Jane – 8 millions of dollars

Jesse Jane rich porn star

Jesse Jane is the typical image of the American girl. She grew up in a soldierly lifestyle, took dancing lessons, was a cheerleader in high school. Cindy Taylor her real name was inspired to join the industry for adults to an article on Tera Patrick, so he signed a contract with Digital Playground. Besides practicing acting, Jesse Jane has a production line of vodka.

2. Traci Lords – 7 millions of dollars

Traci Lords

Traci Lords‘s career began with a scandal, she is 16 years old and coming from a broken family. One who launched” was his mother‘s lover. After modeling and print Lords came to film and created his own production company.

1. Jenna Jameson – 30 millions of dollars

Jenna Jameson rich porn star

Jenna Jameson is one of the most iconic figures in the entertainment industry. It started as a stripper at an early age, to her mother’s footsteps. From the undressing undressing actress arrived, and still successful.

Apart from modeling and acting, Jameson has written two books, one fiction and one autobiographical, and is also a successful entrepreneur.






The 11 richest porn actresses in the world according to Playboy magazine

Many may forget that pornography in the end is a business that is often profitable for most conspicuous figures to the point that many porn actresses amass enviable fortunes even after retiring from the adult video industry.

In this line, the magazine Playboy collected this information and a few weeks ago put together a list with the richest porn actresses in the world!


Belladonna has amassed a significant fortune in the porn industry, although hse is now trying her luck in mainstream film. In 2014, the 34-year-old former porn actress got a small role in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice, sharing a screen with Joaquin Phoenix.



Gianna Michaels, 32 years, retired a few years ago from the porn industry, but is still engaged in performing erotic dances in the United States.


Sasha Gray, 27, is another former porn actress who is looking for a fortune in Hollywood, where she starred in a film opposite Elijah Wood. She has also written a book.


Jenna Haze also retired from the porn industry as an actress, but is still involved in the business as a director and producer.


Throughout her career as a porn actress, Katie Morgan, 35, appeared in over 250 films. In addition, it was in the film Zack and Miri Make to Porno, of Kevin Smith.


In addition to acting in nearly 300 adult films, Bree Olson, 29, was one of Charlie Sheen’s ‘goddesses’ until a few years ago.


Maria Takagi started as a model before entering the porn industry. Today is a figure of television and film in Japan.


Traci Lord, 47, started her scandalous porn career at age 16 with a fake ID and then tried his luck at movies, television and music. Curiously, she left the industry at 18.


Jesse Jane is currently one of the most popular mid-to-the-point porn actresses who has been inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame without even retiring. At 35, she’s the Mery Streep in the industry, according to Playboy.


Tera Patrick, 39, was the first porn actress to star in a cover of FHM and then her fame spread in film and television.


In addition to pornographic actress, Jenna Jameson is a businesswoman who started a company called Jenna Club to later devote to adult film production. At 41, she is retired as an interpreter, but remains one of the most popular industry figures on the Internet.

BONUS! Photos of richest porn actresses:

belladonna bree-olson-2 bree-olson gianna-michaels-2 gianna-michaels jenna-haze-2 jenna-haze jenna-jameson-2 jenna-jameson jesse-jane-2 jesse-jane katie-morgan-2 katie-morgan maria-takagi-2 maria-takagi sasha-grey-2 sasha-grey tera-patrick-2 tera-patrick traci-lords-2 traci-lords


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The 5 best paid porn actresses

The biggest X-rated movie star earns about $ 50 million a year, do you want to know who she is?

Have you ever wondered how much porn actresses charge? The truth is that some earn millions for making these kinds of movies. For example, Tito Ortiz’s ex-wife, Jenna Jameson, has come to collect about $ 50 million in just one year. Now she is no longer a porn actress, but it has been for a long time and is currently dedicated to producing in the world.

The second adult actress who collects the most is Tera Patrick, who has participated in many productions but now combines her facet of actress with director and producer of hot films.

5 porn actresses who charge the most:












Adult films have brought millions of dollars. Who leads the best-paid actress in dirty productions!

Adult movies is an industry that revolves very much money. The proof is made by the actresses and actors earnings that have marked this phenomenon.

List of highest payouts in the XXX industry:

Jenna Haze: $ 6,000,000

Steele: $ 6,000,000

Katie Morgan: $ 6,000,000

Bree Olson: $ 7,000,000

Jeremy: $ 7.5 million

Jane: $ 9,000,000

Nora Louise Kuzma: $ 10 million

North: $ 11 million

Tera Patrick: $ 15 million

Jena Jameson: $ 30 million

Bree Olson Porn Star jenna-haze katie-morgan