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Katsuni, a part of XXX world

Although it is recognized for her charms, beautiful does not prove a being at all simple. “I had my periods of reading, painting, but are increasingly rare. I watch TV occasionally, but are dependent series and video games that you buy the package. Obviously, however, satisfy my pleasures in all forms: pastries, quality kitchen… I have a lot of small sins confessed Katsuni, XXX diva.

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Katsuni, who will turn 32 in April, believes that there is a life after porn. But not for her. End of career hardly seems almost since has offers even in America. Some actresses and life resumed” normal “, they founded a home, they found another job, but it is a delicate and, to be honest, it depends on the intellectual capabilities of the former actress, but also their reputation . I do not like the term “conversion”. From my point of view, I will always part of XXX world , where important is simply to evolve“, said the actress.

Why were divas such short careers in the adult industry? Unfortunately, some actresses have ambition and tenacity. In these circumstances, you may find it difficult to do this job. I shoot a decade: I do work and are paid for it, but I never met routinely entertain me, this environment gives me an incredible life experience and existence that I would not have ever thought. I’ll stop activity when other activities will kidnap me too much time and energy “, porn star confessed that launched popular lingerie collections.

The secret of its strength in the industry last, after hundreds of films under his belt, it reveals even the star: “I my life XXX actress, but also on the woman. I can shoot a scene with three partners and then go home to watch cartoons. I call this balance. Porn is one of my favorite pursuits, but it is not my life“, said the star born of Vietnamese father and French mother. Former student in political science, Katsuni finished philology and worked as a teacher of literature. But the real accomplishment has found in the adult industry.

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NEWS: Katsuni, XXX diva ended up with $ 80,000 in one shot. See how lucky she gave!

Rapper Bow Wow has used for his video drank in my cup” video clip images from the French group The Electronic Conspiracy occurs Katsuni porn diva, real name Celine Tran. She found pictures in the bar dancing in a nightclub in the video and immediately gave rapper sued for violation of picture.
Justice prevailed and gave Bow Wow, who‘s protégé Snoop Dogg, he must now pay $ 80,000 in compensation.

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