You’ll never guess who is the porn capital of the United States!

A study conducted at the request of Men’s Health magazine offered a surprising answer to the question What is the porn capital of the United States? You’ll never guess who is the porn capital of the United States!

Well, according to the Huffington Post, this is neither cosmopolitan Las Vegas or Los Angeles, the soul of the film industry, including XXX, but Orlando, Disney World house, a town in sunny Florida, the state that is represented by the other two locations, Tampa and Miami in Top 12 of American urban pornography. On top novelty composition were taken into account several criteria such as the number of DVDs specialty” rented, sold or downloaded from the internet, based on the number of inhabitants, accessories XXX in adult stores or number of searches for the word porn” on Google.

porn capital of the United States


Remy Lacroix is the winner.

Remy Lacroix is the winner. Las Vegas was the weekend, host the Oscars gala porn industry, where the sea was winning actress Remy Lacroix.

Remy Lacroix porn star diva

AVN Awards equivalent of an Oscar in the porn industry, have winners last weekend in Las Vegas. Great winner was Remy Lacroix, who took home a trophy for best actress XXX.

Beautiful American aged 26 years working in adult films in 2011 and is the sixth AVN Award which recognizes the merits of the film 18. In 2013, the publication L.A.

Weekley made a top of actresses who could be the next Jenna Jameson, in which Remy ranked 10. Jessica Drake and she went home with a prize for DVDs that provide lessons in sex and Anikka Albrau won a trophy in the category “best anal sex scene.”

Remy Lacroix sexy


Jenna Jameson: Childhood.

Jenna Jameson was born on April 9, 1974 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jenna Jameson was not the only child, she has an older brother named Tony Massoli. Her father, called Lawrence Massoli and youth was a police officer working for a television station that belongs to NBC.

Her mother, Judith Brooke Hynt Massoli was a dancer in a club in Las Vegas and danced in the FoliesBergere show famous. When Jenna Jameson was two years old, his mother died because she suffered from skin cancer and treatments have not helped. Because her father spent the entire family fortune for treatment of his wife, after her death, they left me with no resource. Teri and moved in several locations and even lived for a while in a trailer, with young Jenna Jameson and her grandmother.

Jenna Jameson young

As father children spend a lot of time at the police station, solving various cases, Jenna spent a lot of time in the company of his brother who was addicted to heroin. Along with it, Jenna Jameson was stoned many times, and she became a drug addict.

She took some ballet classes as a child and even participated in several beauty contests they won detached every time since then being a beautiful girl. In adolescence, while no more than 16 years, Jenna Jameson was beaten and raped by a group of guys at the end of a football game where the girl attended as a spectator. That same year, the sad tale of sexual abuse was repeated when a great uncle abused her friend.

Jenna Jameson said nothing instead of his father left home and moved in with her ​​boyfriend, Jack. The two began a relationship of love when Jenna Jameson was very young.




Porn technology captures the attention

NEWS: Porn technology captures the attention in Las Vegas

las vegas

Being excluded from the Consumer Electronic Show, exhibited in a nightclub a ‘teleconsolador “which allows interactive sex on the web

Apart from the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2012 in Las Vegas, porn stars showed the erotic side of the new technology developments as a “teleconsolador” allowing sex through the website or software to fulfill fantasies 3D.

Porn studio Pink Visual on Tuesday night showed its futuristic proposal in a night club a few steps from the international trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, which could not participate after the rejection of its organizers.

“There is no reason that adult entertainment can not be a massive professionally presented to older consumers,” said Pink Visual President Allison Vivas.

Near it, the American actress Lexi Belle wore an iPad hung like a necklace and challenged guests to touch her breasts.

“Technology has advanced so much these days that now you can see scenes of me online or on a smartphone Lexi’s chest” said the actress Alexis Texas, gesturing to his colleague.

Distance relationships

The Real Touch a Touch device for men that simulated the feeling of having sex, was one of the most important innovations. “It is the first device that does all the work for the guys,” said Scott Rinaldo, director of product in the company of North Carolina.

“Caresses, squeezes, it heats and it lubricates itself” she said.

The devices were synchronized to adult videos when the first models three years ago were released, but in the coming weeks their actions will be guided by porn stars live via Real Touch Network.

Porn star Kirsten Price fondled specially designed phallus in a booth and gestures were imitated by Royal Touch located on a table in front of Rinaldo.

“We have spent the last two years refining the dildo,” he added, referring to the novelty as “teleconsolador”.


Good news for porn star Christy Mack

Good news for porn actress Christy Mack. FREE regains beauty! Known porn actress Christy Mack came to the hospital in serious condition after he was severely beaten by her boyfriend, MMA fighter, War Machine. Beautiful actress is now unrecognizable. Fortunately, Christy Mack received some good news. A doctor from Beverly Hills plastic surgeon promised that he would restore the beauty in just three months, without having to ask any money.

Christy Mack, a popular adult film actress, was severely beaten by her boyfriend, martial arts fighter known as War Machine in their home in Las Vegas. The woman was hospitalized with multiple injuries and has internal injuries to the liver and ribs. Her ex-boyfriend and scratched it with a knife several times and cut hair.

Christy Mack

She claims that the incident occurred last Friday when MMA fighter came over her house in Las Vegas.

When I thought life was miserable, Christy Mack can smile again. A doctor from Beverly Hills plastic surgeon promised that he would restore the beauty in just three months, without having to ask any money. Harrison H. Lee was shocked when he learned that Christy Mack‘s career porn star hung on a thread. Porn actress, aged 23, will return to sex scenes faster than thought.

According to the website TMZ, Christy Lee contacted and offered a free facial reconstruction package worth 42,500 dollars.

It includes several plastic surgery reconstruction of the facial bones, torn brutally from blows from a professional wrestler Jonathan Koppenhaver, her ex-boyfriend. Although it accounts $ 500,000, guild mates made up a collection of 74,870 dollars to help pay plastic surgery.

Christy Mack in hospital

Jonathan Koppenhaver is accused of beating a XXX movie actress Christy Mack to deformed face.

Although it is only 22 years old, American Christy Mack received the award for the most promising porn starlet of the year. In late January the young actress XXX posted on a website ad unique. Thus, it provides the oral sex that will build the best LEGO toy.

Who builds my best creation of LEGO to place it in the house, receiving oral sex“, said the girl.

However, the message was later deleted, even if the younger received thousands of photos with different toys. Even so, it was later announced that LEGO contacted by attorneys who have threatened to protest the use of brand name.

Competition for oral sex failed because lawyers do not agree with my Twitter account. Believe that they are upset that they have not won the competition. However I got 100 shots with interesting toys and over 500 ugly“, a plus porn actress.

Christy Mack and her boyfriend


Audrey Bitoni, sex with 100 men in 10 hours! Over 2,000 curious they looked!

An erotic trade fair, held these days in Las Vegas, USA, has attracted thousands of visitors due to a sexual marathon where porn diva Audrey Bitoni, 24, caused a sensation. She had sex with 100 men in 10 hours, in front of over 2,000 curious. Personal starlet chose those whom he loved in public. Audrey Bitoni was born in Pasadena, California, and now lives in Los Angeles. First major appearance in a magazine was in November 2008 when Penthouse magazine chose her for the cover photo.

Audrey Bitony swallow



What’s Lexxi Tyler defect?

In fact, Lexxi Tyler has no defect! Blonde is the kind of woman you do not change anything. Born in Beaverton, Oregon, on May 16, this voluptuous Italian / spanioloaica, is twice AVN Award winner (Adult Video News) award which is given annually in Las Vegas the most successful porn and best porn actors and in 2009 was chosen “Penthouse Pet of the Month” in May.

“When I put silicone multi told me that I will regret that I chose a big number, but they were wrong. I love my breasts and feel that perfectly fit my body. I suspect my fans agree with me, since I get many messages of admiration “confessed Lexxi Tyler. Lexxi Tyler proudly admits he is bisexual: “I love to play with women. Blondes, brunettes. Redheads, skinny, voluptuous, tall or short – we love it all! Women are so beautiful and they taste very sweet! Yet I prefer men for serious relationships and long, women are best for fun “.

HOT Photos:

Lexxi Tyler porn Lexxi Tyler porn1 Lexxi Tyler porn2



Jordan Carver, porn starlet would have sex with 888 men!

Jordan Carver, an adult film actress of German, wants to revive her career in a sexual marathon. Although it has only 25 years, Jordan Carver has not received offers to play movies that have made her famous and recently decided to leave the limelight by announcing that hse would have sex with 888 men in a nightclub in Las Vegas.

Number 8 usually my good luck, so I thought having sex with 888 males. I expect the casting to just come well equipped men and not act like rednecks. I will start preselection on 1 September , “revealed Jordan Carver.


Jordan Carver



Bobbi Starr, the hottest porn star in the world!

XXX Oscars : Bobbi Starr, the hottest porn star in the world! Porn stars crowds Saturday night in Las Vegas in the USA, where they were awarded the most important prizes in XXX film industry, AVN Awards. Hungarian women broke mouth fair.

Bobbi Starr

Among the dozens of nominees coveted Oscars” XXX hottest porn actress of the year was chosen Hungarian-born American Bobbi Starr, 28 years.  Bobbi Starr plays in 254 porn movies.


Bobbi Starr with another porn star



Porn stars promote a bolus in Las Vegas

Gianna MichaelsRecently threw a hand to our friend Quentin Tarantino to hire some whores with certain physical characteristics that fitted in the western setting, and how our world is porn, porn actresses who look also for escort. First on the list was the very Gianna Michaels, a legend withdrawal of porn that is now dedicated to the webcam, the luxury prostitution and strippers, but apparently more than one had lost sight when he stopped rolling.

Today Gianna appears on YouTube to promote a special gala at the club Saphhire Pool & Day Club in Las Vegas, Nevada, where they also act Darcie Dolce and Asa Akira. And it is clear that those boobs which boasts have not moved site.

Gianna Michaels

Darcie Dolce

Asa Akira