What cut sex drive of women!?

What cut sex drive of women!? Often wonder why men feel women have sex, especially after the relationship in which the threshold is crossed three years. Sociologists and psychologists argue that there are a number of reasons why women have sex feel pretty much dependent on a number of factors but the nature of the drug and sentimental nature.

What cut sex drive of women

Why do women have sex binge reasons

Birth control pills and antidepressants, medications that they take quite a lot of women have a rather strange effect on women when it vien mood for sex. More specifically, according to doctors, 25% of women taking birth control pills suffer from a decrease in libido and most women who take antidepressants are experiencing this problem.

It seems that because of prolactin, the hormone that stimulates lactiatia, breastfeeding women do not have the mood for sex. But this is not a rule, say doctors, despite the fact that such cases are common.

Doctors say most women who are in long term relationships feel the need to sleep more often than the need to have sex. Therefore use the excuse that they have a headache.”

Stress and strife
When a woman is stressed or ceartacu her boyfriend, self-confidence decline. Inevitably, when it feels so not in the mood for sex.

Hormonal Causes
Doctors say unfulfilled sex life and lack of sex drive of women often have hormonal causes. Endocrine dysfunction adversely affect a woman’s libido.




6 things that will decrease libido.

Formerly sex was a simple thing, if you took into account pregnancy tests, sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. But as life became more complicated, libido suffered. While once were ready to go in the bedroom for sex, now you are dealing with all kinds of worries, emotional, mental and physical which decreases your desire to make love.


6 things that will decrease libido.

Here are some of the biggest enemies of libido:

1. 6 hours of sleep
Slowly we turned into a nation of people who are deprived of sleep. And lack of sleep affects not only showing how people and adversely affect their health and ability to manage stressors but also sexual desire.

2. Snoring
Chronic Snoring not only interrupts the sleep of the person concerned but also sleeping nearby. The person suffering from apnea, a condition that causes trouble breathing during the night, resulting in chronic sleep deprivation that affects not only libido but also increase appetite, which means the accumulation of weight.

3. Chronic Depression
Depression negatively affects the sexual life and is the reason for the lack of sleep. And negative results do not stop there: depression also promotes weight gain, which may cause increased blood pressure and diabetes with a direct effect on libido.

4. A not too healthy heart
Every man should know that his penis is full of veins and, when experiencing erectile dysfunction, your doctor will suggest a control of the cardiovascular system. If narrowed arteries, blood flow to the genitals is hampered, and that affects erection. Also, high cholesterol and increased blood pressure can cause erectile dysfunction.

5. Some treatments
Ironically, some drugs that treat the causes which led to decreased libido, and depression, increased blood pressure, were themselves the effect of reducing sexual desire. Any drug that affects the central nervous system may have an impact on libido.

6. Throat
At the base of the neck are thyroid gland, which regulates metabolism via thyroid hormone. And a thyroid gland can reduce significantly, sexual desire, especially in postmenopausal women. Depending thyroid problems they can cause weight gain, which also lowers libido.



10 habits that you have and that you and destroy your sex life. Find out where you’re wrong!

If you feel that your sex life is going through a stalemate at the moment and do not understand why you decreased libido and the reasons that cause you to think less and less about sex or in a not so positive response could be right under your eyes.

destroy your sex life

There are many factors that can influence a couple’s sex life, even love, respect and devotion and attraction between partners is not missing.

Here are the habits that can ruin your sex life:

1. The use of electronics in the bedroom
The more you have electronics in the bedroom with both your attention will go less to the sexual aspect of the relationship with your partner. Get rid of the TV, laptop and phone if you want to have more sex quality.

2. Administration of birth control pills
Birth control pills contain hormones that can inhibit your libido. Use them only under the close supervision of a physician and with homeopathic products that not only protects your liver, but also help you regain your sex drive. And do not forget breaks recommended by specialists, your body needs them!

3. Embrace routines and monotony
Your sex life is made up of habits and daily routines? Bring something new and you will change for the better! Surprise your partner with new positions with a sexy lingerie or even a crazy place in which to unfold the next match.

4. The desire to sleep more
Want to go to bed earlier? Studies show that women libido reaches its peak at around 23, so I should go to sleep earlier if you want to have some action!

5. Lack of sleep
Fatigue may be a factor that actively contribute to decreased quality of your sex life. Be sure to sleep at least 7 hours each night, to be always in shape in the bedroom.

6. Lack of hygiene and order in bedroom
Who thinks of sex when it is invaded by the smell of pizza from the box lying near the bed or when it is surrounded by dirty clothes thrown all over the house? If you want to have an active and satisfying sex life, start with a general cleaning!

7. Inactivity
When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, and these generate your sexual appetite and makes you feel at the same time. So, do not skip the exercises of the evening, if you want to enjoy an orgasm hell!

8. Comparisons with perfect couples on TV
Films takes you into a fantastic universe where all happy couples have sex party fighting. You do not compare nonexistent relationship with one you see on the screen just because you will create some false standards and you‘ll end up fighting with many frustrations.

9. Smoking
Still looking for a reason to quit cigarettes? Think that every trace of smoke that enters your body deprives you of a few minutes of good sex!

10. Criticism and nagging
Get used to them doing all sorts of observations lover or are you yourself are the victim‘s taunts? Of course such an attitude will not stimulate the hormones at all, so it would be great if you could give criticism.


How weight affects your sex life!

How weight affects your sex life! It is known that in women, sexual pleasure is closely related to their mental states. The look enormous influence your sexual life, primarily because of the way you perceive it as a strong psychological factor. Weight plays an important role, but in other bodily functions that you decrease or increase your libido. Discover more about how you influence body mass sex life!

How weight affects your sex lifeSexual and psychological factors

When you do not look as you wish, frustration can become overwhelming and you get to be ashamed of your body. Too many women are complexed by their physique and the company does nothing but put greater demands on them. While on the covers of magazines are promoted only unrealistic shapes silhouettes, few women think that the pictures are fake and end up hating their body because of its imperfections. At the same time, we live in a society heavily focused on sexuality, which doubles the frustration caused by the spread of beauty unrealistic standards. How are you feeling sexy when you look so different from what has been said it attractive?

Many women with abnormal weight (either too high or too low) have real problems with sex. Their libido is primarily affected by psychological state where they are, and many come to detest intercourse because they are downright terrified by the idea of undress. Lack of confidence, not weight itself is the greatest enemy of the sexual life of women. When, instead of enjoying intimacy and sensations during sex, you stand to think about how you look, it is clear that bother you feel good instead.

Weight and sex

Beyond the purely psychological, weight has a say and physically in terms of sex. Studies have shown that a body mass index (BMI) too high or too low you can bedevil libido. When you gain weight or lose weight, there are disturbances in hormonal level. It’s a chain reaction, in which increasing levels of substances called SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin) leads to a decrease in levels of hormones responsible for sexual desire. In addition, high cholesterol associated with obesity leads to formation of fat plaques in blood vessels located in the pelvic area. This process results in a slowing of the circulation in the genital area and hence excitation is diminished or even halted.

How weight affects your sex life 1

How to restore your sex life

To have a satisfying sex life, you must make an effort to feel good about yourself again. This does not mean you have to look like supermodel X, far. You must learn to love and take care of yourself.

Here are some tips to restore your libido to life:

1. Take regular exercise, because it improves circulation and stimulates you sexually. Only 20 minutes of cardio a higher intensity increases your libido by 150%, according to studies. Lust will return, and will be more intense orgasm of a long-term bonus: muscle tone will make you feel proud of your body. The best exercises for satisfying sex life are: yoga, jogging, cycling and lunges.

2. Eat foods that increase libido, that is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins. It improves your mood and sex drive. In fact, the best diet for a healthy sex life is what Mediterranean, consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, whole grains and fish. It is no wonder that people on those lands are so passionate, right?

3. If you are embarrassed by your body, instead you avoid looking at it, try the opposite. When you get out of the shower, walk naked for a while and look at you every time you walk past a mirror, but do not focus only on problem areas but admire your body as a whole. You have to feel good when you’re naked and sent to walk critic from you.

4. Do not feed the obsessions and be realistic! Think your boyfriend really cares about cellulite on legs or belly? There is a huge gap between what women think that men consider attractive and what really attracts. When your partner has an erection, you want clearer evidence for that is attracted to you?

5. Give up certain medicines that affect your libido. For example, birth control pills have this effect, which is why you should think well if maybe it is time to try another method of contraception. After all, what sense has to take pills for that purpose, if eventually you end up not having sex?

Weight affects your sex life more than you think, especially psychologically. When you do not feel good about yourself, not only sex, but all aspects of your life starts to go down the drain.



Sexual Life on the run? 3 solutions that do more sex if you have a busy schedule.

You are always busy in the evening when you go to bed feeling too tired for love? Then you must take action before your relationship to fall apart. If the program loaded and everyday stress affect your libido, it takes effort to restore things on track. Do not neglect your sex partner and put back on the list of priorities.

Sexual Life on the run 3 solutions that do more sex if you have a busy schedule

Plan your intimate moments!
Sex is not planned as passionate as the spontaneous, but it is certainly better than nothing. It can be the ideal solution for many moments of intimacy with partners loaded programs. You can set a special day together at least a week for sex. Cindy Crawford are among the stars who have acknowledged that his days planning her husband sex because of busy schedule. “If we expect to happen by itself, it would not happen. Today, even if we do not feel like sex, when the time comes programmed mood occurs during the game“, said the star.

Sex on the run”
Time is precious and if you can not afford leisurely sex, foreplay give up and take advantage of any free moment. Fast sex parties can be very exciting and fun. Morning in the shower, in the elevator (if you are among the brave), enjoy every moment spent together.

Redo your priority list
An active sex life can be extremely beneficial for physical health but also mental. In addition, increases the love wearing your partner and help you look younger. For these reasons, regular sex should be on your list of priorities. Cancel unnecessary and tedious activities and take time for the really important things in your life.




What to do to have better sexual performance!

What to do to have better sexual performance! To keep the mind and body relaxed. It is recommended eating eggs for breakfast. Eggs made omelette, scrambled, boiled or soft-boiled eggs are a good source of vitamin B – a key nutrient to keep mind and body relaxed“, said experts.

What to do to have better sexual performance

Studies show that those who get enough vitamin A daily had a higher number of sperm and sexual performance better. And the liver is an excellent source of vitamin A and zinc. 5 milligrams of zinc body eliminate every ejaculation – a third of the RDA. Men who gives the body enough vitamin C produce a poorer quality sperm, and peaches are a good source of vitamin C.

Blueberries are among the best foods for men with erectile problems. They contain soluble fiber, which prevents the deposition of cholesterol on artery walls, said experts.

In addition, contain compounds that help relax blood vessels, improving circulation. Also, lean meat proteins naturally increase levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, two chemicals in the brain that increases the sensitivity during sex. In addition, the meat contains zinc, a mineral that stimulates the libido and, most importantly, the consumption of red meat can increase the level of testosterone.



VIDEO: 5 tips for reviving libido!

It’s normal desire for sex to fall over the years, or when installing the monotony in the couple, according to specialists in the field. But all scientists come up with solutions that can revive the mood to make love.

5 tips for reviving libidoFor many people, only special drugs can solve the problem of decreasing libido. Try the following tips and you will have chance to enjoy a fulfilling sex life without the fireworks” blue.

1. Wine drinking in moderation Heat
Catherine Hood, an expert on sexual health issues, says that a glass of wine can help much in a jam” sexual. Wine can reduce anxiety and stress and revive appetite for sex. If a glass of wine helps a lot in the life of the couple, a higher consumption of alcoholic liquor may have an opposite effect on sexual desire.

2. Try Aphrodisiacs
We’re not talking about miraculous potion that can cure any sexual problem, but foods like asparagus and oysters. These sexual health beneficial properties, qualities from content rich in antioxidants and trace elements required. Moreover, oysters contain more zinc mineral needed fertility.

3. Quit Smoking
It is known that smoking can damage the blood flow to the sexual organs circulating since narrows blood vessels. If you are a smoker, and the spouse does not share the same passion for tobacco, it is possible that physical proximity may be affected. The smell of nicotine remains in the skin and can be unpleasant for your partner.

4. Keep yourself in shape
Regular exercise helps to maintain and improve blood flow supplying the sexual organs. In addition, exercise increases self-esteem and make you feel bad about yourself. It is also good to minimize weight. Excess weight can put sexual health problems, disease may occur because blood vessels. Another important thing is related to balanced nutrition. Those skilled in the art recommends the use of five to nine fruit and vegetables per day, to maintain a good health. Vitamins and antioxidants present in fruits and vegetables maintain health blood flow and prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases.

5. Massage and music
To recover libido use and massage. Do wonders for the state of sexual arousal, especially if you are stressed, concerned or nervous. You can help treatment” and soothing ambient music and lighting right.



The effects of alcohol on sex.

The effects of alcohol on sex. The effects of alcohol are, at least at first glance beneficial. Using alcohol to boost libido is used since ancient times, even today is considered among the effects of alcohol include and increase sex drive. Ovid said in his famous poem Ars amateurs drink is bad, but to pretend you’re drunk helps you be forgiven because of bad manners or poor sexual performance. Including Shakespeare spoke about the effects of alcohol on sex: causes desire but decreases performance. Here’s what you should know about the effects of alcohol on sex:

The effects of alcohol on sex

Effects of alcohol # 1: Triggers desire
Alcohol in moderation reduces anxiety. Therefore, a glass or two of alcohol will help men to overcome shyness and approach women. Especially for men who are afraid of rejection, alcohol can be a great ally. But especially for drinks, more is not better at all. Conversely, if a glass gives courage 3-4 creates the premises for a total failure.

Effects of alcohol # 2: Reduce shyness in bed
A slight change in the emotional state due to a glass of alcohol is enough to get rid of nervousness, leading to the expression of uninhibited sexuality. A glass or two of drinks can knock down barriers over which normally can not pass. But stress: only a moderate amount of alcohol makes sex be more interesting.

Effects of alcohol # 3: Do not overdo the drinking
Always pay attention to the amount of alcohol consumed. In general, half a milligram per kilogram of body alcohol is the maximum recommended dose, everything is over, will reduce a person’s sexual capabilities. But as not all people are the same amount of alcohol may vary from one person to another. Therefore, it is important for everyone to know their limits.

Effects of alcohol # 4: Results abuse
Too much alcohol ingested can cause disasters. Beyond impotence and low performance, alcohol increases their aggressiveness of men in relationships with the opposite sex, which means danger for both women and for themselves.

Effects of alcohol # 5: How are influenced women
Not only men are influenced by alcohol, but also the emotional state of women is affected. In studies published in the journal Nature since 1994, was told that alcohol increases the libido in women. According to this research, alcohol increases testosterone levels in women, which means increased sexual desire. As in men, alcohol delete” shyness and reduce inhibitions.

Effects of alcohol # 6: Absinthe
It thinks about certain drinks that help potency. For example, absinthe was used by Europeans as an aphrodisiac, especially by French artists and intellectuals by. But this drink was banned in March 16, 1915, due to toxicity of some of its ingredients.

Effects of alcohol # 7: Beer
In a top aphrodisiac beverage beer last place. Because of the low percentage of alcohol in beer, it requires a larger amount of fluid should be consumed for testosterone levels to achieve a reasonable level. But much beer makes men often go to the toilet. And this is not generating sexual desire.

Effects of alcohol # 8: Liqueur
On some types of liquor, developed in ancient monasteries are said to have an aphrodisiac effect. Chartreuse green version, and Benedictine are recognized for their ability to increase sexual desire. Other types of liquor such as overcoming shyness normal effects and reduce inhibitions. How this has greatly drinking alcohol and its consumption decreases sexual performance need to know your limits very well.

Effects of alcohol # 9: Wine
Port wine is regarded as having one of the most powerful aphrodisiac effects. About this drink is said to promote acts of love, especially when served with strawberries. It seems that White has the best assortment aphrodisiac effects. The wine generally is considered aphrodisiac especially if it is properly seasoned. For example, Burgundy red wine mixed with ginger, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and sugar is known as the Hippocratic aphrodisiac. But, as with any alcohol, excess is bad and sexual desires.


That’s miraculous aphrodisiac food that increases sex drive!!!

Scientists have found, by accident, during laboratory tests on animals, that vanilla yogurt can have beneficial effects on libido. The scientists at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States noted with surprise that this product improves sexual activity of mice.

The study, published in Scientific Americas was led by cancer biologist Susan Erdman, and geneticist Eric Alm. The surprise was all the greater as the American scientists made the discovery while watching with all other aspects of the experiment. They wanted to observe the impact that obesity has on an additional famous vanilla yogurt during a system that mimics the characteristics of “junk-food” rich in fat, low in fiber and nutrients.

First, the researchers noted hair much brighter and 10 times richer (as density) of mice fed with this type of yogurt. Furthermore, they found that male mice had, thanks to this desert, testes up to 15% higher than those who ate junk food and 5% higher than those who were a normal diet but without yogurt.

miraculous aphrodisiac food


All couples are situations in which only one is in the mood for sex. This is because sexual desire does not always appear simultaneously to both partners. Do not despair, you can “correct” the gap!

All couples are situations in which only one is in the mood for sex. This is because sexual desire does not always appear simultaneously to both partners. Do not despair, you can “correctthe gap!

How harmonized sexual desiresWhen one partner is refused, he does not feel wanted and appreciated in terms of sexual and frustrations can arise here. But we must not take a refusal as an end. These situations can be avoided as long as you know where it comes from synchronization of the occurrence of sexual desire. There is no blame for this situation! Sexual disposition is dictated not only by the brain but also by biological factors, which can synchronize quite difficult, but not impossible as long as each is willing to pay attention and make your partner desires, even occasionally, compromise.

Women have increased libido evening

A study by University of Washington researchers in the USA show that only 50% of sexual contacts occur when both partners are excited. And men and women, sexual desire is influenced by the same hormone: testosterone. The level of this hormone is lower in women than in men, which explains the higher sex drive of men.

It is a fact that male libido is very high in the morning. Then, the level of testosterone is 30% higher than in the rest of the day. Women, however, do not have sexual desire so intense morning, but the afternoon (scientists have calculated that between 16.00 and 20.00) and evening at around 22.00. In this situation, you need one of you to compromise, otherwise we can not overcome the biological differences between the sexes.

The weather affects us

It was noted that control our weather, to some extent, libido. In the female, increase sexual desire in the spring, while the male is more intense at the beginning of the summer. Fortunately, throughout the summer, both sexes are more open to intimate relationships, and that due to intense light, which stimulate hormones sexual desire. For women, libido varies according to the menstrual cycle. They are endeavoring around ovulation, ie the period in which they are fertile.

Stress is another factor that can cause misalignment between the couple. Men with sex relieves stress, while women can not think of a physical closeness as long as they are strained. They need to release stress first to depart from when they pitted.

In general, female libido is more easily influenced by mental states, to men. If the partner initiates an intimate moment when it is stressed, is likely to strike a refusal. Therefore, each state must be responsive to each other and show understanding.

Appetite comes by eating

The brain is the most important sexual organ, what means that the desire is first mental and then physical is to materialize first. Looking at it in this way, we can say that any biological desynchronization can be “corrected” by bringing your partner in the mood to engage in intimate proximity. It’s all so how arouses desire, and it involves a beautiful atmosphere and an exciting prelude.