The story of the blonde from actress of adult movies, became a priestess! What made her change her life completely…

Crystal DiGregorio has overwhelmed a whole world with her life story. The blonde, who until recently won about $ 300,000 a year, was driving a Ferrari and was coveted by all men, changed her life altogether. She began to attend the strip clubs a few years ago, where she also got a job to allow her to raise her baby. From here to the adult film industry was one step.

The blonde admitted that she felt embarrassed when her father found out how she got her money, and that made her think.

But on the day she met her current husband, a Pentecostal priest named Dave Bassette, she fell irremediably in love, and so she decided to take another path.

“I would never have thought that I was able to make such extreme decisions, but God always keeps you on unapproachable horses”, she said.

Crystal DiGregorio


We opened the file of “XXX Queen ” – Alina Plugaru! What is true and what is history?

We opened the file of “XXX Queen ” – Alina Plugaru! What is true and what is history? It was dubbed the “Queen XXX” and not for nothing By every appearance manages to stir the imagination of all representatives hard sex. It is famous and highly courted. In the early 2000s Alina Plugaru became famous for her roles in films for adults. Stamp” controversial actress but followed her along time. For this reason did not even too lucky in love.

Alina Plugaru queen XXXAfter all, not many men would want to marry a girl has such a record. However, starlet has never regretted the way she has chosen.

Alina Plugaru has a tumultuous life story! She had a happy childhood. At the age of 7. Her parents divorced, and blonde was raised by her grandparents .. and lived her whole life without seeing her mother. This does she pushed her 16 years to get her life in her hands and to earn money alone, so got to choose such a career.

Everyone would say that Queen adult movies is a strong woman and sure of herself, as it can have any man feet. But in adolescence has gone through dramatic moments. Alina Plugaru tried to commit suicide in name of … love. Back then, Alina was only entertainer in a club … so she met Giovanni, singer Elgi the band with whom she lived a love story.

She loved him more than two years although they knew he was married. A divorced for her and nothing seemed overshadows them happiness, but destiny had prepared something else. Extremely love blonde not bear the thought of parting and tried to commit suicide, according to the statements of her former lover.