Are you ready to have sex?

Are you ready to have sex? Sex education! Sex tips! A start your sex life is one of the most important decisions of your life. It’s not easy to take and you may struggle more questions on the subject. I do not know for sure whether or not you ready for this big step. Here are 12 rules you should keep in mind before you make the plunge.

Are you ready to have sex1. Try to understand exactly what “having sex”
In many dictionaries, sex is defined as vaginal penetration purpose of procreation. At a closer look, however, we can add to this definition and that sex is the action after which you can easily get a sexually transmitted disease. So vaginal penetration can add other two forms of sex: anal and oral, after which you can choose with such a disease.

Remember, therefore, to use a condom, for all three forms of sex above!

2. Do not succumb to first pressure
If you think having sex just because you nag her boyfriend for a long time because it’s cool in peer group you belong to, try not to succumb to these pressures. The decision must exclusively yours. And if friends push you to such a step, it means that you‘re really not.

3. No need to actually have sex, to have a physical relationship with boyfriend
You do not have to actually reach sexual contact, by whatever he, like enjoying physical sensations that you can give your partner close. Do not forget all the beautiful stages prior to any contact: kissing, petting, glances, hugs, exploring every part of the body etc. And if you feel that things get out of control, the pace slows a little.

4. Ask yourself if you start your sex life does not conflict with your religious beliefs and education
There are certain religious cultures preach virginity until marriage. If you were raised in a community and also keep in mind these beliefs and you do not do this step.

5. Analyze carefully your relationship
It’s good to know that the first sexual contact is always painful, embarrassing and devoid of pleasure / orgasm. And here comes the degree of seriousness of the relationship that you have with your partner and how much and deeply cares about you. So, here are a few things that you can give food for thought:

Trust your lover? Basically, you have to be sure it’s a good man, full of good intentions in what concerns you and that would never do anything to hurt or humiliate. It’s not easy to figure out, but not impossible: it asks, for example, if you would give passwords to email accounts or other social networks that has a profile. See what your answer and you can easily find how much trust you have in it.

Your relationship is serious enough that you get to have sex? If most of your concerns is the nature of the surface, it’s better not to do step. If, instead, you grew up together, you know for many years and have gone through important stages together, then the situation changes and you consider to move on to an intimate relationship.

You talk about sex with your lover? Think if it is able to cope with issues such as contraception, for example, if you have sound knowledge on the subject and assume responsibilities this. If you find that fails the test, it is better to wait.

You may be able to make such a step with any risk, including violating religious beliefs Partner? Think about how you would look on you family or other members of the community to which you belong and raise your same problem and what it concerns him.

You feel embarrassed in front of that person after a possible sexual contact? The question may seem childish, but make an effort of imagination and designs you somehow 10 years later after the eventual sexual contact. If you feel like more than other 10 year see yourself with him and you have the slightest embarrassment you display next to him and introduce him as your partner for life, it’s better to wait to go for it.

6. Before the action, trying to imagine the moment, step by step
If you do, you might be emerging all kinds of questions about the moment itself, questions that you have the opportunity to discuss with her lover and enlighten them accordingly, before you hit them literally. On your turn, do not expect it to be perfect and to give you first sexual perfection. Would it help to have a more solid friendship back and a sense of humor.

7. Check if the emotionally and you’re just ready
Sex releases oxytocin, the hormone of happiness or that offers a great physical condition. However, even if physically feel afloat, emotionally speaking might not be ready yet. Analyze again if your lover feelings are the most powerful.

8. Approach as many sexual topics
Even if you will find it easy embarrassing, find that it is extremely important to discuss with your partner can absolutely any subject, especially those related to sex. Necessarily have discussions about contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and expectations of everyone. These three topics are very important for a first sexual contact.

9. Take all possible measures when it comes to protection
It is said that no contraceptive method is not perfect, apart from abstinence. Although the vast majority of work and do what they promise to do in the prospectus, it’s still good to blow and yogurtand if already using the contraceptive pill, and you put a condom. Super Cautios better than to be sorry that you were not careful enough.

10. Plan your early things that you need in time
Do not wait to buy your condoms 5 minutes before you decide to have sex. Be prepared for such a time and treat it seriously. It’s good to make sure you have at least two contraceptive methods available at any time decide to have sex.

11. Do not rush
Do not plan to have sex at a time when you upload or little time for that. Pick a time completely relaxed, stress-free, the dedicated entirely to your partner and enjoy plenty of each other, without any pressure. Do not go to actual sexual contact immediately. Taste full all phases of foreplay. In addition, remember that sexual pleasure is not necessarily only the techniques used, but mostly what you feel for the guy next to you and what is he to you.

12. Understand well both meanings of the word “consensus”
Falling agree with each other and fixed to want the same thing, it means to be in full agreement. This means that both must be prepared as in any phase of the sexual act to striking and any refusal by the other, denial that he must comply and which must take into account.

If you were raped, go immediately to the first hospital nearby!

A few tips to keep in mind

If religious beliefs dictate you do not start your sex life, follow them.

Losing your virginity is supposed to be a moment of satisfaction and happiness of your life. But most of those who say it was a sad experience accuse two reasons: I was too small and I did it with the wrong partner.”

Note that if something is wrong, you can always say stop action, but to keep the affectionate of you, though.

If you‘re afraid to be caught in public places, then do not risk exposing yourself in such places.

Do not fear that you do not know very well if you do well you do. Talk openly with your partner about it!

Heads Up!

Increased attention, and the age at which you choose to start your sex life and partner age. An accusation of rape is much easier to do when not to exceed the age of majority. It’s even worse when one of the partners of sex is major and the other minor. Even if both you and your partner do it for the first time and both are tested for HIV, it’s still better to use a condom.


Love and sex: Top 28 amazing things about sex.

Love and sex: Top 28 amazing things about sex. Sex is a topic much discussed but never exhausted. Always discovering new and there are other things to learn. The fact that men, on average 11 daily erections or orgasm prolongs life that are less known curiosity.

Top 28 amazing things about sex

1. Sex can function as medicine, especially against headaches. During sex, the body releases endorphins, the hormone that relieves pain by acting on the central nervous system.

2. The average size of an erect penis is 12.7 inches.

3. Sperm can be used as anti-wrinkle face cream or prevent acne. It contains a natural antioxidant called spermine, which, according to studies, moisturizes the skin, reduces wrinkles and prevents acne, but has these beneficial effects only if it is extracted and processed in the laboratory. A Norwegian company has launched on the market a face cream called “Spermine” which producers say is 30 times more effective than vitamin E skin and slows by 20% skin aging.

4. A teaspoon of semen contains about 250 million sperm. A man without health problems produce up to 60,000 sperm per minute.

5. The speed with which a man ejaculates is an average of 45.1 km / h. However, once in the vagina, the sperm get in about 5 minutes in the cervix, and the strongest of them reach the egg within 72 hours, according to Mark Elliot, director of the Institute of Psychological and Sexual Health Ohio, USA.

6. A teaspoon of sperm is between 5 and 25 calories. The product ejaculation is only 1% in the composition semen, consisting for the most part of the protein, vitamins and minerals, up to 200 in number, including vitamin C, citric acid, lactic acid, fruity, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium , vitamin B12 and zinc.

7. The vibrator was invented to relieve states of hysteria, in the nineteenth century.

8. The average length of a flaccid penis in a state is 8 inches.

9. In 1850 BC. Hr., Egyptians used crocodile excrement for contraception. In addition to this strange solution, the Egyptian longer inserted into the vagina honey or sodium carbonate.

10. During orgasm, the heart beats up to 180 beats per minute.

11. According to a new study, 44% of men and 36% of women have tried anal sex at least once. Although many heterosexual men have enjoyed the experience of anal sex, women who have had a greater extent, homosexual. Studies show that 12% of women have maintained, for once, intimate relationship with another woman and only 5% of men said they had sex with a person of the same sex.

12. a man’s orgasm lasts on average 22 seconds.

13. A woman’s orgasm lasts on average 18 seconds.

14. During sex is issued an antidiuretic hormone that prevents urination. This is called vasopressin and is released by the pituitary gland.

15. pheromones secreted by the body makes men more attractive to women.

16. Men have, on average, 11 erections per day. However, erections are not necessarily the result of sexual arousal. Some scientists believe that this is the way to keep penile tissue elasticity. Also, erections can occur sometimes reflexively, when a man is angry, scared, excited or stressed because of enlarged prostate because of drugs or need to urinate.

17. Sex can adjust the sleep cycle, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress. During orgasm releases a hormone called prolactin, which induces relaxation and sleepiness.

18. The testicles are increased by up to 50% during intercourse.

19. A woman’s vagina is, on average, up to 10 inches in length, but can double due to excitation.

20. Pineapple juice and other citrus juices alter the taste of sperm. The porn actress Annie Sprinkle, who has tasted” the sperm of hundreds of men ejaculate vegetarians product has the pleasant taste, consumption of fruit and fruit juices hours before sex improves sperm taste, while nicotine, alcohol, meat and onion make it less enjoyable.

21. Clitoris are up to 8,000 nerve endings.

22. There are people who are sexually attracted to objects. In general, those who suffer from such problems are not just sexually attracted to a particular object, but also develops feelings, thinking, perhaps, in reciprocity. In extreme cases, people suffering from this disease can not understand normal relations between people. For example, a woman named Erika La Tour Eiffel is drawn to the Eiffel Tower, marrying” with the famous tower in Paris. She swore loyalty and devotion tower during a ceremony, and then changing the name.

23. A man produce up to 53 liters of sperm in life.

24. There is a fetish called formichophilia defined by sexual pleasure to have insect genitalia.

25. Some scholars argue that masturbation can combat depression by releasing endorphins in the body orgasm.

26. a woman’s vagina natural lubricant is found in shark liver. Substance called squalene.

27. Studies have shown that pornography is a cause of erectile dysfunction in men over 40 years.

28. orgasms you can prolong life. During orgasm, the body hormone (DHEA dehydroepiandrosterone) which strengthens immunity. In addition, orgasm burn calories and regulates sleep.


Camila Navarro AKA Mia Etcheverria: Sex for $ 30 to feed her family, and now it is the porn star and like 5 star hotels!

Camila Navarro AKA Mia Etcheverria: Sex for $ 30 to feed her family, and now it is the porn star and like 5 star hotels! Camila Navarro, a young woman of 20, from Uruguay, became a prostitute to support her family. Being extremely poor, it was just sex for $ 30 to buy food for her brother, aged 11, and her mother, suffering from disabilities, but now her life suddenly changed. It has become a famous porn actress that stands only 5-star hotels.

Mia EtcheverriaCamila work as a prostitute in Las Piedras, when a friend told her that loses money time working on so few, given that looks great and it is beautiful, suggesting industry working in porn, which would achieve a fortune. Young did not stay long on thoughts and listened imadiat advice. I sent some pictures to Playboy in the US and I was called to a casting. I did not believe it“, she said. She managed to sign a contract with an agency in Hollywood on a very generous amount and quickly became a famous porn star under the stage name Mia Etcheverria.

Her style of life has improved dramatically and the poor girl who had nothing to eat now lives only in five-star hotels in Miami, and her family managed to provide a better life, that is considered. Mia has sex in front of the camera with both women and men, but she has put producers on one condition: they do not have to kiss plateau colleagues.

“I have a clause in a contract that specifies that I should not kiss her. I would not do that again“, says Mia Etcheverria. Mia Etcheverria, known as the youngest actress porn in Uruguay, is active in around 20 films and dreams of becoming a famous actress in Hollywood, adding that other stars were made early in their porn careers.

Mia Etcheverria Porn Star Mia Etcheverria XXX star



9 kinds of sex that every woman should try at least once in their life!

9 kinds of sex that every woman should try at least once in their life! In Kama Sutra you can find hundreds of ways in which to have sex. Between all these types of situations and positions, there is a top of every woman should try at least once in their life.

9 kinds of sex that every woman should try at least once in their life

Sex honeymoon
There is a pleasant feeling than when two souls become one pair. So no need for more …

Sex reconciliation
This is what happens when the line between anger and passion is very fine and extremely easy to pass.

Sex on vacation
It’s not for everyone. But be sensational, when in full holiday parties gird some fabulous sex with a man with whom you live most passionate and hot nights of your life – as long as you do not forget to protect yourself, of course.

9 kinds of sex that every woman should try at least once in their life 2

“You might catch us”
He’s a sex adrenaline, you should at least once in your life to try it on: in public places or somewhere where ever you may be surprised.

“I’ll be very missed me”
Yes, it is a kind of sex can be great, even if the relationship between the partners no longer be reached, when you can give many clues as to miss him very much.

Sex on the beach
The sound waves and their feeling to the skin makes this type of sex to be absolutely unique. If we add the sea breeze … It’s almost unreal nice and is something that should really tried! Do not forget, however, take a blanket!

Sex in the shower
Especially if you do not care the least bit about how your hair look wet and if you like the sensation of hot water that flows continuously to the skin, the kind of sex that you will conquer.

Sex “Role”
Take your partner and putting on the wildest sexual fantasy that you have. Do not be shy. You can write the script, you can buy costumes, everything you need for sex on the role to be authentic.

Sex in plane
It’s never too late to try it. The next time you and your partner are in full flight, sky, create your own turbulence. With a little care and skill … would be no game that you will never forget.


It is not good to have sex with a guy who is under 20 years! YOU MAY AFFECT THE LIFE!

Once a taboo sex between teenagers nowadays is no longer a surprising fact for anyone. Studies show that the incidence of minor parents increased concern in recent years, and scientists put a warning in this respect. According to recent research, men who become fathers by the age of 20 years transmit six times more children than teen mothers genetic mutations.

It is not good to have sex with a guy who is under 20 years YOU MAY AFFECT THE LIFE

A survey conducted on 24,000 parents and children revealed that fathers who were younger than 20 years had children with several genetic mutations compared with adult offspring.

“It could be something related to sperm boys and young men. The number of genetic problems is higher in adolescents. It falls in early adulthood, and then increases after the age of 35 years“, said Dr. Peter Foster, from Cambridge University, UK.

Therefore, the risk of children with problems is 30% higher for adolescent parents, to 1.5-2% in adults.



Sonia Baby, pornstar, reality stars in a 3G.

Porn star Sonia Baby… reality stars in a 3G.

Simply enter in your Mobile : and there you will notice that the supposed ‘ young aspiring actress ‘ is actually a porn star can be going a bit beyond the professional life.






Amazing reason why a porn starlet has decided to retire!

What happened in one day? Amazing reason why a porn starlet, Veronica Vain, has decided to retire!

Veronica Vain

Veronica Vain, a superb actress adult film industry, managed to make much hype around it with her life story, especially with her way professionally. According to the portal Veronica Vain quit her job the Wall Street to venture porn industry, where had all the chances to turn into a millionaire in no time, especially as physical assets have turned it into a favorite producers.

After just three months, passionate redhead decided to end their career as porn actress, and why and amazed many. Veronica met her halfway and infatuated by her new boyfriend, so she decided to abandon her career in the sex industry.

“Thanks for being with me and believed in me when I could not. Nothing compares with the immense love they feel towards you ” is an excerpt from the declaration of love which made her boyfriend on social networks.

Asked why she chose to change her profession total Veronica explained that “men do not like women who sleep with men for money.”

 – Veronice Vain Porn Video




Sunny Leone: Career of actress.

In high school, Sunny Leone has seen a dancer in nightclubs, dancing with Sunny befriended immediately. Curiosity drove her Sunny Leone to squeeze his new girlfriend. She wanted to know life as a dancer in nightclubs and seemed a job more than interesting and, not least, quite profitable.

Sunny Leone sexy and amazing

Career as a dancer was not going to materialize. Fed up with pressure and nagging” her friend decided to introduce a colleague Sunny Leone, a man named John Stevens. She had many acquaintances and relationships in the world of men’s magazines. John Stevens presented a Sunny Leone an agent of the men’s magazine Penthouse. After a series of discussions with those from Penthouse, Sunny Leone received the offer to pose for the magazine and accepted without giving much thought.

After a few photo shoots in which he unveiled the beautiful and alluring body, Sunny Leone appeared in Penthouse magazine. Due to the large number of sales and had amazing success pictorial or Sunny Leone agreed to pose in Hustler pictorial that brought even more fame and popularity among men.

She became famous in this world in a short time and this has excited a lot. Most porn producers have noticed her as a woman who promised much in the porn industry and they jumped offers, which more or less interesting and profitable. She was not much thought and acceptedSunny Leone has signed several contracts and debuted in the porn industry a few videos that have caught the public good. After these first appearances, and long term follow-budget films and important films. Sunny Leone had the opportunity to work with big names in the porn industry and work with famous directors.

Sunny Leone play with her pussy


A day with Rebeca Linares

A Day in the Life of Rebeca Linares.

Rebeca Linares

We will not know what will last but we found again a web in which it appears hung the documentary “Come to Vegas Nena” Rebeca Linares made last January during the ceremony AVN 2008 exclusively for Canal+, repeat not know which lasted viewing on the web but as promised in the previous article that publishing few days ago.



Rocco Siffredi, the famous XXX actor admits he paid prostitutes for sex.

Rocco Siffredi starred in hundreds of XXX movies, had sex with thousands of women, becoming a superstar XXX industry, but there came a time when pay to satisfy instincts.

Rocco Siffredi

Rocco Siffredi continues his shocking statements. Having said that is gay, and that he was molested by a priest, nicknamed the Italian Stallionhas decided to make uncovering an episode in his life. Thus, it was recognized that the prostitutes, who paid them to have sex with him.

“I wanted to end my career like porn for my sons were small and I did not want my work to be a problem for them as a teenager. But at 42, after I use sex every day, I was like a junkie, I needed “meat”. Then I came back home, where I could find a gorgeous family. I told my wife that I had a thousand of women that have paid in that period. We started talking about it, and this brought us together. I confessed that I did not recognize at that Rocco who had become a good boy. My biggest flaw is that I do not like to disappoint “, said Rocco Siffredi.

Now, at 48 years, he can look after detachment. And explain why he thinks that his wife had reasons of jealousy:

Sex in porn is not related to the feelings I have for my consort. I do not want a lover, although I could have more, even famous. I just needed to get empty to save my marriage. ” However, the former Miss Hungary Rózsa Tassi, known as Rosa Caracciolo, knew exactly who she marries. Especially to and worked with him in the XXX industry. Does sex movie with her, was still without feelings?