War between two XXX starlets! Favorite internet porn actress , Lisa Ann, harassed by a rival Nikki Benz!

War between two XXX starlets! Favorite internet porn actress , Lisa Ann, harassed by a rival Nikki Benz! American Lisa Ann, Internet MILF favorite porn consumers, industry recently retired but continues to attract envy former colleagues. A rival of hers, Nikki Benz, systematically harasses, which is why Lisa was able to get a restraining order.

Lisa Ann Porn Star in blue

War between a porn starlet and a former actress XXX movies. Lisa Ann, who at age 42 decided to withdraw from the industry, claims to be harassed by another adult productions star, Nikki Benz.

Brunette complained that her rival has urged fans on Twitter, 700,000 in number, to offend and to send offensive messages, they will be rewarded for their gesture blonde. Lisa Ann even received death threats had reason to be afraid to go out of the house.

The bone of contention? It seems that Nikki would be jealous of Lisa business success, which opened, among other things, a film production XXX house .

The situation became so serious that the former actress arrived at court in Los Angeles, where she requested a restraining order against Nikki. As a result of evidence, judges have released a document prohibiting her to approach Lisa Benz less than 100 meters.

Nikki Benz Blonde at War


Teagan Presley signature a contract with Adam & Eve Pictures.

Teagan Presley signature a contract with Adam & Eve Pictures.

Teagan Presley porn star

Adam & Eve and its division of porn producers Adam & Eve Pictures have announced Teagan Presley as its new exclusive contract. The highly regarded young porn actress and mother of a young child Teagan Presley has been nominated numerous times and winning in AVN awards (including Best Single Sex Scene “for” Not Bewitched XXX “at AVN,” Favorite Ass “twice at FAME, and “Best Feature Dancer” at Nightmoves) working alone from now with Adam & Eve Pictures and SkinworXXX distribution only for Adam & Eve.

Teagan Presley is co-owner of the growing company SkinworXXX porn movies with producer and director Joshua and beautiful and sexy Eva Angelina, the SkinworXXX seal that will be distributed only by Adam & Eve has recently launched two films with a great reception from the public the all-girl hit “Sun Goddess: Malibu” Adam & Eve’s Bree Olson starring and super acclaimed “Deviance” with the famous Sunny Leone, Eva Angelina and Teagan Presley.

Teagan Presley

“I am very excited says Teagan Presley with having signed as a girl of contract with Adam & Eve, I’m looking to start with Bree Olson my first film Adam & Eve, it was entitled Bree & Teagan besides we are both in Conveción sex Adam & Eve January‘s Adult Entertainment Expo to be held next January after the AVN.

Remember that with this firm Teagan Presley girl how contract with Adam & Eve joins the already cited Bree Olson and insiginia ship company Kayden Kross we do not know for how long will this last in Adam & Eve there are strong rumors that Kayden Kross leave the company for signature by Digital Playground next January. Keep you informed of dancing girls in contract signings between the major porn studios in Los Angeles.

Teagan Presley pornstar

Teagan Presley is known as one of the Top Porn Stars in the porn industry. At 24 years has made more than 50 high-budget porn movies and has been featured in over 100 magazine covers for adults. Initially signed to Digital Playground has starred in the biggest porn productions of recent times especially epic cut working for, Digital Playground and Adam & Eve’s recently Teagan has the role of Tabitha in “Not Bewitched XXX” as Marcia in “Not The Bradys XXX: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia and is lead role in Deviance, has guest starred on” Entourage with Jesse Jane and Devon, and also appeared in” One Night in Paris “and” Superbad “.

Teagan has numerous awards, winning three times Best Feature Dancer,” XRCO‘s Best New Starletin 2005, numbers AVN and FAME Awards, and recently launched his own studio with director Joshua and adult star Eva Angelina in SkinworXXX. Teagan has also gandado the Penthouse Pet in January 2009.

Teagan Presley is the oldest of seven children. At age 7 he attended dance classes and gymnastics. At age 10 she moved to Southern California. She started dancing with ballet Joffery and later was accepted by the American Ballet Teathre. At 15, she traveled to Denmark and Germany representing the US in dance and gymnastics competitions. She continued to compete at the national level until finished high school at age 17.

Teagan Presley porn actress

Real Name: Ashley Erickson
Born: July 24, 1985
Houston, Texas
Other names: Teagean, Teagan Teagan Presly
Measurements: 34B24-34
Height: 1.52 m
Weight: 46 Kg
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Orientation movies: Bixesual
Caucasian: ethnicity

Teagan Presley sexy in latex


2007 AVN Award for Best lesbian scene by Island fever 4.
2009 AVN Award for Best masturbation scene by Not Bewitched XXX.


2004 XRCO Award for Best Actress
2004: teen XRCO Award for Best Actress
2004 XRCO Award for Best threesome


2004 Rog Reviews Critic’s Choice Award – for Best Actress
2004 CAVR Award – Actress of the Year
2004 F.O.X.E. Award – Best Vixen
2004 Adam Film World Award – Best Actress
2007 F.A.M.E. Award- Best ass
2008 Night Moves Adult Entertainment Award – Best striptease dancer




New rules for porn movies from Hollywood.

New rules for porn movies from Hollywood. American judges have decided that porn actors in Los Angeles are required to use condoms during filming sex scenes.

New rules for porn movies from HollywoodLos Angeles County residents voted in 2012 for the adoption of measures which becomes mandatory condom use during sex casting scenes from pornographic movies, reports Reuters. The same law requires periodic testing of actors on sexually transmitted diseases.

Lawyers attacked porn industry regulations District Court, arguing that the imposition oppose condom use to their customers right of freedom of expression provided by the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

Porn producers have stated that they spoil the mood visible contraceptive measures some customers because they remind of real world problems such as unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

A three-judge panel of the 9th court in San Francisco, in the Circuit Court of Appeals in the United States has maintained Monday legislative measure, arguing that regulating decision is made with care for the interests district to reduce the rate of sexually transmitted infections, allowing at the same time, alternative ways appropriate expression.”

The three judges said they agreed with the lower court decision that whatever the original message” that the filmmakers could hope to convey by presenting scenes of sex without a condom, it is very unlikely that people who follow adult movies to understand that message.

The Court of Appeal in San Francisco argued that compulsory medical testing requirement actors and producers to follow a training course for infection with blood-borne pathogens using the same purpose of preventing the transmission of STDs.

The court noted that the three companies in the pornography industry, which is among those that have challenged the measure adopted in 2012, already require actors providing their real identity documents and undergo medical tests at least once a month.

Most of the porn industry in the United States, whose revenues are estimated at 9-13 billion dollars annually, working in Los Angeles County. According to the organization AIDS Healthcare Foundation, porn actors risk ten times greater than contracting a sexually transmitted disease compared with the general population.


Joslyn James, has not had sex for 1 year

Here a porn diva who has not had sex for 1 year! Porn actress who managed to divorce Tiger Woods on Saturday an unusual party.

It was a year of celibacy. Joslyn James claims she refused lucrative contracts with major adult movie houses to keep this promise and she did to her.

I have not the experience sex with Tiger Woods. Thus he was the last man in my life for a year “, she said at the opening party held in a club in Los Angeles.

Joslyn James porn star at office


Tasha Reign sells her underwear and her vibrator

Tasha Reign, A porn starlet sells underwear and vibrator to help colleagues!

Tasha Reign, Porn American starlet, 25, who graduated from the prestigious University of California, helps a group of colleagues in Canada, for doing bad money. More specifically, the star decided to sell underwear to $ 150, sex toys and even offered to have sex with a man and paid to come to help them Canada porn starlets. They finally reached the wooden hoe, because there were requests for movies. To support colleagues Tasha Reign guild still offering dinner in Los Angeles with the person who will pay the sum of $ 1,500 and provide autographs charges.

Tasha Reign sexy porn star xxx


Raids in porn studios. LA authorities will check whether the actors wearing condoms!

Raids in porn studios. LA authorities will check whether the actors wearing condoms! Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced that soon, teams of police, nurses and social workers will platorurile raids on filming porno movies to ensure that actors use condoms.

Big condom

Antonio Villaraigosa has already signed the law that, in Los Angeles, to use condoms during porn casting scenes is mandatory, despite protests from representatives industial 8 billion dollars in the city.

The law is the result of six years of AIDS campaigns Healthcare Foundation, a foundation that fights the spread of HIVAIDS.

As has been made ​​for the Nike shoes not to be made ​​by the children forced to work in third world countries or construction workers to be insured against accidents, we believe that it is normal for someone to take action and that actors in adult films to no more sacrifice on the altar of the porn industry. “, said foundation President Michael Weinstein.

Porn industry representatives, however, say the law is a violation of freedom of choice.

We want to have the freedom to choose. It is not right that the government regulating sexual behavior between two adults who are capable of discernment. Audience is tired of government intervention in life and his bedroom.“, said Diane Duke, director of the NGO Free Speech Coalition, which campaigns against censorship.

Currently, according to informal agreements between production houses in Los Angeles porn actors are tested for sexually transmitted diseases every 30 days. Testing does not include all the possible diseases such as herpes.

Herpes is part of the job.” says former porn actor Derrick Burts. In 2010, he tested positive for HIV.

Periodic Testing is not effective. No. protects you in any way, just let you know that you become ill.he said, adding that actors wear condoms insist not get work in the industry.

The Aids Healthcare Foundation in 2004 and to date there have been 10 cases of HIV infection and gonorrhea than 4,000 diseases among porn actors in Los Angeles.

Adult film producers say, however, that the audience dictates the behavior and whether condoms will appear in the movies, sales will drop dramatically.

The public has a real phobia of condoms.” says producer and director Stevie Glasser, who is considering moving the business to a place with more permissive laws.


Audrey Bitoni, XXX star had sex with 100 men in 10 hours

Famous porn star, Audrey Bitoni has managed to have sex with 100 men during 10 hours in an erotic fair.The performance took place in the American city of Los Angeles and had over 2,000 spectators, in which Audrey had chosen sex partners. Audrey Bitoni is 24 years old and was launched in the porn industry in 2008, when she appeared on the cover Penthhouse for the first time in her career   .audrey bitoni sex with 100


You’ll never guess who is the porn capital of the United States!

A study conducted at the request of Men’s Health magazine offered a surprising answer to the question What is the porn capital of the United States? You’ll never guess who is the porn capital of the United States!

Well, according to the Huffington Post, this is neither cosmopolitan Las Vegas or Los Angeles, the soul of the film industry, including XXX, but Orlando, Disney World house, a town in sunny Florida, the state that is represented by the other two locations, Tampa and Miami in Top 12 of American urban pornography. On top novelty composition were taken into account several criteria such as the number of DVDs specialty” rented, sold or downloaded from the internet, based on the number of inhabitants, accessories XXX in adult stores or number of searches for the word porn” on Google.

porn capital of the United States


Find out what famous actor spent the holidays in the company of 3 Porn stars

Find out what famous actor spent the holidays in the company of 3 Porn stars

Charlie Sheen’s life is not much different from that of his character in the series “Two and a Half Men”. Although it has 5 children, the actor does not give remove the fun, he nonchalantly posing with three porn stars, they took him to a holiday spent in Hawaii.

charile1 charlie

It seems that the actor does not matter so much that one of his five children could see their father smiles photography wide with three nearly naked women. Nobody knows how they got personal photos in the press, but if we consider the nature libertine actor, perhaps it has not tried too hard to hide evidence amorous escapade. It is not excluded that one of the three starlets have made them public.


The three women who appear alongside actor, Jayme Langford, Jana Jordan and Celeste Star, have extensive experience in the porn industry. Jana has appeared in over 100 adult films. Celeste Star is simply a pornographic actress, making her debut as recently and adult film director. Jamy Langford studied biology at a prestigious university in Los Angeles, but she dropped out when university managers withdrew their financial support because of his career in the porn industry.


Jayden Jaymes, every character, in and out of scene

Jayden Jaymes

Jayden Jaymes is one of the most exuberant and new stars of American porn industry was unveiled at the international porn scene for having been featured in several adult magazine covers in 2007. Previously had already recorded some porn scenes for several companies, that’s when Brazzers, Bangbros and Reality Kings noticed her. Jayden Jaymes has since continued to record for the biggest porn studios in California, Digital Playground, Evil Angel, Elegant Angel, Zero Tolerance, Wicked and many others.

Jayden Jaymes good porn diva


Jayden Jaymes good porn diva1

Jayden Jaymes measurements are 104-66-91 cm (36DD26-36) with a height of 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in) and weighing 61 kg (134 l.) His real name is Michele Lee he was born on February 13, 1986 (25 years) in Upland, California. Lover of animals and nature is seen as she acknowledges what is not recognized is difficult character he has and he has led at times to come to blows with one partner as was in the case of Nikki Benz porn star of silicone blond Ukrainian-born one day rolled together to Brazzers

Jayden Jaymes good porn diva2
It has also put in between that in his personal blog to Derek Hay owner of LA Direct Models and Vivid accusing the company of not paying for the extra work that models had for scenes. All this I actually have a picture of troubled girl but they have not stopped working hard and well for the American porn industry.

Jayden Jaymes good porn diva3

Jayden Jaymes is and has been one of the nominees in recent years at the AVN Awards

Jayden Jaymes good porn diva4

2009 AVN Award – Nominee Best New Starlet
NightMoves 2009 Winner – Best New Starlet – Fan Choice
2010 AVN Award – Nominee Best New Web Starlet – www.JaydenJaymesXXX.com
2010 AVN Award – Winner – Best Group Sex Scene – 2040
2010 AVN Award – Nominee Best Tease Performance – Curvy Girls 4
2010 AVN Award – Nominee Best All Girl Three-Way Sex Scene – Sweet Cheeks 11
2011 AVN Award – Nominee Best Tease Performance – Jayden Jaymes Unleashed
2011 AVN Award – Nominee Best All Sex Release – Jayden Jaymes Unleashed
2011 AVN Award – Nominee Best Web Premiere – Puba Real Life: Jayden Jaymes

Jayden Jaymes good porn diva5

In conventional cinema has intervened in 2010 where it was The Frankenstein Brothers Stripper and titles Born To Be A Star and Diary of Death.

Jayden Jaymes good porn diva5

If you want to know more this Vidal i shere called Jayden Jaymes jaydenjaymes.com here’s his website and his twitter as well twitter.com/JaydenJaymes

Jayden Jaymes good porn diva6
And because we know you like the good looking trailer this time we‘re giving away one that corresponds to Jayden Jaymes gangbang for Elegant Angel starred definitely one of the best gang bangs series so successful producer sells Los Angeles.

Jayden Jaymes good porn diva7 Jayden Jaymes good porn diva8 Jayden Jaymes good porn diva9 Jayden Jaymes good porn diva11 Jayden Jaymes good porn diva12 Jayden Jaymes good porn diva13 Jayden Jaymes good porn diva14