8 Bizarre Things You Did not Know about sex toys.

8 Bizarre Things You Did not Know about sex toys. Sex toys like vibrators, dildos or lubricants can hardly shock anyone. Eventually, sex toys are sold in pharmacies as vitamins. So you might wonder what could be strange about sex toys.


8 Bizarre Things You Did not Know about sex toys

Here are some things less known about sex toys:

Sex toys # 1: The vibrator was invented by a doctor to help women hysterical
Well yes, the first electric vibrator (invention weighed more than 18 kg and it took two people to handle it) was used by a British physician to treat hysterical women. Doctor use tool to produce female orgasm nervous or stressed. Fortunately, a few years later was created for the home version.

Sex Toys # 2: Rabbit vibrator is shaped like an animal for legal reasons
Bunny (which Charlotte from Sex and the City had become dependent) was invented in Japan, a country where it was against the law to create a sex toy like a penis. But why this toy was allowed to have components like a bunny ears, no one understood. However, many women are happy that the manufacturer did not give up despite the obstacles arising idea.

Sex Toys # 3: Sales increase during economic recessions
Women give up anything, except during the economic downturn sex toys. Sales of sexual products not only not reduced in times of economic crisis, rather an upward trend.

Sex Toys # 4: If you do not use it chances are to be used by roommate
According to an academic study on the use of the vibrator in the US – yes, American scientists are paid to do such research one of two women borrow vibrator.

Sex Toys # 5: Do not just help women reach orgasm vibrator
The belief that men are less afraid of vibrator could be false. 81% of women and brought the vibrator in the bedroom while they were with a man.

Sex Toys # 6: VDay stands for vibratory Day
Forget the flowers and chocolates gentlemen. Or, better yet, these traditional gifts you can opt for a sex toy for Valentine’s Day. According to a survey conducted in adults increases their stores doubles in February, 1 in 5 people said they had used a vibrator with partners on 14 February.

Sex Toys # 7: Women who use a vibrator have a healthier life
It is known that regular orgasms can lead to a longer life, and one study found that women who regularly use the vibrator have a very healthy genital apparatus.

Sex Toys # 8: The best-selling sex toy is
There is not a vibrator or dildo, as you would expect. Toy fastest disappearing from the shelves is lubricant.


Top 5 sex toys for beginners

Bring toys from sex shop in bedroom can be a challenge. On the other hand, such a torque life props help to get out of the routine.

Top 5 sex toys for beginners

This are the five sex toys for beginners:

A bullet vibrator

It is not intrusive, and some models are constructed so that should keep the button pressed to get pleasure always. Such a device is therefore perfect for couples who want to escape the monotony in bed.

A puff of feathers for tickling

If you are not the most perverse people and want to start with something relatively innocent sexy games, such a device is ideal. Good but provide intense sensations, a toy for tickle looks nice and both partners can enjoy the benefits. If you want to spice up the action, you can add a scarf with which to link arms and suddenly nibbling seems sooooooooo interesting.

Bondage set for beginners

A mask covered his eyes and handcuffs or immobilize joints harness devices are another nice way to bring sex toys into bed, without entering the professional category. You can use them together or sequentially after how open partner to such “unorthodox practices”.

Lubricants, flavors and sensations

If you are very shy regarding sexual toys and objects tempts you not to be entered in intimate places, you can try something very pleasant and good.
Lubricants have fruity or those who provide a warm feeling can be a good start for an intimate devoid of inhibitions.

A vibrator for him and her

There vibrators on the market designed for both partners. In other words, these gadgets true inflated in two separate parts, one for clitoral stimulation and the other for unusual sensations in the testicles. Perhaps such a device is not just for those shy, but remember that you already do adults and sex, so it never hurts a little adventure. If you like, you can always opt out.


The strangest ingredients of condoms and lubricants

Whether you use them together or separately, lubricants and condoms contain ingredients that you never thought you had.

The strangest ingredients of condoms and lubricants

Here are just a few examples:

1. According to the American Chemical Society, some condoms containing capsaicin – a substance that is found in chili peppers. That gives way to spice up your sex life, right ?!

2. Some condoms contain milk proteins and even milk, so they are not “vegan friendly”.

3. Are condoms containing cornstarch. It prevents sticking and so the condom will be easier to run.

4. Latex condoms are derived from plants, but there are condoms derived from sheep intestines.

5. Some condoms contain spermicide which could be dangerous for some people, causing inflammation of the cervix and vagina. The irritation can lead to urinary infections.

6. There organic condoms. They contain organic flavor extracts, no chemicals and added sugars.

7. Some lubricants contain parabens, why would you want in your vagina? Parabens can change vaginal flora and cause hormonal imbalance process.

8. Some lubricants contain chemicals that relieve pain and thus you can not tell if you have problems during sex.

9. Glycerin contained some lubricants may contribute to fungal infections.

10. Another substance that may contain lubricants is acetate, an alcohol that can irritate tissues.

11. Aloe is also an ingredient that can be contained in many products of a sexual nature.

However, you should not be afraid to use condoms and lubricants. Just read the label carefully, so that you are aware of what will come in contact with his body.