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News not to be our best standard in the world of porn, if recently announced her separation, after his retirement from porn, now Nacho Vidal surprised us with the news of her foray into politics. The actor plans to relaunch the Barcelona erotic festival, getting into politics. Nostros we bring you one of the best videos for your enjoyment.


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Go with the brunette, who more juicy ass and how deep throat, these are two of the characteristics that best define this porn actress, Melissa Laurens. The will see in action, playing with dildos, to open her ass well and make way for enormous cocks that will give very strong, until drop and squeeze well to fill her mouth with sperm.


6 Porn actresses who do not raise the “dust”

For many, porn is a fantasy where sex is always great and women, true goddesses. Only … sometimes it’s not like that.

With the increase in production, there is a place for more ordinary girls. And even, for some especially ugly. It is clear that it is my personal opinion, but here I am going to present a small list of girls that are very ugly.

Pamela Peaks

The horror. From a girl more or less cute, obsessed with what represents Pamela Anderson, has become a monster sculpted based on silicone, botox and UV rays. Now a MILF, she’s done sporadic scenes here and there. Although I do not think I should have a fan.

Pamela Peaks

Charley Chase

Tireless worker of porn, since 2007 giving to the subject …. Without ever achieving too much fame. It is clear that with that face will never be a star: perhaps thanks to she works hard and her face abounds in productions dedicated to squirting. Actually, the thing depends on the moment: she tends to get fat and there are seasons when she has been really obese.

Charley Chase

Luscious Lopez

For Luscious we have affection, but that jaw to the Stallone and nose of parrot did not count on our sympathies of good to first. Luckily, her bomb-proof sexual versatility has managed to keep her job: she has over 300 scenes in her making.

Luscious Lopez


Another example of surgery that is capable of spoiling a pretty passable woman. Even so, we have affection for two reasons: for sleeping with 620 men in what was in day the most massive gang-bang in history … and by Give herself an air to the agent Renee Walker, of the series 24.


Katie Kummings

Katie also monopolizes. If you like Gia Paloma faces, she has a small resemblance. Otherwise … I think the photo speaks for herself, but Katie has managed to thrive thanks to her sharp personality and specialize in some odd fetish, such as the feet. Ugly but we like the girl.


Ava Ramone

I admit that Ava’s dirt has managed to get me wrong sometime. But I have never failed to keep in mind her masculine features. At times it seems a component of Twisted Sister or some group of glam 80’s. As of the moment we have not seen touching songs of Ratt, but yes eat many bananas, nevertheless she “look” continues us without convincing.