6 types of men who have the worst sex!

If you were to ask someone how many sex partners you’ve had so far, as you evaluate your sex life? You counting the men who You had sex lame?

6 types of men who have the worst sex!I mean those men with those sex that does not matter because it was so, so bad And more specifically, men who have some of the worst sex are:

The man with whom sex takes 10 seconds
Is man drinking 2-3 glasses of wine before or who knows he has a problem with erection, but too proud to solve. Sex lasts blink twice and, of course, you do not have an orgasm. But it feels so good and if even boor, I’ll ask and what‘s wrong for you so surprised.

You little man commits
Let’s call a spade a spade. There are plenty of couples in which the man makes his one way or the other partner to feel lucky to have sex with him, and believe that we should have sex whenever he wants and if he refuses a sexual favor, it means that something is happening with it. How to get sex out of obligation? The emotional blackmail.

The man who saved hard sex
Hard to remember, not because it would take a whole day and gets you the details, no. You know that he exists, if you know and how it looks, you had sex with him but I really do not remember how it was. And if I were to get up at night to remember exactly who it is, it would not be worth considering. Why? Because it was so bad sex with him that you can not remember anything.

The man who has sex because they have
The man who has sex to keep score, not to sit too long on the sidelines or take the boys for a beer stories I do not know whether it is worth the name of man. Furthermore, where I’m going with the idea is that when having sex because they have not because he likes / wants very much, is as bad as possible to come to make the woman feel like Damn.

The man who makes you regret sex
Gender should be the most enjoyable experience in two but you know what they say, each forest has its dry. Leaving trees aside, it seems that 60% of women with an active sexual life have had at one time a sex that completely changed opinion about men. That made them see that they can and worse: 0 foreplay, quick kisses here and there, a few moves up down left right and ready. Sex is over! If you have such a male at the door, run!

The man you’re not sure whether or not sex
It’s funny because if it were so, it would be tragic. Things like this when you soar with a man in linen but you do not realize exactly when penetration occurs. As for what to ask, entered? (smile) And if you’re not sure, it’s three reasons: tired, wanted to make their mood with a glass and drank 3 or, it’s not so well equipped to your standards, anatomical or not.


If you have had part of one of the men above, expect to read something about that.


10 sexual advice from a father! Find out now what he prepared an American writer of his daughter!

sexxBut Jef, an American writer, has prepared a list of ten tips for daughter’s sex, which aims to give them the time.

1 As a girl, you should know to wait until the boy appears to deserve you, to love you and not use you as an object.

2 You should not be labeled as a trophy, and one that you will be convinced that he is the man who must sleep, you must not lie, cheat you or force you to do things you do not want .

3 Do not agree to do something you do not want, just because you like the man in your life. You are your own master and no one else to have control over you.

4 Body entirely yours, and who does not respect this is your enemy. Do not attach to such persons, for you are the only one who can make decisions.

5 An unsuccessful sexual act should not affect you. It happens and things like that.

6 Condom use to take care of yourself and not your condition. He deserves to lose a second of the action to put it, and then be quiet and carefree rest of the time.

7 Do not ever let yourself convinced that a man who sleeps with you do you a favor. That I can say only cowards.

8 Do what you feel and not what you see in porn. They are not a guide to sex. If you need something, you know that I bought.

9 Do not be photographed naked because you do not know what hand you will get blank images. Especially before 18 years when you get arrested if you did that.

10 And finally, remember that your father and I love you. And whatever you do, do not let me down, I will not shock me you do not love you.


Differences between the woman we love and with which do only sex

Confessions of a man: ;Differences between the woman we love and  with which we do only sex; Even if women do not see always this difference, from sex to love there is a pretty long way. Men can do this without logging in emotionally, and their attitude offers pretty much transparent.

Confessions of a man

Here are the differences in male behavior that indicate love or not, just hormonal interest:

1. Midnight Conversation
A man who calls you at night just after already drinking a few glasses with his friends, does not want anything but sex. Because men respect women that I love and would not mind during sleep for anything.

2. Sacrifices
Men make sacrifices for someone unless they are lovers. A male, be it alpha or beta will not go shopping or to visit the parents of a women who does not feel anything, because he knows he can have sex without many efforts.

3. Tolerance
If a man does not love you, will not care about other guys flirting with you might, you will not ask where you’ve spent the last few days and with whom you met. The interest arises only due to increased emotions. In their absence, it does not exist.

4. Concern
Men care about the women they love. When your partner are interested in your health, when you worry all your anxieties when trying to find solutions for problems that you knead, actually transmit signals that loves you.

5. Fun
Motto men who want sex from a woman is never say never“. Moreover, they do not deny anything when they are not emotionally involved in a relationship, so attention in such situations does not mean more than that they want to have sex.

6. Pride
Men love their lovers are proud of them shows all the friends and intimates and ensure that all share his sympathy for the partner. In contrast, men who want just sex partners does not remove the area of privacy.

7. Surprises
Men love to pleasantly surprise their partners, who are in love, that they want to see them happy. When you have a relationship based solely on sex, their interest is much lower, and the energy to invest efforts is almost nonexistent.

8. Tenderness
Tender gestures have no place in a purely sexual relationship, so neither will the question of sleeping together, moonlight rides, squeezing in his arms and kisses hot. But when a man will fall for you, you will have all these wonders.

9. Willingness to share
A man in love will always be willing to offer the woman he loves or jacket when she is cold or release a shelf in the closet for her to sit his things in order. But when it’s just sex, his willingness to share things and space and will tend to zero.

10. Rules
When a man is in love with his girlfriend establishes rules that relationship works. When there is and just wants sex, play by his own rules and not pay attention to your partner wishes.


Wondering what it looks like porn for women? The kind of porn that attracts women who have just become mothers, women older than 40 years and married women?

man-ideal-cleaningMen have asked this question a long time but could not find a real answer. A group of women named Cambridge Women’s Pornography Cooperative (CWPC) decided to help and started to make porn for women. Predominantly sought inspiration in everyday life and have tried to find erotic moment that women lose a classic erotic production.

On their website, they offer many products made by their erotic imagination. Their experiences are based on real life and talks all kinds of women – rich, poor, short, tall, religious, married, mothers etc.

Hard Pornography

The images we see men clean, neat, well-dressed, I do all the housework. They give vacuum and at the same time asks his partner if he can change the baby’s diaper. They pamper their partner dishwasher and recommending them to relax taking a bath already prepared. Also, come with large bouquets of flowers in hand and partner offers tickets for the weekend at a wellness center with massages, sauna and aromatherapy.

We see images of men who wash, rub, cooking, washing clothes, ironing, arrange laundry, playing with the kids, change diapers, wake up at 2 am, feed the baby while he sprinkled it with fruit puree…

Then follows pornography for women hard. We see a man who’s tired fingers massage your partner, combing her hair, her nails done, help her dress and choose the right clothes, go with joy to her in stores to help you buy any piece of clothing. Serve them breakfast in bed, comes from a party with his friends one hour earlier than announced, is sober, has a bunch of flowers in hands and bring home a big box of ice cream.

Eheee, you’ve probably realized by now that we presented a nice case of irony and some humor. For a man it is probably hard to assess the quality of erotic things I’ve mentioned, so let’s do a comparison.

man-kitchen-sexyPornography gives a man exactly what it is supposed wants. If we put aside the fact that the actors are naked men we see in porn? We see a woman who is always ready to have sex, a woman with no physical defect and a woman who is always neat. This woman has no children, does household chores (even if household, we do not see never washing or cleaning up). If it is to work, it does not work too hard, but seduce. So it is a sensual, not working. A man wants sex and the woman must become subject who fulfills wishes.

Why pornography seems even repulsive, especially for women? Because pornography is not about to be erotic. Pornography is largely a way to establish dominance of male and men are excited by their power, dominance and not pure sexuality.

Sexuality is just a medium in which man hides visual bombardment eyes seduce us. He enjoyed the balance of power. That’s what you want to see and what you get on a silver platter.

Some gallant British women have turned this situation and put man upside down and took the man’s role themselves. They just kidding, but somewhere there is a grain of trut …


What your man really wants in bed. Find out what fantasy is, depending on his behavior!

Men are pretty airtight in terms of communication even when the subject is about sex. Their desires are difficult to decipher, just that they never talk openly about what they want.

What your man really wants in bed

If you’re part of such a loved and you’ve proposed to them decode behavior, it does not necessarily need to pull the tongue or torture to convince him to be honest. Here are some clues that will reveal his desires and fantasies are hidden:

He wants you to stay on top

If your boyfriend signs that prefer parties where you take control means that the kind of man who likes to be dominated. I would not mind becoming a little more aggressive from time to time and catch him with sudden movements with strong groans or bites. You can try it easily snaps from time to time, you pull the hair or scratch their back to you, will surely appreciate the enthusiasm and toughness that give evidence.

He wants to stay on top

Men who prefer to stay above will control the movements themselves, rhythm and even penetration depth. That does not mean you have to let him lead him holding the bag, because all these men very much appreciate the passionate women. Let him take his control, but not limited to stand as a vegetable; do so as to help him dominate you and you will be rewarded with amazing love parties.

Do not accept any other position besides doggy style

All men like this position and have to admit that and you feel good when you stay so, because penetration occurs at an angle especially in such situations. But to enjoy it occasionally quite impersonal posture and to make it so it is always a long way. If your boyfriend does not give you variety at all and always prefer this version, you may not really love you and treat you as a tool with which they meet the desires hormones.

It feels offended When you do not orgasm

When your partner feels hurt if you have year orgasm, it just has too much selfconfidence, But That Provesi you and cares about how you feel. The Situation is so desperate That THEY begin to mimic the climax, and what you can do to ward off feelings and thoughts these symbols is to talk openly with Him and tell Him That you enjoy Every time of the act, and That is Normally do not have Every year orgasm game. If you feel really comfortable with Him, tell Him That Will resolve the problem ITself.

Refuse to satisfy you orally

If your boyfriend refuses to satisfy you orally or has some bad memories related to this issue, or they worry that his performances are not quite satisfactory. Help him overcome these obstacles and explain to her how good you feel when he does. He just needs some encouragement and sincere to enter the hand. Lures him with your charms and always be clean and arranged” in the intimate, and things will improve over time.



These are things that every man and they want during sex!

In bed you have to do what you want, but you have to think and your partner might have something to say.

These are things that every man and they want during sexYour partner does not want to do anything weird or extreme, but there are a few things you would like to see and to hear more often from you.

1. Wants to talk dirty you‘d be surprised what they can do some dirty words for a man. To not get out of your comfort zone, try to use words such as “wet”, “what is good” or “cool”!

2. Wants to take control sometimes There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants in bed. You can start with something simple like a slight push in bed. Or you can choose the next position.

3. Wants to initiate new positions If there is a new position that you found it and you want to try, put it into practice. There must be something very creative, but any change from the old routine is welcome.

4. Wants to surprise it is not necessarily about bringing sex toys in bed, but of gestures such as the initiation of sex when you did not expect. Also works great costumes.

5. Will you watch If you choose the position in which he can look, you’ll get a brilliant effect on him. Can I suggest to have sex in front of the mirror and let him watch you while you masturbate.


Want a honest man in your life? The solution is sex on a first date!

Theories do not apply to everyone. But if you’re single and want to make sense” of a man hell, it’s compulsory to have sex with him on the first date, say experts in relationships.

honest man and sex at the first date

The strategy is very simple: you can be as nice to him and give him what he wants for 60 days. So, I’ll make it dependent on you and, even more, that would be willing to do anything to give you in turn what you want.

The point is, experts say, that if you take control from the start, fate is in your hands.

You hold the power to decide who to fall in love with you, so that you can choose who suits you best is one of the rules relations specialists.

Do not bother, it conquers is another rule made by them.

What happens otherwise? When a woman is wearing at the beginning with a man as he would like, he comes to question whether to continue the relationship and, ultimately, discarded.

They really encourage women to try unorthodox things in the bedroom. There are many who do and have amazing results with their spouses or partners“, says Blake Lavak, author of “How to have a man in 60 days.


What a man wants in bed?

What a man wants in bed? Because monotonous after a while, in any relationship problems. According to psychologists and sexologists, these problems can be avoided and the partner who has the power to lead to solving the couple is woman. The explanation is simple: women have the strength necessary to do everything to be ok, if you know what a man wants in bed, given that sex is very important for her in the relationship.

What a man wants in bedSo there are some things that you want in bed and a man who will make them no longer feel bored in the relationship with his partner and that if made would lead to harmony and decrease the danger of separation.

First, psychologists say that women should be aware that some things men want from their partners: to be “Mamo” sometimes to reinvent itself, be bold and be open-minded. These things can translate” and between sheets and are fulfilled when love life will be increasingly better.

What a man wants in bed so as not to get bored:

Try to pay attention. More specifically, in moments of tenderness, though not recognize ever, men want to be petted and cute. Even if it sounds strange, they love to be petted with your fingertips on the back, neck slightly or even kiss their partner seem to be playing in a loving way. This woman’s behavior will make the man to love more.

Try to catch with your appearance. Men love to see their partner changes its appearance, since they are always looking for sexual viders. Psychologists say that they like most, besides changing hair color, how women change their appearance pubic area. Therefore, different types of hair removal pubic area will excite you the most! Moreover, various naughty costumes or outfits worn sheets will arouse them sexually creativity.

Try to propose sexual fantasies. This turns them crazy men. Most would like a game of threesomes with you and one of your closest friends of the couple, but this is too much for a woman to bear a lot. Consequently, you can look beside your man to porn and make him look at you while you service yourself. This will arouse very much.

Try to set a goal to have sex in forbidden places! Sex outside in the night hiding place or in any place that is not in the bedroom or in your home it will make your man go crazy pleasure. He would very much like your initiative and will come into play as soon as possible.

If she periodically propose such things your man, sexologists and psychologists say that the chances of monotony makes couple relationship to be more lasting and durable.



He loves you and you’re just for sex? Find out what want from you the man in your life!

He loves you and you’re just for sex? Find out what want from you the man in your life! If women sex parties combine beautifully with a love story, and most believe that sex is more successful when between the two partners is and love this, things are a little different for men. Men can have many sex partners without being in love, you can even sleep with more women in the same period, without feeling something for one of them. For them, there is a woman for sex and women for relationships.

He loves you and you re just for sex Find out what want from you the man in your life

Fortunately, he can babble behavior. Find out if the man in your life or you want just sex has feelings for you:

1. Sacrifices
If you hate something in this life, besides talks about relationship, sacrifices for women are in the forefront. Men do not like to make sacrifices and do not make too generally. But when you are truly in love and are willing to bring the moon for the woman he loved. If you notice that your man is not willing to make small compromises for you, should you put some question marks.

2. Lack of jealousy
When you do not love, men do not care if you see and flirting with other men or if other males. A man who feels nothing for you there will ask you where you’ve spent the last few days and with whom you have never seen. Interest and jealousy occur only when involved and feelings.

3. Care
You cold, do not feel well and have decided to stay home a few days? If the man in your life disappears during this period, under the pretext that if you are sick it is better for him to stay away, do not take the virus, then certainly should give you food for thought. Men care about the women they love and feel the need to protect and defend them when they are helpless.

4. Mobile Midnight
Have you noticed that the man in your life you call, generally at night? Then you can be sure he does not want anything besides sex. A man who feels something for you you would not mind at night for anything.

5. Proud to you
There have been months since you meet and your lover you have not yet submitted his friends? Men are proud of their lovers lovers, friends and shows them to ensure that all liking. In contrast, men who want sex just do not bother to present it intimates.

6. Tenderness
No matter how cold it is, and most men are known for their cold, a man who loves is tender. Stranger in my arms, eyes full of warmth, small romantic gestures are present only when a man loves. In a relationship based on sex there will be no such episodes.

7. Willingness to share
A man in love will always be willing to give him the woman he loves everything better. From the jacket or when it is cold, up to a shelf in her closet for proper things. But when it’s just sex, and his willingness to share things there.




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