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Maria Lapiedra image party of Joan Laporta.

Porn star Maria Lapiedra image party of Joan Laporta. Catalan Solidarity will feature actress XXX movies to cheer on their campaign events before the elections of 28 November.

Maria Lapiedra with a red car

A pornstar support the independence of Catalonia . Former Barcelona president Joan Laporta has recruited Maria Lapiedra , XXX film actress to be the face of his party, Catalan Solidarity during the run-up to the elections on 28 November.As reported by ANSA news agency , Laporta wanted the diva porn accompany him during campaign events these days. Maria Lapiedra (his real name is María Pasqual) has changed its ideology confessed : “I was before Republican Left , but when Laporta created his political party changed me .”The actress, who is considered independence , is receiving harsh criticism that directly attack their credibility since few months ago she posed naked with her painted in the colors of the flag of Spain , for a video in support of “The Red “. Joan Laporta and Maria Lapiedra appear together in the first electoral event of the porn star in the town of Begues Friday.

Maria Lapiedra face logo Maria Lapiedra from back


Joan Laporta, stronger than Messi! She’s bombshell that “marked” the former president of Barcelona.

Joan Laporta, stronger than Messi! She’s bombshell that “marked” the former president of Barcelona. Maria Lapiedra (33 years), one of the most popular actresses of XXX movies, threw Barcelona in the air! Mistress Joan Laporta, the former president of the Catalan group, posed topless.

Maria Lapiedra Barcelona

Born in Madrid, passionate blonde showed charms in plain sight, and underpants. It all happened at the premiere of the fifth part of a film in Spain.

Laporta was not the only man in football who passed through the bed sexy bomb. Italian media claims that Juventus goalkeeper, Gianluigi Buffon, had an intimate relationship with Mary.

A story of love, fleeting but intensewrite “La Gazzetta dello Sport” about the romance between the two.

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Laporta play dirty! How wants to win elections in Catalonia? Was associated with a porn actress!

In search of votes for the leadership of Catalonia, Joan Laporta, former president of FC Barcelona, turn almost any means. The last idea that came and hoping to attract more sympathy among the electorate is association with Maria Lapiedra, a well known Spanish porn actress who entered politics early this year.

Laporta considered that this partnership would bring more votes than a campaign based on things he has done in its mandate to FC Barcelona. Lapiedra part of the political party Right Decision“, established in 2005 and fighting for the independence of Catalonia. Elections to the Spanish provinces known presidency will take place on November 28.

Maria Lapiedra porn star help in elections



Porn Actress from Barcelona reached as much as CR7! See how!

Porn Actress of Barcelona reached as much as CR7! Caterinca in Spain! The best selling sports newspaper, Marca has today published a front page novel: put Cristiano Ronaldo and porn actress of Juan Laporta on the same page!

Former Barcelona chief Laporta has spawned a monster scandal in Spain after he hired a porn actress to promote its image.

Maria Lapiedra prose now challenging for brand and has won a place on the front page along with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Juan Laporta cheated me. Before, I looked with desire and now kicked me out!”, Maria Lapiedra was crying.

Porn Actress of Barcelona reached as much as CR7




Maria Lapiedra wants in parliament of Spain

Maria Lapiedra, a porn diva that wants in parliament of Spain!

Former party Catalan chairman , Joan Laporta, asked porn starlet Maria Lapiedra to join his political party to be the image of the elections held on  Spain.

She gladly accepted, because she dreams to be in Parliament :)))))))

Maria Lapiedra




Maria Lapiedra attacks Nacho Vidal

NEWS: Lapiedra attacks virility of Nacho Vidal ! 🙂

The famous Maria Lapiedra returns to the fray. After announcing a new pregnancy, Mary decides to pose nude and with an advanced pregnancy. The photo that we show, besides being artistic and nothing pornographic, it would make more subject. If it were not for the statements that accompany it. María attacks the poor Nacho Vidal, where it hurts…

Mary, who presented the awards Ninfa Frontline along with Ricardo Jordan, publicly declare that became romantically involved with pony Mataro. But eventually discovered that the engagement was based on lies, it seems that Vidal claimed to be no girlfriend at the time and actually led a double life. Maria Lapiedra not seem to really enjoy the learning that actually was not the official partner of Nacho and simply was the spurned lover.


Although the strongest comes when Mary says bluntly that the famous Nacho sexual power is a hoax and need to use chemical stimuli in pill form, to have erections. From porn stars know that these statements are incendiary and polemicists, as the stallion attack where it hurts. So we wonder if things could end up in court.

To finish the play, the actress and singer is pulled from the pool stating that Nacho is a hypocrite. It never wanted to participate in Survivors and for years, said in committee that these contests are for losers. We look forward Nacho public reactions. Keep you informed …


XXX campaign for Laporta, right in front of the stadium of rival Real Madrid

XXX campaign for Laporta, right in front of the stadium of rival Real Madrid. Joan Laporta, the former president of FC Barcelona, was associated with a porn actress to win more votes for the presidency of Catalonia. Maria Lapiedra, best known men in Spain, part of the political party Right of Decision“, established in 2005, supports the former Barcelona official.

Maria Lapiedra took advantage of her fame made films for adults and fixed to the stadium to rival Real Madrid, Santiago Bernabeu, with only a week before “El Clasico“. XXX actress dressed briefly and waved the flag of Catalonia, fighting for independence for the province. Nobody knows how it’s done to the public, bystanders being careful about what they saw rather than messages sent by Maria Lapiedra.

Elections for the presidency of Catalonia will be held on November 28, so that El Clasico” was programmed with months.

Maria Lapiedra Spania



Laporta, wedding with a porn actress?

Joan Laporta continues to make headlines, though no longer the president of Barcelona, which group he led for seven years (2003-2010). Spanish press reports that Laporta (49 years) were recently married María Lapiedra (28 year old). None other than former porn star dozens of XXX films to her credit and that of two years, Laporta has worked in politics.

Former Barca official founded in the summer of 2010, a separatist party, “Democracy Catalan“, whose goal was breaking the provincial Spain, but withdrew last presidential political party. Brand says that Laporta and Lapiedra would have already spent honey wedding in Cuba.

María Lapiedra porn star

María Lapiedra



It is fashionable to be a virgin

A few days ago we published an article where you could see the cover of the magazine Mongolia with Amarna Miller making Virgin Mary. A controversial document if we consider the dates run, but it turns out that Mongolia’s friends are not the height. Just two years (2014) ago the Bekia page published a photo shoot where Maria Lapiedra mixed sex with religion… Nuns, saints, virgins, nothing escapes the audacity of Mary Lapiedra. A long session that surely leave big victims in the most radical right. Our most versatile Catalan a hair is not cut and mixed tits with rosaries without thinking twice.

Attentive all we recovered part of that photo shoot. Save your bibles!

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