Six ways you can regain your sexual appetite + VIDEO

After a sex life may be affected routine that occurs between partners. In the following lines we welcome you with some tips to help you regain your sexual appetite!

Six ways you can regain your sexual appetite

Modify sexual routine
Even if each of you prefer a certain time of day for intercourse, try to change the routine you are used to. If you usually make love tonight, make him a surprise partner and wakes him with little kisses that morning to warm the senses. Changing sexual positions and place captures not only can, but can revive your sexual life.

Underwear and heels for a night of passion
To excite your partner, you can turn to some old tricks, but that work at every opportunity basis. You can expect when coming home dressed in a lace underwear the landscape should not lipseacă frames that complement provocative attire.

Shortly just for you
Although sex should be spontaneous, in most cases they experience fatigue after a day of work, housework and care for children and leaves not enough time for some intimate moments with a partner. Tip: even if you each to work, send him since lunch,, signals through phone calls, or you can call to attract in your game. Set along a time when you see to continue the game began during the day.

Memories can help
Remember the early days of your relationship, the feeling of overwhelm you had whenever you holding his hand or kiss you? A good exercise for the partners is to remember the moments of the beginning of the relationship and try to put back in place. The evening can start with a romantic dinner, a bouquet of flowers, songs that can be heard softly

A little mystery never hurt
A little mystery can add spark to your sex life, say industry experts. Even if you live together for a long time and feel comfortable with each other some issues should remain the same as before. Some gestures, certain lines can spice up life in the bedroom enough.

Delights the senses
Besides lace lingerie and high heels you can also add a bit of pampering partner with small tricks. Prepare them using your dinner aphrodisiac preparations, do not forget foam bath, scented candles and massage with essential oils. If you put these tips into practice, step by step builds the perfect scenario for an evening full of passion.





Steps to record your own homemade sex tape

10 steps to record your own homemade sex tape!

videoYou can upload or not to be a choice of partner. Begin by imagining what they would see in each other.

This is the only movie you will not see eating popcorn. Many other things you must crave, while you’re looking, but the last thing you think will be in the soda and candy. Believe me.

Have you ever thought about recording your own erotic home video or porn. But I have it in the bedroom, to enjoy with family, it is certainly an excellent choice for dressing sex life, especially for those with long coexistence and need some renovation in their bedrooms.

We can not prevent us eroticen porn movies. Erotic is to see someone else turns us too. It is part of human nature. What’s better than being ourselves the protagonists of the best erotic world history? A real, true, made with love but also seeks eroticism and why not, to the dirty sex?

Despite that very few couples who dare to burn your own home video. Sometimes they do not know how, do not have the tools, out of shame or fear it to be misused in the future. And yes, a lot of that is correct. Keep some caution, do not do it with everyone and also have to know how and what we want to do.

Therefore, this time to find here my suggestions or make an erotic homemade porn video with a lot of imagination and, above all, safe for both.What you enjoy!

1 Think about what you would like to see each other. Think of a story. Do not think anything complicated. Something simple will always work better. For example you can try with a history of doctor and nurse, or something as simple as a story that starts with a striptease and end it with him making love in front of the camera.

2 get the items you may need to make a smart scenery where you prefer. Sometimes you do not need a great story with too many disguises and gadgets that could ruin the scene at the end. Recording only the same sex is, in itself, extremely exciting. So, if you are beginner, choose the simplest and most natural choice.

3 Be on hand to record the necessary tools: small video camera. It’s not ideal, but may try to test with a video camera to try to overcome fears or shame to do it and then be viewed, for example.

4 Can you use a tripod for some shots, but others will also be fascinating to be recorded by one of the two with the usual hand movements included. This will make you look amateur and will be very interesting to know and understand the other’s perspective.

5 Once you have everything. Then do a trial of what they would like. The first few times will find many mistakes in the way they record the video and see that it is not so easy to have a table image that you want exactly. After the first time they see errors and ways to correct them, will find a second chance how to do better.

6 You will realize that some better shots taken with tripod. This is recommended for scenes profile on the bed, in a chair while he is sitting up with her (and she can give back or front of the camera), for a blow job or a female striptease, for example.

7 Once you choose the story and the tools to carry out the video, think about the type of lighting you will need. If you do not have at hand a special, then they can do it with a big lamp or more directed to you. Only good lighting will achieve an excellent video.

8 Put hands video. Make sure his erection as if nervousness might be inhibited and our dear friend uncooperative. Also think about the sound. Generally all cameras have own microphone. If you want some music, you can listen to your favorite songs and make sure they do not stop, for example, through a computer and a speaker.

9 When you are ready, then enjoy it and have fun. Change position from time to time and do what inspires her erotic nature. Sean and natural know that soon you will witness that. Not wanting to look perfect or actors in porn movie.

10. the weekend is coming. If you have nothing planned … they can start making their first sex tape a couple to enjoy one night fun erotic any different. In my next post: Postures for an erotic video.