What men think when the woman on top during sex.

What men think when the woman on top during sex. “This is the best thing that could happen is one that comes to mind thoughts of men.

What men think?

What men think when the woman on top during sex

1. Please tell me you climb on top of me. Even I do not resist it. My muscles are so tight buttocks that I do not think I will be able to go to the bathroom again.

2. Do not break my penis. You have complete control here. Do not twist out of bed and do not throw directly to him or something. Please.

3. If you can, unless you do not mind too much, you can move faster? No, faster. Faster. You know what, I’ll grab me and I’ll do everything myself.

4. Do not cover your breasts; it’s like Mona Lisa cover. Why cover your breasts? The best part here is that your breasts move. Please do not get me that.

5. I really need to figure out what’s pace. No do not go up when I give down. Just trying to fit in my movements. Or I will adjust myself to your folks. Ok, now try to fit both movements to each other. Do not go. I’ll let you handle yourself.

6. We should just sit it? It would be better? Not to be lazy. I just want to finish.

7. What’s spinning motion that you do? It feels good? I do not … just move around my penis. I do not understand.



Sexologists have decided: Most men prefer women over.

Sexologists have decided: Most men prefer women over. Married men are more satisfied with their sex lives than those who fly from flower to flower. At least that’s according to a study by a company producing condoms.

Sexologists have decided Most men prefer women over

According sexologists, married men are 25% more satisfied with their sex lives than singles. However, 34% of men in stable relationships recognized that their partner cheated. Of these, 3% had between 4 and 6 partner. 7% had more than 7 partners. 11% had one partner and 13% of them had two to three partners. Regarding favorite positions, this is so:

30% prefer women over;

28% are given crazy missionary position;

26% love back position;

5% prefer woman on top, but behind the man;

4% prefer Liguria position;

4% use other headings;

2% prefer sex standing.



A common syndrome makes men allergic to sex

Post orgasm syndrome is a condition could not be real, which occurs after ejaculation and makes hard sex representatives feel like it would be on the brink of death. Basically, right after making love with your partner, men experience fever, irritability, weakness, headache and barely able to link two words. Moreover, they begin to have nightmares and throat and tongue swell and all these troubles last few days.

A common syndrome makes men allergic to sex

Post orgasm syndrome was discovered in 2002 by Danish scientists, their study was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The solution has come from British researchers who have shown that symptoms can be reduced with anti-inflammatory pills taken before and after orgasm.

According to them, the syndrome may be caused by an allergy potential. Specifically, more than half of the 44 participants in the experiment British men had an allergic reaction to own sperm.

The data helped the specialists to design a treatment that involves the administration of the same substance to which the patient is allergic. For 30 months, doctors have injected a vaccine made of diluted seminal fluid, and in the third year of treatment began to appear and results: a normal sexual life.



10 (un) truths about SEX

10 (un) truths about SEX

sexy prayWe love, we are always hark, I want more and better, is always on our list of things changed and better. If you’ve made a point to improve your sex life, then the following text is welcome.

10 (un) truths about SEX:

1. How much matter in a relationship – if you live under the impression that there is a universally valid answer, terribly deceived. I hear variations by 80%, and even less than 50%, or one increasingly spoken of – if it works well, it does not matter so much, if it’s bad, counts 100%, notes csid.ro. The truth is that we must go back a little problem and how we ask and how much matter the sexual relationship?

2. How many calories melt in a hot party – another subject that generalizing can only provoke laughter. As me and you who read now, we will not burn the same number of calories if you run five kilometers, so, sex parties, so different from case to case, will never have a standard energy consumption. Often talking about hundreds of calories with less. In reality, may be around dozens. It depends.

3. After how many dates is it appropriate to have sex – a new field where advice and preset numbers then should we follow are absolutely useless. In my college days, through all means of communication were urged to respect the rule of three meetings until the big moment. Bullshit! If you live in template-sex at the 3rd meeting in burning 300 calories and 80% consider it important in the new relationship, do not enjoy too much what happens to you. I do not know what is the recommended norm now, but if you know somehow, I advise you to forget it until the end of the article.

4. Do not bring the year, which brings “timing” – one of the riskiest so-called contraception, in my opinion, the calendar method hides traps which I advise you to read as often as you can. It seems fair to say that I have 3 friends who became pregnant playing the math seasons. Although often we take as robots, we are not some, not work after hours, data and fixed coordinates. And ovulation is a topic that should not tuck never, never hand in any fire, however small.

5. Sport improves sex life – oh yes, here we generalize without any problem. Movement regular meetings for about an hour, 3 times a week, has (and) this but to make us better in bed. Last longer, become more flexible, we want sex more often because we love us, we are in form and automatically we are not afraid to show it, etc. Give yourself at least 6 months prior to exercise regularly to feel the first effects in privacy.

6. The fire of passion must burn itself – a word behind which we hide when we do not want, can not or simply do not have the mood to make a relationship work. No passion is not something that comes to pound with the new partner, keep it in a jar, and she was dosed alone. A fulfilling sexual relationship means more effort and concern. From the looks of what we do, why he feels the other etc. If you need an excuse to idly State, invent yourself at least one more plausible.

7. Must Eat aphrodisiacs – if we are to be reconciled that I checked some lists that have “inspired” others sometime. I was amused with some recommendations that I have not gone to heaven but no sex drive, I did not give any ground with him. You can try food extremely handy type of chocolate, bananas, almonds and honey. Or if you want, you can go ahead with oysters and other rarities. The only rule about food and sex that you believe and recommend is to not eat all the 2, 3 courses plus dessert, for sure will decrease the quality of sex, unless it stings will disappear altogether.

8. The condom, the mighty uncomfortable – in this respect we can only believe the word to the Lord, but rather small sample surveys that I did, they told me that, in fact, embarrassment is minimal. So you may have to do with convenience that I cited above it and when talking about laziness maintenance passion. However, if you find it uncomfortable condom, to see how awkward are sexually transmitted diseases. Or, talk to partners about the side effects of contraceptive methods that they use them to be all … more comfortable.

9. Virginity, a chore – I can only imagine the pressure on teenagers moment, involving sexual contact with other colleagues as a race, as a confirmation that the part of the cool gang. But I know with certainty that first sexual experience to be enjoyed, not just quickly checked and, indeed, still thinking back to it, over our intimate life, so it’s worth trying to be very special.

10. Men want sex anywhere, anytime, anyway – for those who believe that, refusals from various causes can fail very badly. I said earlier that we women are not robots, and our intimate life is not working clock – hence no ovulation scheduled fixed date. They are not any men. Requesting service also affects her relationship status as well and what not. Maybe if we accept that it’s not about pressing a magic button of desire, but rather built and maintained, otherwise it would show relationships.


Pornst ars love chicken

Several famous porn stars or just starting career, were interviewed at NaughtyAmerica rambunctious.


Among the questions that the girls were forced to respond, were found and things “Orthodox” … even if all the meat industry. For example, leaving a homeland sex, celebrities were asked whether they prefer chicken or beef.
Almost all chose chicken.
Passionate Riley Rey said that eating chicken “because it has more protein” and Krissy Lynn said “chicken legs reminded him of pleasant experiences.”
Against chick was Heidi Mayne, who outraged, began to offend… chicken. XXX star said she enjoyed “chicken is harmful and it will not be poisoned.”
Another question was whether they believe in UFOs. Amazingly, the girls are down to earth and do not believe in such nonsense.


Porn Stars logo


Women are excited by men screaming

man-kissingWomen excited by men screaming

Excessive sighing and repeating only certain words can be just as busy as when it made ​​no sound. So, trying to find a comfortable environment that allows you to let her understand that you enjoy your privacy but not to share the news with the entire neighborhood.

Choosing the right words can also be an exciting thing for a woman, and should not necessarily be the two that you dread.

Saying that what makes it feels amazing, it looks very attractive or what you would like them to do it or you do it to you, can prevent boredom in the bedroom. Proven!


Tell me what sexual position you like and I will tell you who you are.

Sexuality and masculinity are, for centuries, the topic of discussion. Always and especially now, in modern times, is talk about it, nay, all sorts of tapes recorded with such discussions, the kind with Paris Hilton, for example. There are men who prefer fast and forceful style, while others prefer the one. Some women prefer flexible, can try the strangest and most difficult positions, others, on the contrary, remain dedicated lovers of the missionary position.

Tell me what sexual position you like and I will tell you who you areHere’s what people say about sexual positions and about men who prefer them:

1. The missionary position
Are you the kind of guy who does not like it at all risks and play by the rules well established. For the same reason today working for years at the same company in your city, instead you have followed childhood dream in which I strongly believe that you get a great astronaut. And luckily, your girlfriend does not love you the exuberant fantasy that you have in bed, but the same monotonous tone and sure that you use in every circumstance of life. In addition, it is possible that when the mood to make the head, to call your brother with athletic body.

2. On the back
It appears that feel real contempt for women and not lose any opportunity to discredit them. The significance of this feeling is rooted in insecurity you feel always in their face and insecurity that is rooted somewhere in adolescence, when all suffer rejections and failures in love. Now, the acne period has passed and you‘ve regained your self-confidence, along with clean skin, feel the need for revenge. Having sex with her in the back seems to be the best method.

3. Position cowgirl”
The truth is that you do not really like his work and prefer that all your fault for granted, on the tray. Perhaps you are the only child, so most likely you’ve been spoiled all my life and everything was better you offered. Even your girlfriend is the daughter of family friends and the only reason you stay with you is like yours have helped her to get a well paid job, and besides that you have made a gift and a villa. And when you think about it that does not take more than 5 minutes when stand above you, so you can finish all your smiles great.

4. Position spoon
There is nothing in this world more important to you than to have a stable relationship. As such, all your life you were made fun of by friends, which is why you fell too much self-respect. But the idea of staying alone cause you great anxiety. The only accepts and loves you as you are is your beloved. She always tells you you’re too skinny, you hair too thin and that in general you need vitamins. And you adore, so that you always take care to fill his wallet and help her to make nails.

5. Position the cat
If you like “flower-power” and sex is third favorite thing in the world (do not know which are the first two!), You are and the kind that prefara orgasms more spiritual than physical ones, the souls you implestesc bodies before. Unfortunately, your girlfriend refuses to give you a little too tantric state. At least, not until you have a ride to the shower.



What kind of porn like women! Their preferences are unexpected

m1255_sex_playerWhat kind of porn like women! Their preferences are unexpected!!!

Women like porn as they like and men. Moreover, preferences ladies are … weird than you thought.

In a survey conducted by one of the largest sites with adult movies, Pornhub.com, it was found that the fair sex is passionate about homosexuality.

Thus, one of the top three women’s preferences regarding porn looks like this:

gay movies
lesbian movies
teen movies

For men, the situation is different. Representatives prefers hard sex porn teen, followed by good mothers (Mothers MILF- I ‘d Like to F ** k) and then the older women




The dangers of pornography on the lives of the couple!

While some experts claim that pornography can help some relationships, many experts now believe that they can have a devastating effect by distorting the expectations of the bedroom“, says Louise Court, editor of Cosmopolitan, quoted by HuffPost. Studies have shown that the effects of pornography consumption can have a harmful impact on couples so that they can even lead to divorce.

The dangers of pornography on the lives of the coupleMore than half of married couples in the United States came to be separated because of “obsessive interest in pornographic websitesof one of the partners has emerged from a survey in 2004, writes Dr.. Kevin Skinner, family therapist and marriage troubles , in an article on the Today Psychology. A similar percentage of the result and after interviewing 350 members of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Of these, 62% said that one of the important factors underlying the divorce was the Internet, and one of the most common problems was “an obsession with pornography sites.”

Also, 90% of relationships and sex experts interviewed by Cosmopolitan magazine noted that pornography has increased in recent years, couple problems, writes HuffPost.

Negative impact of pornography

The number of users of child pornography is extremely high. HuffPost published statistics show that 70% of men and 30% of women watching a pornographic material online. Also, when experts from the University of Montreal sought subjects for a study, they could not find any young 20-30 years who had not ever been exposed to such materials, according to The Telegraph.

In some cases, consumption of pornography can turn into addiction. No less than 94% of the experts interviewed by Cosmopolitan said to have seen an upward trend in the incidence of the problem.

Researchers at Florida State University have discovered that the pursuit of pornographic material can weaken the involvement of partners in the relationship, says dr. Heidi Reeder, Boise State University, in an article for Psychology Today. All participants were students are in a relationship, who reported regularly watching pornographic. Some of them were asked to refrain from further access any material containing explicit for three weeks. Regardless of the sex of the person, those who have fully or largely avoided were “significantly more committed to their relationship than those who continued to view the material.”

In another study, conducted by University of Florida researchers found that the degree of happiness in the relationship of women drops due to consumption of pornography partner writes in Live Science. Also, self-esteem, and sexual life satisfaction was significantly lower among participants who believed that partners are addicted to such content. Pornography has led volunteer to feel “as if it would not be good enough,” study author points out psychologist Destin Stewart.

Jim Wysong, author of sterilization American man, said that “in a study conducted on a sample TED.com 20,000 people, mostly cited obstacle standing in the way of romantic relationships between men and women in their teens and between 20 and 30 years was pornography. Women say that men are emotionally inaccessible and said that pornography makes men less interested in looking for a relationship, “citing YourTango. Furthermore, the expert points out pornography addiction that hinders building a healthy romantic relationship between the two partners.

Meanwhile, pornography can cause the user to look at women as a sexual object, which is reflected in the degree of respect for females, empathic connection with this, says Robert Weiss for Psych Central.

In another article, Weiss explains that “some women will try to mimic the behavior of porn actresses in the bedroom to keep your partner interested.” When this phenomenon is common in the relationship, will likely become degrading the expert points out.


Sexual positions that men hate

5 sexual positions that men hate: Every body is different and responds differently to pleasure, so that men and bedding preferences differ from one another. While it would be difficult to determine who is favorite sexual position or the men they detest, American publication “Your Tango” performed by means of men willing to answer the question: What sexual position you hate the most?a list of the most uncomfortable positions hard sex representatives:

5 sexual positions that men hate

1. Standing

I could not live without sex standing face to face. The position requires standing and penetration from behind, it’s great, but standing face to face sex is too demanding. If you have a superhuman power is not funsays Gordon, aged 35 years.

2. Cowboy girl that bounce

I love it When a woman stands over me and Knows how to move, but if I have to be honest, nothing scares me hotter than a woman who begins to move up and Suddenly down too. I’m afraid I Could ever choose broken penis ” says Matthew, aged 29 years.

3. It on my face

“I like very much to his partner oral sex, but I do not like to sit on my face. My friends like it, so who knows, maybe I’m doing wrong, but I feel like I can not breathe, and she is not relaxed “, says Henry, aged 32 years.

4. Spoon

“I hate spoon position. You rub too hard sheets and can be very strange if you have different heights. And what are you doing with the arm on the side you stand? The worst part is that I can not imagine how it would look in three sex in this position, and the whole situation is so funny, that I lose my concentration, begin to laugh, and my erection simply disappear“, says Stuart, aged 30 years.

5. Missionary

“Is the most boring place. Although I can see his face, I do not compound sentenced for me. I can orgasm in that position, so I let her enjoy a little, then move on to something that I like. I’m sure I’m not the only one who prefers doggy style“, says Nic, aged 27 years.