And where was the clitoris?

They think that most men do not even manage to find it; they are willing to go search!

Most women agree that many men still do not know where the clitoris is, but thankfully, not all (for the clueless: the nerve terminal is located on the top of the vulva, hidden in the folds at the beginning of the vagina and it feels like a small little button).

Here are some recommendations for those who want to vibrate his wife of pleasure if you know how to take advantage of this little female boss. Some men, a little more experienced, you know what your geographical location. To these women do not have to give them a map with instructions before going to bed.

The clitoris is packed with millions of nerve endings that women provides extreme pleasure 10 times more than men experience with his big penis.

If this is more than proven, then why not use the clitoris to give her pleasure and at the same time because it suits you?

Porno films are a necessary good, but do not trust everything you see on them. Do not think that the fact that women will enter your penis  the pleasure. What is important is what is done with it in there; and what you do out there, with other tools, with imagination, fantasy and creativity.

So there is the importance of the clitoris: I Place it first and give the finger flick, almost one per second, just a touch.

clitorisThen gently fold away covering it with your two thumbs. Use your tongue in this part and calmly, without haste, give small licks, very short and slow. Take the time to discover it and see how slowly erect. Watch them acquires a pink color, reddish and then fully on.

By this time, it may be more, not sweating and moaning, her hips moving up and down. At that time introduces two fingers and do not forget to play with the other hand as to enter the keyboard. Explore with your fingers slowly and touches especially the back of the vagina with a movement as seen here.

When she can not anymore, then enter your penis, now, and do not stand there in the puts and takes !, keep exploring, playing. Stay inside for a while, stay out another. If you are facing rubs her nipples and licks her shoulders, chest, back of his elbows and the navel; pulls her hair a bit, gently.

If she’s on her back, lying, lame back or just fingers, down to lick the back of the knees and the soles of the feet (the kill you!) … again, gently. She will become a goddess and probably after that will make him a slightly wilder form, which is as you like. So the two of them will be pleased and none forget that moment.


What men think while having sex. Find out what they were thinking in the hottest moments!

We used that men do not talk much about what I feel or what I think, in terms affair. But that does not mean it is the subject matter, especially in the sex.

What men think while having sex. Find out what they were thinking in the hottest moments!

You can be confident that your lover you notice and admire cleavage, thighs shapes highlighted a pencil skirt and heels elongate legs. Moreover, they pass all kinds of thoughts when the atmosphere is hot.

The even better is that even during parties love, men can not stop thinking, and most thoughts are some admiring your address. Here are 6 things that come to mind men during sex:

1. I hope I smell good

Although men seem totally uninterested by the way they look, that does not mean they are not concerned about physical appearance. Your boyfriend will ask questions about your own hygiene when you begin to undress. Like you, he wants to be kissed everywhere and it wants to make you happy.

2. Her breasts are perfect!”

Surely, you’re not really excited about the appearance of your breasts (ba that are too small, and even that they have left), but we believe the cuvat, all men enjoy when I see breasts. And those you see during a sex are the most beautiful in the world, regardless of size or shape.

3. How can I have a better view?”

When it comes to oral sex, men are very excited. And if you are part of such a “treat,” with a memorable sight, you can be sure that your lover is very excited. If you want to give them a real show when you orally satisfy, try to stop hidin under the blanket and do it with the lights off. When he sees you in these situations, everything that comes to mind is something like “how good it is and how lucky I am!”

4. “Have had an orgasm?”

Maybe you find it hard to believe, but men are insecure, especially if it’s your sexual satisfaction. Almost all heard myths according to which we women, used to mimic orgasm. In these circumstances, it is normal to these thoughts haunt them and always wonder if you are satisfied.

5. How to learn to do that?”

When trying to catch up with something new in bed, it’s very possible that your boyfriend you suspect something is unclean. So do not be surprised when she is impressed by what you see them wonder on his face. It is possible to get over head someone taught you moves us”.

6. Big and beautiful

As with breasts, men are very excited when they indulge in a million view. While you you do all kinds of problems you’re fat and your ass is too big, your lover enjoy your shapes.