She earns 300 thousand dollars in a year, but has given up adult films to become a pastor. Who is the actress?

An adult actress has revealed she has given up her current career to become a pastor.

New York’s 33-year-old Crystal Bassette earns $ 300,000 a year, practicing this profession for 10 years.

However, Crystal Bassette, who has three children, has re-awakened after “discovering” God and is now attending church services where her husband, David, is a pastor.

She and her husband run their own parish in New York. Crystal said: “It’s a radical change. From one extreme to another. I had to change my way of life. “

Crystal was pregnant with her first child, Justin, just 16 years old. In order to provide her with the best conditions, she moved from North Carolina to Hollywood, where she started dancing and making modeling to pay her rent.

However, when she promised to earn $ 30,000 a month, she went into the adult film industry: “I remember the first scene. I laughed in the bathroom for two hours. After the first movie I stopped, but after a month I came back. To cope with filming, we take analgesics and alcohol beam. “

After completing an unsuccessful relationship, he plunged into religion. “On the day I was saved, I felt the priest spoke through me. It seemed as if he was teaching only me and I felt God talking to me through his words. I put myself on my knees and prayed that God would release me, and my mother and sister were with me and we were crying together. Then I was saved. “

According to her, Crystal claims to have entered this industry because childhood was sexually abused. She married David in December 2014, and immediately afterwards, their son, Carter, was born.


Tasha Reign sells her underwear and her vibrator

Tasha Reign, A porn starlet sells underwear and vibrator to help colleagues!

Tasha Reign, Porn American starlet, 25, who graduated from the prestigious University of California, helps a group of colleagues in Canada, for doing bad money. More specifically, the star decided to sell underwear to $ 150, sex toys and even offered to have sex with a man and paid to come to help them Canada porn starlets. They finally reached the wooden hoe, because there were requests for movies. To support colleagues Tasha Reign guild still offering dinner in Los Angeles with the person who will pay the sum of $ 1,500 and provide autographs charges.

Tasha Reign sexy porn star xxx


Crissy Moran, a good porn actress converted

Crissy Moran

Crissy Moran became a Christian at a young enough age. Then her parents divorced, and this led her to a terrible rebellion against God.

In 1999 he put some photos on a site that recruit models. From here to the involvement in the pornography industry was but a step. He created his own porn site and came towards the end of this career win 15,000 dollars a month.

In October 2006, after seven years of involvement in this area, reached desperately for the lack of sense of life that went and cried out to God asking of him a sign. Two days later, while filming a television show, entered into conversation with a crew member. He asked which profession she, after a moment’s hesitation, he confessed. The man then asked if he believed in God and told her that she is worth more than the profession they practice. At that time, Crissy left the room and gave her life to Christ again. It was the end of his career porn actress.

Life since then has not been easy for her and is not now. Find the hard work and is always surrounded by suspicion and hypocrisy “saints” whom he met in church. All this is presented with great sincerity and discretion Crissy Moran’s interview with Christianity Today magazine

Recently cast a short film, 32 minutes, entitled oversold [Much-too-praised] (found HERE official website of the film), which incorporates the key modern biblical story of the prophet Hosea and Gomer relationship between a Hebrew prostitute.

Crissy tells the personal page of My Space and on her blog about the difficulties of returning to normal life after seven years of wandering. Of these, which creates difficulties Christians (and the authentic, especially the name) are the most difficult to wear. It seems that the gospel of grace that restores the fallen in sin is not so good news among evangelicals.

As Richard Foster once said, each of us has his area of ​​weakness (of course, apart from those who believe that they have sin and whose place, according to the Apostle John is in hell, along with all liars). For some of us, the main temptation is money and material goods. For others, the lure of power exercised over others is the greatest temptation. For more and more of us, but in this era of boundless emptiness exhibării human body, sex is the ultimate temptation.

To invite them to say a prayer for Crissy Moran now. Praying for her, praying for ourselves.

God have mercy on us all!


Day put braces at night having sex for money.

Sex for money and received per month 4 times the salary of a nurse.

Patricia like to do porn, but it cost a great job ! Day worked at a dental office, and at night having sex in all positions. And this has brought a porn Oscar for her role in the movie “One Night in Bang Cock“!

Scandal in Germany! In the age of 31 years, Patricia T. wants to be compensated in court after he was fired improperly. For 13 years he worked as an assistant in a dental office in Münster, where he did his job with the utmost seriousness.

All was well and good until her boss found out that leisure was porn actress under the stage name Patti Texas, and fired her immediately. Patricia says that playing in porn movies because not only nurse salary reached 1,500 euros.

Patti Texas

As a porn diva had to earn 6,000 euros a month. Now, Patricia is determined to seek another job honorable. Dental assistant job was really a dream for me” she says with regret.



Porn Starlets, bizarre gesture at a charity event. What did XXX stars to raise money.

Starlets in porn make bizarre gesture at a charity event.

What did XXX stars to raise money. At a campaign fundraiser for AIDS patients, 12 actresses porn films from Japan have donated” breasts for 24 hours. Thus, in exchange for a donation, fans were able to reach porn stars young breasts, the event was broadcast live by TV station Sky Perfect TV.

Starlets porn bizarre gesture at a charity event What did XXX stars to raise money

The girls were left PIPA breasts for 12 hours over two days, 30 and 31 August in the charitable event Boob AIDS” held in Tokyo.

The girls raised their shirts for every person who wanted to touch her breasts, men and women alike. Many have thought about girls health and gels used disinfectants to clean your hands before touching the breasts.

The first edition of novelty campaign took place in 2003.


Opinion of those who believe that adult film actresses earn money EASY!

A XXX film actress agreed to reveal what is actually active in the porn industry and argues that it is not a easy job. Acting talents of women who play in adult films should be appreciated at their true value, if we follow the words of Aurora Snow, who says that pain and endurance involved in sex scenes performed in front of the cameras would do anything athlete to give back.

Aurora SnowPortrait of the actress in action: I sweat streams flowing girl barely keep my legs tired, my jaw hurts because I sat with my mouth open too much and my throat burns because it was turned into an unnatural angle.

Being adult film actor to win easy money does not mean, as some might think.

I smiled during some scenes hard, then I got home sickened by what I had done, I curled up in bed and I was wrong. There is always a price to be paid; effects on the body will not only see a few years.

Actresses in adult films, said Aurora Snow, are prone to internal breakage, as athletes are prone to tendon rupture. Nobody talks about it, so it’s hard to monitor how often it happens.

Wounds are not part of the routine, but many actresses, including Aurora Snow, have had enough incidents of this type. The first random painful Aurora career was overlooked by the director, who suggested to use more lube and continued to film. It was awful, but the actress reveals that filming should continue regardless of the circumstances, because otherwise, no one gets the money for the work before.

In addition, the gains are not as big as believed not get paid overtime, that means that if you shoot a few scenes for 2 days, get the same amount he receives another actress for a few hours of shooting, if the interval was recorded exactly as written in the contract. In addition, no health or unemployment insurance in case you do not find work.




The porn industry.

There really Crisis?!? Apparently so And while people lose their jobs, prices rise, demand for products falls, sales fall, it seems that companies are closing and another branch of the economy is in trouble. Do not know what branch?!? 

I tell you: The porn industry !!! Recently the news reached my ears and never stop laughing! And to see how far it goes democracy in the world:

The porn industry

Learn to dive financially, so famous Larry Flint (Hustler magazine founder) and Joe Francis (XXX movie producer) asked Congress to help save the industry. The amount that could prevent the crisis is five billion dollars, estimated the two, while the pornography industry generates annually in the United States, a turnover of 13 billion dollars. “Because of the economic crisis, people are too depressed to be sexually active. This is a very bad thing for their health. Americans can do without a car, but not without sex“, says Flynt document asking Congress to helprevive sexual desire of Americans and a similar bailout for the auto industry. Hustler founder drew otherwise out that sales of DVDs for adults decreased in the last 12 months, reaching 22% lower than in 2007. “The US government should actively support the survival and development of the industry for adults , as he feels the need to support any other industry girlfriend Americans” , concluded Joe Francis

In short US government must decide: give $ 5 billion porn industry or not?!? I did that for the first US government is in a dilemma! Why?!? Because the porn industry has become (be careful !!!) only activity PROFITABLE! Given the definition of economy between saving and saving automotive porn, guess that should be saved? (wonders of democracy more )

“Because of the economic crisis, people are too depressed to be sexually active.“> Why?!? Let’s see:

1. Does it matter that you have no job? What Larry Flint> NOT take your porn, you crank, hit the monkey and ready, you do not need food! (All problems were solved!)
2. Matters as prices rise? What Larry Flint> NO … we always will maintain affordable prices so anyone not suffer” from this crisis (and therefore still a problem solved)
3. Does it matter that the world has no money what Larry Flint> YES!!! Women are so desperate that now no longer marry for money, but out of love! 🙂


Secrets of porn industry. What is not seen in the XXX films !?

Secrets – porn industry. What is not seen in PORN!!?

In an industry worth billions of dollars and has played a key role in the development of the Internet there is no room for mistakes and improvisations. Here’s the dirty secret of adult film interesting:

mmmHow well the actresses feel?

There are women who work in the porn industry because they love to have sex, and the luckiest of them often orgasm during filming. Most actresses are forced to mimic orasmul but so moans and cries of adult films often related to theatrical performance.

What do cameramen

At first glance, the job of cameraman porn production involves a strong dose of temperance and self-control. In reality, cameramen XXX industry does not even seem interesting scenes are “hot” you filming. “I see the same stuff every day, six days a week, for years. They do not care,” says actress Victoria Rae Black.

The richest porn stars. Who are and how much money

The actors purely professional relationship

Often, actresses and actors sex XXX movies known by hour or two shooting began. It is also possible that one or both are married, so that between them there is little chance to knock off a relationship other than professional.

Amazing performances by actors

Actors in the porn industry have a more difficult job than actresses. Filming for a scene can take up to three hours, is surrounded by cameramen and reflectors, directors require them to take frequent breaks and stay in uncomfortable positions, so that only the best of them always fail to live up to the situation.


All about life porn actresses and society’s prejudices

All about life porn actresses. More and more actresses who are part of the pornography industry have started lately to talk about their lives and about the treatment they are subjected to during the shooting, but also in everyday life.

All about life porn actresses

Women who work in this industry are involved in physically, mentally and more intimate than any other profession. Moreover, they are under constant stress, and relationship with his family is not the normal one, because it believes that finding a regular job as a porn career is almost impossible.

Another problem that faces this kind of actresses is that they can not go out in public without being moored by different people. In addition, private life are hard to find a stable partner, most often having relations with colleagues throughout filming. According to the book Porno Manifesto“, the company deals with contempt porn actresses, and that is why women who are part of this industry fall into depression. Make movies for money often, actresses porn industry does not want to practice the profession for life, but grabbed porn just to make money, invest in a business and retire from porn. However, there are actresses who receive an annual salary in return for this money being forced to shoot at least 10 productions annually and participate in many other events. In this category fall and Carmen Luvana, whose goal is to become famous, to raise money, and then retire from the industry and invest the money in other businesses.

Another issue that bothers them is that porn actresses should appear to mimic the pleasure and total subordinated to men. Sometimes, women can not run away from the set, because it is unpleasant and painful intercourse, and their pleasure does not matter to the producers. Most times, loud moans of actresses indicates that sex is incredibly pleasant and intense orgasm, but because sex is noisy.

Carmen Luvana pictures:

Carmen Luvana having fun Carmen Luvana hot Carmen Luvana porn star Carmen Luvana sexy porn cop Carmen Luvana sexy




Lea Lexis: Another champion in gymnastics is porn actress.

After Flower Leonida to prostitute in Germany, another renowned sports reached sexual intercourse for money, after practicing gymnastics for ten years. Lea Lexis, a porn actress in the United States, was born in Bucharest, which according to their own statements, won five national titles in gymnastics in Romania.

Lea Lexis, Laura Stan on her real name, is 24 years old and working in the porn industry in 2007. She now lives in the United States, being one of the most popular actresses in the field, with several AVN Award nominations (Oscar in porn industry), which is specialized in anal sex.

I am Lea Lexis, I am 24 years old and I was born in Romania, says the actress in an interview with the site. I practiced gymnastics for ten years and went the Romanian national champion five times”.

Lea Lexis porn star from Romania