The most exciting places for sex outside bedroom

The most exciting 10 places for sex outside the bedroom, recommended by a sexologist! Sex in public places you escape the monotony in the bedroom. When the routine and boredom makes its way into private life, it is time to exit the bedroom for an exciting experience. There are a few places worth trying at least once in life, recommends reputed British sexologist Tracey Cox.

The most exciting 10 places for sex outside the bedroom

Sex in less conventional places can be a recipe for successful intimate relationships when monotony makes its way into sheets. The sex is more exciting and out of your comfort zone, the more you will enjoy a better sex life “, says Tracey Cox, author of 14 books on psychology couple cited British newspaper” Daily Mail “. There are some things that every couple should experience, and among these is the sex in public places or at least in places other than the bedroom.

British Sexologist made ​​a top 10 of the most exciting places in which you make love. If you check six of these places, you can name a couple adventurous, says Tracey Cox. If you have tried four places, are on track three is the usual average, and less than that is inexcusable, says sexologist.

“You can not control the environment in which you find yourself will bring thrills, but being arrested for having sex in public places is not a desirable thing, ASAS that be cautious. Keep yourself as many clothes as possible, think about how you can get out of trouble and you say if you get caught ” , warns Tracey Cox. Also interested you on legislation of the country where you are. Let’s have sex on a beach in Dubai, for example, is not a good idea.

1. You choose the car back seat, but if you want something more adventurous, and more adrenaline you can test” the hood – of course, if the weather allows you to try it.

2. The washing machine will be a thrilling experience if of course the machine is turned on. Plan sex when the car reaches the spin cycle because it will turn into a dildo the size of a chair , Tracey Cox recommended.

3. The movie theater is one of the most popular public places sex couples. However, it is difficult to find a satisfactory position and discreet at the same time.

4. On the balcony of the hotel The hotel is perfect for a night adventure card and room balcony is truly exciting.

5. In a swing There are special sex swings, but those in public places will make the experience memorable, says British sexologist.

6. Outdoor Some experts argue that the only time our body is really relaxed when you expose it to the sun, because the sun and the human body have the same biorhythm says Tracey Cox. But do not just ultraviolet outdoor sex so successful, but also enjoyable feeling we have when we stand dezbărcaţi outdoors.

7. That water is practiced largely in the pool or bathtub, sex in water is very pleasant. Your weight seems less, and this can help sp experience new things.

8. In the field, the country experiences in the outdoors is always successful. The condition would be to have part of a good weather. If you take cover under a tree, the rain will make the experience more enjoyable and intimate“, says British sexologist.

9. In a tent tent is the least stressful option for sex in public places. A sheet of material is the only thing that separates you from the outside world, and that you can hear everything going on outside adds adrenaline. And if you have sex in a tent installed in the garden will be exciting “, says Tracey Cox.

10. In a cemetery may seem outrageous, but if you’re a couple bold, this experience will be unmatched. Cemeteries make people feel somehow sexy because they are scary, especially at night”, says sexologist.