It will make a movie about the invention of the vibrator!

After she agreed to play with a vibrator, Maggie Gyllenhaal will have to hear the gossip. The actress starred as Isabel Green, mother naughty children in “Nanny McPhee” and now has accepted a leading role in the production of Hysteria.


The film, which will play Jonathan Pryce, Hugh Dancy and Rupert Everett, is based on the history of the invention of the vibrator.

Maggie Gyllenhaal will be the daughter of a doctor in England Victorian period. He is the creator of sex toys which he conceived to treat hysterical women.

I play a woman whose father explosive charge of curing hysterical women. In principle, the treatment is to release sexual tension. My character gets to have some sort of unexpected love affair with one of the guys hired by his father vibrator guy who invents a mistakeexplained Maggie Gyllenhaal to

We remember that Hysteriawill be released soon …..


Tasha Reign, XXX actress teaches you how to have sex

Tasha Reign, XXX actress  teaches you how to have sex. Six Tips for Bedroom.

Who is qualified to give you advice on sex, unless someone who practice it that often?

xxx tips

Tasha Reign is an adult film actress known and thought to help couples with some useful tips for the bedroom.

How to make your partner happy:

1 Prepare sex with a movie or a romantic dinner
2 Compliment her and make her feel beautiful
3 Spend more time on foreplay
4 Watch it while you penetrate her. This shows self confidence.
5 Ask her in a sensual way is she likes it.
6 Appreciate her sexual skills




A montage made… free porn.

A montage made ​​porn … free porn.


A funny tribute to expendable.

Someone with very little work and probably single nicknamed MrBelvederePunkyB had a good day the idea of ​​composing a simple tribute video to accompany your favorite song, a call ochenterada unbearable Never Know the Difference of Bad Lamps. So far so would be perfectly normal if it were not, only God knows why obscure reason, the video in question is made of pieces of porno films, but only those that we see on fast or not even that. A funny tribute to expendable.


The woman that have sex for 251 times in 10 hours with 70 men

Orgy in series! The woman that fucked 251 times in 10 hours with 70 men!


A woman became famous after successful “performance” to maintain 251 sex acts with 70 men for 10 hours.

Annabel Chong is considered an expert in sex. It owns a “sex school” in which offers lessons to all women who want to become porn actresses. Annabel now offers advice to younger girls interested to know more about the art of sex.

“It is time to explain how to make a real orgy without your hurt you” said Chong.

Annabel Chong is increasingly outraged as many porn actresses want to copy and to break the record “and thus get straight to the hospital,” she said in an interview .

Annabel is aged 32 years old and originally from Singapore, the owner of a “school sex”

“Sex is an art, where as in sports, you should know how to dole out your efforts and keep you” says Annabel.



The porn movie Iron Man

Iron Man!!!

Iron Man XXXIron Man XXX: With the most spectacular special effects that have never been seen between fucked and fucked, a great soundtrack and much more real and close to the original story. Iron Man all the pretty girls who are lucky enough to cross his path fucks exactly what would happen in real life and can not bring to the screen the commercial cinema with his films for the whole family.

His cock knows no iron depletion, do not run out of energy. Gracie Glam porn actresses, Amber Rayne, Heather Starlet Chanel Preston and embroider their role and eat cocks as they had never done before.

Attention spoiler: This movie also features the guest appearance of Hulk, who will leave the green pussy and sore to more than one.


Pro-libido, the sexiest books by porn stars

Pro-libido: the sexiest books by porn stars


Feel like erotic literature? We suggest a few books written by celebrities who knew fame in the industry. More specifically, the XXX film actress.

Jenna Jameson (pictured above) is probably the most famous writer of caste coming porn stars. Her book, How to Make Love Like a Porn Star (How to make love like a porn star), a best seller in the list of New York Times, Americans teach lessons about how to be … gentle in bed! I think even we did not understand very well if it was love or sex wild.

Traci Lords (pictured below) began her career in the erotic industry when he was a minor, and later, in adulthood, to try their luck and decent production. Learn the ins and outs of sexual scandals in which he was involved in autobiographical book Underneath It All!

Do you remember the legendary film Deep Throat in ’72? Well, as the legendary actress starring Linda Lovelace, made some shocking confessions about the work righteous filming in her book Ordeal. Soon to be released production Inferno, about the life of this actress. The main role incumbent Lindsay Lohan, who lost in the meantime, because of problems with alcohol.

The newest product is out of print Neu Sex, a book full of carefully chosen pictures of porn Sasha Grey soured. The pictures are, how well you imagined, with itself, working hard. The pictures probably find a few words.

How was the sex industry in the 80s? We say Christy Canyon whose book, Lights, Camera, Sex !, is a foray into the world of porn conematografiei of those times.

Sinner Takes All (sinner takes all) is another book of porn starlets, Tera Patrick, in whose veins flows the blood whirling a mix of British, Dutch and Thai. Read it if you want to convince yourself that sex open any door.




“Porn” made by BBC for British students will be reviewed

The movie “porn” made by the BBC for British students will be reviewed. BBC has vowed to examine again a sex education film for British children aged at least nine years, after the material has received criticism from British MPs and outraged many parents. This educational material scandal began in January when the Daily Mail published some images from the film.

The movie porn made by the BBC for British students will be reviewed

The film sex education is included on a CD that presents a comprehensive video that aims exact explanation, but the meaning of children, life cycles, feelings, family life, etc.

The CD is though, and animated clip showing two cartoon characters while having sex. Also, a computer-generated sequence has a torque by sex. The sequence is accompanied by graphical explanations.

It is clear explicit material. Shakes innocence Andrea Leadsom reacted quickly conservative member of the British Parliament.

Leadsom was particularly disturbed by computer generated sequence. “See just an erection and penetration. It’s outrageous! She added, in January.

BBC maintains that the material presented is suitable for children, even for those aged nine. Item announces that, in preparing sex education materials, asked the opinion of many experts, from doctors to psychologists.

BBC announced that it would update movie, but did not specify clearly what changes will bring the original material.

The movie porn made by the BBC for British students will be reviewed 2 The movie porn made by the BBC for British students will be reviewed 3 The movie porn made by the BBC for British students will be reviewed 4



Soft porn is more interesting than the hard


Scene aesthetic
Pornography can be hard sometimes and aesthetics, but the software is not going to extremes. The scenes are much easier to follow, which can not be said about pornography hard.

Details hidden stimulate your imagination
Hard-core porn shows you everything and so there remains much to your fantasies. This does not happen in soft porn, the penetration, for example, can not actually be seen. For this reason, soft pornography excite person trying to watch the movie in other ways, especially through aesthetics. Secret details encourages imagination and encourage you in ways unknown to the child hard.

Soft porn has a script
It’s about sex when it comes to pornography, but rarely have a script or a story linking the sex. Pornography software often gives you a story, even if it is sometimes better not to mention the quality and the acting skills of the people involved.

Music instead of cries
For those who prefer to listen to music instead of cries and moans while watching porn, soft porn is a much better choice than the hard.

The actors are attractive
Many women prefer soft pornography in place of hard because there are likely many actors to be really attractive. Even if it gives you a first hand look on the penis, the movie is more exciting to watch.


About the porn industry: fantasies of sale

Porn logo

Physical characteristics of the actors and actresses are the only important thing. Joey Ray is one of the many actors in adult films porn industry has said: “We are actors and we will never. Our roles are terrible and pathetic, everything we do is to sell sex and fantasies. We give people what they want to excite. “

The celebrities are chosen based solely on their appearance, while men need to have other qualities. They must be strong and to have and maintain an erection regardless of pressure. 90% of people who want to work in the porn industry are refused because their bodies are not able to endure these pressures and conditions.

Filming for several hours a day and sexual positions require more effort and become uncomfortable over time.


Porn star survives the fire of a Lamborghini Aventador

lamboThe actress apparently took the brunt as she suffered a sprained neck and a broken hand

The Taiwanese actress porn Xuanrongse Peng crashed into a Lamborghini Aventador wielding a Chinese businessman, owner of the vehicle. Both reached out from inside the car before it caught fire.

It should be noted that this beast 700 horsepower costs more than 300,000 euros.

Fortunately, both occupants were able to exit the car, although the actress apparently took the brunt as she suffered a sprained neck and a broken hand, so in her role as adult film actress will have to wait until she recovers.