Painful intercourse? Here are the reasons!

Sex Advice girlVaginal and urinary infections, poor lubrication and herpes are some of the factors that may affect the conduct of an intimate relationship.

Pain during intercourse can be constant or intermittent disorder affecting both women and men. In most cases, the problem can be solved by treating a disease causing.

The intensity of pain experienced during intercourse depends on the factor that causes it. In women, ovarian cysts, annexes, and episiotomy (surgical cut made ​​before birth in the area between the vagina and anus) can give discomfort during intercourse.


It muscial involuntary contraction of the vagina, a condition that make penetration to not be simple. This problem may occur on the first intimate contact or may occur after a period of sexual activity.


Disease characterized by the presence of tissue similar to the endometrium (uterine lining) outside the normal location, endometriosis gives abdominal pain and discomfort during intercourse.


Pornst ars love chicken

Several famous porn stars or just starting career, were interviewed at NaughtyAmerica rambunctious.


Among the questions that the girls were forced to respond, were found and things “Orthodox” … even if all the meat industry. For example, leaving a homeland sex, celebrities were asked whether they prefer chicken or beef.
Almost all chose chicken.
Passionate Riley Rey said that eating chicken “because it has more protein” and Krissy Lynn said “chicken legs reminded him of pleasant experiences.”
Against chick was Heidi Mayne, who outraged, began to offend… chicken. XXX star said she enjoyed “chicken is harmful and it will not be poisoned.”
Another question was whether they believe in UFOs. Amazingly, the girls are down to earth and do not believe in such nonsense.


Porn Stars logo


Secrets of porn industry. What is not seen in the XXX films !?

Secrets – porn industry. What is not seen in PORN!!?

In an industry worth billions of dollars and has played a key role in the development of the Internet there is no room for mistakes and improvisations. Here’s the dirty secret of adult film interesting:

mmmHow well the actresses feel?

There are women who work in the porn industry because they love to have sex, and the luckiest of them often orgasm during filming. Most actresses are forced to mimic orasmul but so moans and cries of adult films often related to theatrical performance.

What do cameramen

At first glance, the job of cameraman porn production involves a strong dose of temperance and self-control. In reality, cameramen XXX industry does not even seem interesting scenes are “hot” you filming. “I see the same stuff every day, six days a week, for years. They do not care,” says actress Victoria Rae Black.

The richest porn stars. Who are and how much money

The actors purely professional relationship

Often, actresses and actors sex XXX movies known by hour or two shooting began. It is also possible that one or both are married, so that between them there is little chance to knock off a relationship other than professional.

Amazing performances by actors

Actors in the porn industry have a more difficult job than actresses. Filming for a scene can take up to three hours, is surrounded by cameramen and reflectors, directors require them to take frequent breaks and stay in uncomfortable positions, so that only the best of them always fail to live up to the situation.


Porno Manifesto, the book that will change your perspective on pornography

porno-manifesto-7955139Porno Manifesto will change the perspective on porn

Many people still have a lot of reservations when it comes to watching porn. They perceive them as something dirty and think they are followed only by persons perverse and immoral. Therefore, we recommend the book Porno Manifesto, which was written by porn diva, Ovid, several years ago. Let’s see what is said in the book and how it could change your perspective on movies and porn industry.

Porno Manifesto: What it is?

Ovid was born in 1980 in France, a persistent feminist philosophy graduate, is convinced that the porn business is good for the confidence of a woman and that porn not humiliate women. She is also convinced that every woman should take their time to enjoy their sexual life if he wants to be a real woman.

So Ovid is convinced that the pursuit and achievement of porn is a good thing, this growing self-confidence of women. Moreover, starring in such films transform a woman into a real one. Of course, this is an exaggerated statement as a real woman does not need to prove their sexuality in this way, but Ovid’s own judgment and speaks from experience.

The reason why she talks in a way so challenging is that it is a porn star and wants to enlighten women in her own way.


Porno Manifesto contains interviews with porn actors and actresses

The book contains biographies of legendary female stars, advice from porn stars, porn actors and actresses interviews with French movie reviews by Von Trier’s Puzzy studio and everything you ever wanted to know about the porn industry, but never had the who to ask.

The information in the book are first class, but you may be a little disappointed because you will not get real porn confessions that would be perfect for such a manifest porn. However, it is a book that will schimva porn industry insight and will convince even the most skeptical. Forget about guilty conscience. Better try an orgasm.


Do not worry, porn is just a bluff

Porn is just a bluff!!!! 🙂


Repeated scenes in porn movies
When you look at porn, you think actors can have sex forever. Sometimes it lasts even an hour and they still did not finish. Therefore, they did not break, nor ever shall have other problems. But these things are not true because, remember, the scenes are repeated and combined later to edit movies.

All these horses have to turn ejaculation problems, but you do not see. In addition, many men have erection problems, so that viewers do not notice it because the shooting is stopped and continue only when the actor is ready for action again.


Many legendary porn stars admitted they often had stage fright in front of cameras, which means that they had problems with erection or have erection at all. This can sometimes be seen in a porn movie in the penis become slightly flaccid and then suddenly, surprisingly, it is hard as a rock a second later. That means editing, dear, and therefore bluff. Editing and scenes discontinued using that directory to get movie needs. So do not bother too much. It’s just a movie, and nothing you see here is not represented as it does in reality.

What my wife does not moan actresses in porn movies?
Surely you remember the movie When Harry Met Sally where Meg Ryan plays a famous scene that has loud orgasm in the middle of a restaurant. Exactly, and orgasms are mimicked in porn. Especially in porn movies where, in reality, women do not enjoy sex. And groans are all a bluff. But it’s done in such a way as to appear genuine and real. Many porn divas said they only have faked that they enjoy sex. It’s a job like any other. They mimic the sex and are paid for it, just like prostitutes.


As successful actresses in movies they have to play a sex scene with the main actors. Your concern is, therefore, unnecessary. In their private life, all porn stars from all porn is the same as your wife, which means it does not scream during sex and neither have many orgasms. In addition, many actresses are depressed, use alcohol or drugs, which lead them to suicide.

I say this so that you do not misconceptions and learn to appreciate the true emotions that you experience with your partner. Sex porn movies is one thing, real life sex is different. One is just bluffing, the other is real.

Giant dicks
In a big cock porn is of course more than welcome. However, black actors usually have big penises can, just good, hit someone in the head with them. Of course, women enjoy such penises because it is written in the script, and the film may even belong to a special series of extremely large penises.

Do not worry though, a too large penis is impractical because it fits with no vagina, which means that neither man nor woman can not enjoy sex. A man with a large penis can really feel the sensation of a deep throat and has serious problems like wild sex when vagina or anal opening of a woman. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that such big penises are never fully hard, but rather slightly flaccid, which means it is completely useless and you can be proud of your equipment which certainly empowers them enough pleasure .


Warn of syphilis outbreak in porn industry

Porn logo

An outbreak of syphilis among adult film actors was alerted today in Los Angeles, California by the Health Care Foundation of AIDS (AIDSHF for its acronym in English)

The agency called for strengthened prevention measures in XXX tape industry and especially in the San Fernando Valley, considered the mecca of this industry.

The very foundation called the application for a temporary film production as a precautionary measure until the outbreak is eradicated closure.

The spokesmen said the reports show that these productions have failed in their prevention and control policy to prevent contagion of the disease.

They noted that representatives of the Department of Public Health, Los Angeles County, received reports of at least five cases of syphilis in the past week.

Peter Kerndt, director of STD programs in the county, shared that reinforce actions for infected are treated properly and identify new cases.

He said the specialists conduct extensive research in order to determine the original source of the outbreak, recognizing that this figure records increase in cases reported between 2010 and 2011.


May, the month of masturbation


For 16 years, May is for United States National Masturbation Month.

Some take the opportunity to investigate the scientific scope: the benefits that complacency can provide sexual health are reviewed. Others prefer to join the cause called “Masturbate-A-Thon” (masturbate a ton). It is a marathon that initially, individually held, each at home.

The Center for Sex and Culture made ​​him a festival and gave global. They are porn stars, dancers and transsexuals. The audience participates in such categories as time masturbation (a man’s record was 9 hours 58 minutes), number of orgasms (a woman scored 222) and ejaculation distance (a woman reached 3.15 meters).

This year’s event was made on 21 and 22 May with the theme “end of the world”, in line with the latest prophecies. “They Be honest: what do you really want to be doing when it’s over,” asked on the invitation. The festival brings charity and collected more than $ 25,000 to prevent HIV and improve sex education.

A little history

Looks new, but no. The date was instituted in 1995 in San Francisco. Why?

Dr. Joycelyn Elders was appointed Surgeon General of the United States. They asked him what he thought about masturbation and she replied, “I think it’s part of human sexuality and that is something that should be taught.” Inclusion in the proposed sex education program in schools. For that answer, they drew from his post.

The dismissal was deemed unfair by Good Vibrations, a brand of sex toys. He decided to establish May as National Masturbation Month and invited self-giving “a hand”, “vibrator” or “somewhat stimulating.”


Angel Dark was at home while her smartphone rings. She answers, and surprise! Two old friend want to nail her…

Angel Dark was at home while her smartphone rings. She answers, and surprise! Two old friend want to nail her… Angel Dark is bored at her place. Studdenly she receives a phone call. There are two friends of her that want to share her. What do you think ? Will they manage? Of course they will, she is a nympho.

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Angel Dark loves to take sperm on her lips and body.


Japanese porn queen can also be loyal

s560x316_bzi_1265556819She managed to get the Japanese adult film queen, although mixed blood flowing through her veins, her father is French-Canadian. Enjoy a crazy success in Rising Sun Country has conquered the whole world and yet, in her soul, Maria Ozawa feels it is time to take another road. The idea of leaving the XXX industry is not new. Beautiful became a star for adults under the name Miyabi said, after two years, it’s time to retire and start a family. But fortunately for her fans thoughts about getting married have not materialized, though, beyond the work they perform, Maria is a being sensitive, educated and, no matter how hard you would not believe, housewife, being passionate cooking. For now though, porn queen has found the man worth giving up a fulminating career. Maybe because her eyes were directed to an area where it is harder to face prejudices: despite its mixed roots, Ozawa has repeatedly stated preference for Asians – both film as partners and as love in real life. He even speculated in 2008 that they would meet with Japanese pop star Koki Tanaka from the group Kat-Tun. She neither confirmed nor denied the news published by the tabloids, satisfied only to declare: “If I meet someone, I will be loyal to! Am I a rule that prohibits sex friends. Perhaps there is something good, but  think a loved one is enough. “However, separation of the industry will not be easy. It’s hard to wipe the slate four years of success. For as Miyabi was born in Hokkaido, on Jan. 8, 1986, debuted in force at age 19, a few sets of photographs and two films XXX fire. Interestingly, he was not recruited by talent seekers. She has chosen the only way. In fact, he was passionate about sex since the age of 13, when he experienced the “48 sexual positions” from a book he bought one. Despite the strong opposition of parents and relatives continued on the path chosen. Now, at 23, has offers for other types of productions. Last year, she starred in a horror film made in Taiwan, a country which returned a few months ago, posing for the local edition of FHM.




A porn actress, along with Steven Hawking, among geniuses of the planet

Asia Carrera – A porn actress, along with Steven Hawking, among geniuses of the planet!

Asia Carrera

Jessica Andrea Steinhauser, known as Asia Carrera scene became famous, thanks to over 400 porn movies in which he starred. Beautiful actress could be among the greatest scholars of the world, but chose a different path.

Jessica has an IQ of 156, a factor that we have only genius, and is a member of MENSA, an international organization that includes about 100,000 people, considered to be the smartest in the world. Jessica is almost as smart as Steven Hawking British physicist who has an IQ of 160!

Her life had a promising debut. The daughter of a German and a Japanese, Jessica stunned the world when it sang Bach’s songs in front of thousands of people at Carnegie Hall. He could learn both Japanese and German, and parents guided her to the faculty of economics. Too much pressure from Mom and Dad, Jessica ran away from home at the age of 17 years.

To be able to continue his studies, the young started to strip, and quickly became one of the highest-paid exotic dancers in New Jersey. Jessica moved to Los Angeles, she took the stage name Asia Carrera and became an actress in adult films.