Top 13 most stupid advice about sex circulating on the Internet!!!

Top 13 most stupid advice about sex circulating on the Internet!!! It is said that some people do”, while others give advice and not always approved. Either way, the site tells us not to follow any of the top 13 tips below.

Top 13 most stupid advice about sex circulating on the Internet

1. Prior to oral sex, take a sip of hot water, as hot, then keep your mouth shut until you get to performance.
Why not ok: condoms are still not asbestos.

 2. Rub his back with a rolling pin for pie charts.
Why not ok: unlike dough men ‘also has bones.

 3. Check the prostate by inserting a finger into the anus to like a lot!
Why it’s ok, because the doctor is the one who usually introduces a finger there and done with a clear purpose: to detect a possible prostate cancer. It’s not something sexy. That is, if not interested in boys …

 4. Excited him releasing air from a balloon, light, little, in various parts of the body.
Why not ok: What’s that ?! A birthday party with clowns ?!

5. Bind him like a burrito: do roll the sheet around his body, leaving him in sight head, shoulders and feet. Then Sara’s every bit of those parts left out.
Why not ok: no one feels comfortable tied up or dressed in a robe with 5 numbers lower.

6. Take a donut hole, filled with jam and stick-io around the penis, then eat from it little by little.
Why not ok: sex in three, the third being represented by a donut, it’s not just men dream. That if … it simply would always threesomes: you, he and a senvis; you type it and a potato cake. Or other combinations …

7. Go to the basket with toys the child and borrows something from there, to play together in bed with that toy.
Why not ok: let’s be honest, you are hell of adults, let alone children’s toys, have a salary, so you can afford to buy yours to you.

8. Pour the mint navel, then it goes to a fan.
Why not ok: mint ?! Ah, yes, of course: drink you enjoy all elderly ladies …

9. Turn off the lights, light a torch and direct it on your body fix the areas that you want him to your next or suck them.The convention is that only when he put out Laterna may stop.
Why it’s ok, because the use flashlights at night in the forest, or possibly in a tent. Not in bed, when you have sex.

10. Semen contains zinc and calcium, both elements preventing dental caries.
So? That does not mean that oral sex and swallowing sperm lieu of toothpaste and toothbrush.

11. Take her underwear only partner with the mouth.
And what do you do with your hands the whole time? Crochet a scarf?

12. Cool the balls in the fridge, then make him lie down over them.
Why not ok: take you sit down on them, see, it’s easy to sit on cold balls?

 13. Put some hot sauces over genitals.
Why not ok: Well, besides the fact that to numb probably the whole area and no longer feel anything, maybe you’re hungry. In which case you can opt for a hot dog.


My Stepmother is a Vampire (Alex Conte, 2014)

My Stepmother is a Vampire (Alex Conte, 2014): Private is not what it was and Private Blockbusters line brings nothing really at the height of the good years of the production from Billionare 2′, in 2009. Last year, in the eleventh installment of their blockbusters’, we find ‘My stepmother is a Vampire’, a film that promised something scary and much incest and then not bring any of those things. However, it was an acceptable entertainment sprinkled with some good sex scenes, keeping alive the line.

My Stepmother is a Vampire

The film tells the story Karola (Ferrara Gomez), who decides to go look for her mother Samantha (Viktoria Redd), who abandoned her when she was young leaving her with her stepfather and stepbrother (Marcio Gonzales). What nobody knows is that Samantha is a vampire queen. When Karola not return, his brother go after her, putting his life and his girlfriend (Alexis Crystal).

My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 1 My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 2

My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 3 My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 4

The plot was promising, but the truth is that Alex Conte tells it with a script very little developed and exploited and do not enter the sex scenes (except the final) providing the curiosity necessary that enhanced. Still, when ends do not stay disappointed because the storyline, although brief, it works well enough to tell the story and articulate good sex scenes.

My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 5 My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 6 My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 7

And Conte, in some (especially the darker) plot sequences reminds a bit in the direction Stagliano, something interesting as opposed to sexual scenes that are pure Private style with good general plans that let you enjoy the bodies of the women who indulge in sex while posing.

My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 9

The best sex scenes are the first and last film. Viktoria Redd leaving open the film possessed by three men after left sucking, quickly penetrate Viktoria, we just giving away a double penetration while the third fucks her mouth. Yes, all without spilling a drop of sweat or flow with an assembly, but has plenty of pace and it works, does not show us the moment of penetration, one of the few close-ups that do are necessary.

My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 12

The last scene in the club works really well, with Marcio Gonzales tied naked to the stripper pole while her stepsister (Ferrara Gomez) masturbates him, she sucks, in view of everyone, including his father, his girlfriend and Samantha perverse. A scene well done, with curiosity and very good oral sex.

My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 13 My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 14

The scene between brothers runs while in the background, divided by the club, fucked Chantelle White, Daria Glower, Jenna Lovely, Kattie Gold, Nathaly Cherie, Sweet Cat, Vanessa Hell, Violette Pure, Adam Black, Alex Granger, Ennio Guardi, Pavel Matous and Nick Gill camera without pay them much attention.

My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 16 My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 17

The remaining scenes, though not work as well, are not negligible. Ferrara fucks Franco Roccaforte and Leny Ewil before processing, with an assembly and a very similar scene Viktoria Redd moisture and double penetration.

My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 18 My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 19 My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 20

Top the sexual part two pair on location in Ferrara Gomez, Gabrielle Gucci, Leny Ewil and Neeo, and a scene more romantic touch with Alexis Crystal and Marcio Gonzales in which Alexis with schoolgirl skirt and naughty and lovely gesture, gives a good dose of oral sex.



5 reasons why women do not like oral sex!

5 reasons why women do not like oral sex! Why women do not like oral sex? While some women refuse to consider the idea of making oral sex, there are many more cases where the fair sex are pleased to partner with oral sex, but avoids this for good reasons. Ava Cadell, prof. Dr. In human sexuality, author of the book “NeuroLoveology”, believes that men often do not realize that life partners refuse or are reluctant to make oral sex by reason of what they do right.

5 reasons why women do not like oral sex

Why women do not like oral sex: He confuses head with soccer ball!

The most common complaint that dr. Cadell hears from women about oral sex refers to partners who presses his head while doing oral sex. In spite of what happens in porn, women hate to be abused in this way. Perhaps a macho man feels when doing so, but for a woman is unpleasant and degrading. More appropriate would be to tell your partner how good is good at oral sex and how beautiful this time recommends Cadell.

Why women do not like oral sex: Ejaculate without an announce!

Certainly, women like to be surprised from time to time, but not when your partner ejaculates while they are concentrated oral action, without having to provide any indication in this regard. “It is polite to ask a lady that has no objection to swallow and even then be given to understand that soon“, said Cadell. If your partner dislikes to swallow, then the partner may choose to finish another part of her body, noting that another part of the body” should not refer to the present references Professor in human sexuality.

Why women do not like oral sex: He not returns the favor!

Often, men consider that they are entitled to receive oral sex, but without any obligation to return the favor as sexual. So if you are one of the men who are content to receive without giving back, should not be surprised that the day will come that will be excluded from oral sex “menu”.

Why women do not like oral sex: Neglect personal hygiene!

Care requires attention to the genital area including pubic hair for men, not just women. Pubic hair should be trimmed regularly, which not only provides a better access to the genitals during oral sex, but also helps to preserve them clean. Finally, who likes to tangle in hair while focusing on partner pleasure ? asks rhetorically Cadell.

Why women do not like oral sex: It takes too much!

If a man needs more than ten minutes to ejaculate after oral stimulation, a woman will begin to perceive this activity as a chore and try to avoid. Therefore, men should put more emphasis on foreplay to be sufficiently excited when receiving oral sex and thus shorten the time necessary to achieve orgasm. There is also a version in which the partners can take a break when lengthens oral sex too much time they can devote to other sexual activities.





Nikita Von James: A huge cock snack for herself!

XXX: Nikita Von James: A huge cock snack for herself!

Nikita Von James fuck a huge cock

Nikita Von James a huge cock herself will snack: Fuck that bitch curiosity and it is this porn star. With a latex outfit that suits her very well indeed grabs his cock to give this guy a blowjob, well a blowjob …. is a good blowjob lady because they see that greed does. After a bit of oral sex, fuck on dick and riding as if there were no tomorrow... Well Nikita Von James it is one of the best porn stars!!

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3 reasons why women refuse oral sex.

3 reasons why women refuse oral sex. There are women who refuse to receive oral sex!!

3 reasons why women refuse oral sex

It is said that most women, once they have experienced cunnilingus, fully enjoy the experience and holds a very challenging part of foreplay. But there is a category of women who have great reservations when it comes to receiving oral sex.

Here are their opinions about oral sex:

1. Not see it as something pleasant
For some women oral sex is a burden because they do not feel any pleasure. Accept to be done, knowing that it likes sex partner. I do not believe that this is something that triggers the desire liked, but I see it as something dirty. But no matter what a woman expressing their rejection of oral sex should nevertheless be treated gently.

2. No likes to be stimulated by language
The refusal of many women to receive oral sex is due to the less pleasant experiences they had before with former partners. There were stimulated with language as it should be, or may be bored while receiving oral sex. For this reason, a frank discussion with your partner is welcome. She must learn to feel pleasure after stimulation with language, but for this it takes less time.

3. Considers that oral sex is a perversion
Indeed, there are women that oral sex is taboo and even believes that this is a perversion. Do not want to do, but do not have their justification that is something vulgar or disrespectful. This is because many women associate with prostitutes and this cunnilingus indecent women.


How do you like to do oral sex!?

Behold reach again a sensitive issue, which even now in full XXI century manages to scandalize: oral sex. What for most men is heaven on earth for many women, but thought it could give to your partner oral stimulation makes them blush, to squirm and even out the mouth words like”Never! .

That’s right! Oral sex has still remained a taboo, and seen over highly controversial among women everywhere. The reasons that prevents them on most women oral sex to associate the word “pleasure” are diverse: from I will not respect me if I do something to If you do not know what to do?. Well, it’s time to let your inhibitions and preconceptions aside!

How do you like to do oral sex

Oral sex is one of the most intimate sexual acts, men considering it even more intimate and more exciting than any sexual position. How not to look at oral sex as a burden, but rather as a pleasant act between two people who love each other? Here’s what we say!

Find out why you are afraid to do oral sex

First and foremost, you must know what causes that determine your reluctance to give oral sex. For example, many representatives of the fair sex, intimate consider this practice as one of the most humiliating and degrading acts against the man they despise. Other women, though willing, avoid as much as possible to reach the stage of having to satisfy such partner for fear that they will not understand, they will not know what to do once you get in front of that (very) fulfilled.

Well, your boyfriend will not consider a woman because she mild oral sex any more will not feel disappointed if the first time, you’ll be slightly awkward. On the contrary, he will feel most wanted and satisfied man on earth will know that he is near a woman uninhibited and full of confidence and will not hesitate to bring himself to ecstasy, turning your favor. Repeat makes perfect, and no false modesty and pointless in a couple tight seams, in which both partners have proven over time that they love and respect.

How do you like to do oral sex 2

Sperm is not your enemy!

If you fear that you will prevents sperm taste enjoying a pleasurable sexual experience, there are several solutions to prevent semen to get into your mouth. For example, give him a blowjob while he wears a condom flavored specially designed for such practices. Although we guarantee that the penis will not stay very long covered, your initiative! Flavored lubricant is again a suitable solution. Manufacturers make available your fruity varieties or chocolaty, only good test.

You must also know that the taste of sperm can be strongly influenced by diet. Natural fruit juice and celery sweeten sperm, while asparagus, broccoli, dairy fats, fried foods, alcohol and cigarettes taste transform semninal liquid in one hard tasted.

As to swallow sperm, this is purely your decision. It is perfectly healthy, 96% of the composition of semen is water! Otherwise, semen contains compounds as can be friendly with our body: fructose, vitamin C, sodium bicarbonate, proteins and enzymes and various minerals including magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc, slightly metallic taste ingredient responsible for sperm. Not fat and contains only 20 calories.

If we talk about STDs, indeed they can contact and through oral sex, but as long as you have a solid relationship and analyzes the day, you do not have to worry!

If you are still reticent when it comes to swallowing sperm, she can ask your partner not to ejaculate in your mouth. Let him instead to pour sperm on your breasts. The landscape will be extremely exciting for him!

How do you like to do oral sex 3

The feeling of power, bat a fault!

It is impossible that only think of the feeling of power, which fully owns you when you handle the most precious part of his body, not to incite the least bit, pushing you to give an oral sex the book!

When orally stimulate him, you are in control. You’re the one who makes the rules: You decide who will be the next move, you decide how much pleasure your partner and give her everything will turn you decide that such a match. You can leave oral sex foreplay stage, or you can turn into a main act. Now you are the center of his universe (not as yet have not been) and be sure that whatever you do, no matter how awkward you are, your lover will be pleasantly surprised.

Lack of experience you should not hamper!

No matter you are novice in the oral sex. Most men feel flattered when they learn that they are the ones who have occasion to intitial the secrets of oral sex partners, such as lack of experience is not an impediment! It is not a must to be an expert, but just let yourself carried away, to empty your mind of all inhibition and fear of failure, and you have to consider a few things:

Teeth do not make sense, so cover them with lips and uses language, licking penis as the most delicious candy. Even if the penis is a very sensitive organ, does not mean you should not coddle him too hard and not use some power. Do not be afraid to suck with more force (and passion), and even use your hands, alternating sucking manual stimulation. When you feel like he’s about to ejaculate, simply do not stop what you are doing. It means that you are on track!

How do you like to do oral sex 4

Do not drown if …

Learn to control your breathing! Breathe through your nose and take things easy. It is not mandatory to swallow much of the penis to give pleasure, but you‘re limited to stimulation with lips and tongue, as long as you can endure.

If you still like the idea of a deep-throat (a blow-job deeper) and you are a beginner when it comes to oral sex, it is necessary to practice a little before. How? Using a banana or a dildo, of course! You will learn to control your gag reflex when you find the right position, which help you to relax your neck muscles. Regarding the position, you can be the one who lies down on his back while orally stimulate your lover. Thus, the chances gag reflex to install, will be much lower.

Surrender to your pleasure!

What better advice than this I already have the final offer? Sex is synonymous with relaxation. Tension and fear of disappointing your partner because of a lack of experience, does not have a purpose. Is this your first sexual experience of this kind? Discuss with your partner and see how slowly, inhibitions and shyness disappear. You feel like you’re drowning, and no longer want to continue? Withdraw immediately you again, tell your lover what bothered you.

No oral sex turn into a burden and not an end in itself of partner satisfaction at any cost, and so. Feel comfortable, relax and get rid of inhibitions! Let yourself be carried away and enjoy the most enjoyable sexual experience!



Zoey Monroe, porn star

So far, XXX actress Zoey Monroe was known only as a result of the benefits of porn. Recently, passionate blonde clutched and singing.

Porn Diva, aged 22 years, took singing lessons even during oral sex hot scenes. Zoey Monroe is convinced that her voice can reach lithe sounds impossible, especially she knows how to make her lips and draw breath. Porn star, who starred in 40 adult films, has the ambition to make a career on Broadway.

Zoey Monroe porn star


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Skin Diamond met her 2 friends from the university. They remember some good moments.

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Capri Cavalli is feeling good, having sex on the couch.

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Capri Cavalli topless, kissed on her boobs by her friend.

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