13 porn actors and actresses who made history

Thanks to Ron Jeremy, who turns 61, we will talk a little about the “crazy life” of some porn actors and actresses who have been recognized worldwide, in addition to being considered Porn Stars of All Time.


Porn Stars who made history:

1. Ron Jeremy is born in 1953. He was one of the most famous American actors because he is considered the inventor of self-congratulation and auto cunnillingus, whose on-screen demonstration was given with the film Inside Seka. In his entry to the Internet Adult Film Detabase (IAFD) lists more than 1900 adult films in which it has appeared. Now we can understand why he was named by AVN Magazine first in the list of 100 porn stars of all time.

2. John Holmes. Known for his 35 centimeters of fame he has also been one of the biggest stars of porn movies, appearing in more than 2,500 XXX movies in the 70’s. This actor was discovered nothing more and nothing less than in the bathroom of a bar, where a photographer, who was in the urinal next door, watched the impressive size of his penis and convinced him to venture into porn movies. Unfortunately the man with the most amazing length of porn (of those times) died in 1988 due to colon cancer, although rumors say that his death could have been due to AIDS.

3. Linda Lovelance. In marrying adult film producer Charles Traynor, Linda soon became a low-budget, short-film porn actress, even made a zooflilia tape with Dog Fucker. Lovelance was the main actress of Deep Throat, a movie that has been the most influential porn movie of all time. Unfortunately there was nothing later in his work that could exceed his participation in the film, but there is no doubt that this served to demonstrate what was learned during the time he practiced prostitution. In 1980 he would become an anti-pornography activist. In 2002 he suffered an auto accident and would be in an irreversible coma. At the end of April of the same year her family gave the order to disconnect her.

4. Harry Reems. For being part in the same tape that Linda Lovelance (Deep Throat) also obtained a fame that, to date, has managed that many continue it considered like one of the greats. Reems debuted in the porn film with the film El Deviates, hardcore tape that would be the most painful for him, because based on scenes with body painting, after a while it would dry and begin to crack, which was quite painful. The actor died at age 65 due to multiple health problems, including pancreatic cancer.

5. Linda Wong. Born in 1951, she would be one of the first Asian movie actresses for adults. It started in the mid-1970s, and would soon fall into the world of drugs. Imprisoned for a year for falsifying a drug prescription, she tried to resume her career without success. Meanwhile, her ex-husband beat her and abused her, and Wong immersed himself in the alcohol and the cocktails of pills. Precisely this combination would cause an overdose that would lead to death in 1987, with only 36 years.

6. Jon Dough. It became one of the most famous stars of the decade of the eighties; With which he could become one of the first XXX actors to sign an exclusive contract with producer Vivid. But. Due to his problem with drugs, he rescinded his contract with Vivid and suffered a motorcycle accident. His life ended on August 27, 2006, when he was hanged in a house in Chatsworth, California.

7. Moana Pozzi. This Italian is considered by some as the biggest porn star in the world; During her life she participated in conventional films, worked as a TV presenter, paraded as a catwalk model for Karl L and had a fleeting participation in the world of politics. Despite not being involved in scandals and being considered by her friends as an intelligent woman, she died in 1994 at the age of 33, a victim of liver cancer.

8. Rocco Siffredi. He also known as The Italian Stallion. He has among his records having been with ten women at a time and totally tired them. His stamina has no equal and is one of those few porn stars that handle the kamasutra from beginning to end.

9. Randy Spears. He has participated in over a thousand porn movies. In 1990 he won the Adult Video News (AVN) Best Actor Award for his performance in The Masseuse.

10. Sexy Cora. Porn actress and erotic model. Cora was hospitalized in 2009 after trying to break a world record for the number of performed in a single day. The record was 200, but could only make 75. She died of cardiac when she underwent surgery to increase her bust. Her debut was when she was 19 years old.

XXX Actors and Actresses of Latin America


11. Cecilia Montero. The most influential porn star in Mexico. She was the first to make a pornographic film in this country, with a journey of more than 200 films in her career, being the most influential The Love Life of the Cigarras, a film that is to date the most recognized in the beginnings of Mexican porn. After her ties to drug trafficking, the most influential porn actress of the 1990s in Mexico, she fled the country and her whereabouts are unknown or if she has already passed away.

12. Francisco López. Better known as Pancho Lopez was the first porn star in the Golden Age of Mexican porn cinema that triumphed in Europe.


13. Andrea García and Cristián Cipriani. They have been doing a porn film in Colombia for a decade. The professionalized the industry for adults in the country. Despite the taboo, the restrictions and barriers that are present in this part of the planet, they have succeeded. They have even been the only Colombians to have an exclusive contract with the renowned Pent House, to produce scenes in Latin America.



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